Date: 22nd September 2016 at 11:31pm
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Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain has been speaking about the life of a footballer and also previewed the upcoming clash against Chelsea.

Beginning with his thoughts on how football isn’t simply a ‘job’ but it’s ‘his life’ he explained that even when you seemingly have laid back characters in a dressing room like himself, there is always a burning ambition to be the best you can below that.

Speaking to the Official Site he explained.

‘Football, for me, is life. If football`s going well, my life`s good and my life`s happy. If it’s not going well, off the pitch I`m not as happy and I go home and I take it around with me a lot. After every game, no matter what – whether it`s a win, a loss or a draw – the first thing I do when I go home is I get on the TV and watch the whole 90 minutes again before I do anything. I generally won`t go out for dinner or go and chill with my friends until I`ve watched the whole 90 minutes. Whether I`ve had the best game of my life or the worst game of my life I always need to look back on the game and see what I did well or could have done better. That`s what I do and that`s how seriously I take my football – it`s not a job, it really is a lifestyle. It`s 24 hour, on and off the pitch. You have to think about what you`re doing and how that will affect you going into training.’

The 23 year old added.

‘I`m the type of person that tends to care a lot about what people are saying and what people are thinking. I think as I`ve grown older I`ve learnt that you really can`t please everyone. As I`ve got older, the pressure on myself and the expectations go up. You need to find a way to manage that the best for yourself and I`ll be honest, it`s not until recently, the last six months to a year or so, that I`ve fully got my head around how to go about that with dealing with people`s expectations on me and my own expectations. It can be hard and I still think I`m quite young, I`ve just turned 23 and now it`s focusing on how to push myself further and better myself as a player.’

As for Chelsea and the test they will pose us this weekend, Oxlade-Chamberlain went on to say that he felt Arsenal needed to be very disciplined in the game given the threats they carry, but if we’re at our best, there’s no question we can take victory and all three points.

Obviously cards in previous games were at the front of his thinking.

‘It`d be nice to keep 11 men on the pitch against Chelsea this time round. I know it sounds funny but generally speaking in the last few games against them, it`s always a big clash with a lot of emotions and maybe some mind games. First and foremost, it`s a massive game and we just need to keep our discipline and stay in the game. I`d back this team to be able to beat anyone in the league on our day. It`s going to be a big occasion but we can`t get too caught up in it, we just need to go out and play our game.’

He also spoke about how important the crowd can be in matches like this.

‘It will make a difference, but at the same time you`ve got to keep a cool head and you can`t let all of that cloud your judgement or get the better of you on the day. You know, if you go a goal up and the crowd starts getting right behind you it can push you on. At the same time, sometimes you might end up going a goal down and the crowd can show their frustration and you can`t let that affect you too much because you`ve got to focus on getting the right result and keep plugging away. The crowd will be massive and I`m sure the atmosphere will be great. It always is for the big games and we`ve got to use that to our advantage. We need to get the right result so everyone leaving the Emirates happy.’

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