Date: 7th September 2006 at 11:06am
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After the comings and goings of the past few weeks, one thing that has come to light is that stark contrasts between the ways in which Arsenal and Chelsea are run.

I don’t want to drag this situation on for any longer than necessary, but I find Arsenal chairman, Peter Hill-Wood’s statement to the Sun to be a very good lesson in diplomacy.

After everything that has happened with Ashley Cole, Arsene Wenger and the board have remained tight-lipped about the whole sordid situation, and they even wished Cole all the best upon his departure. It’s obvious to everyone with half a brain that the kind of publicity that will be drawn from a public slanging match is not one that will hold the club’s reputation in good stead, and as such we seem happy to let the situation die a death so we can move on to the business of football.

Across London however, the powers that be seem perfectly happy to drag their clubs name through the mud (can it get any dirtier?) in the pursuit of one-upmanship.

As far as I can see Chelsea had absolutely nothing to gain from issuing this statement other than filling Chelsea fans with rage towards the player and thus making him a much hated figure amongst the Stamford Bridge faithful. Nothing more.

Fortunately for we Gooners, our club appears to be much more graceful in their dealing, and as the chairman says, it’s time to let it lie.

Hill-Wood said, ‘I have no idea why Chelsea issued that statement. That is something you will have to ask them. It’s certainly not something I or anyone at Arsenal would have done.

‘After 18 months of headlines generated by Chelsea’s move for Ashley Cole, we hoped that last week’s transfer would finally have been the end of it all.

‘But I don’t see why we should make a complaint to the FA or the Premier League about this latest episode. I really think it’s best just to leave the matter alone.’

One man’s meat…..


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  • well written fella. its very simple, Hill-Wood is old school old money and has upbringing. if you look at chelksi, its new money and no upbringing. nuff said.

  • Great piece. You start by saying that you don’t want to drag the situation on any longer, then you do just that by writing an article that, er, drags the situation on longer. Then you try to hold up your suits as an example for their good grace in being discreet. In the process, however, you do precisely what PHL neatly avoided, by being insulting about another club.
    Still, let’s not get in the way of the constant pontificating that we hear from the N5ers. And you know what’s even worst than that pontificating? The hypocrisy of the bloggers who try to convince the World that their club is an example of how to do things, before doing exactly what they accuse to other clubs.

  • Any longer than necessary, that’s the vital word you left out of that quote there EB. I don’t see how what PHW has said is insulting, just merely stating that the course of action you club took is not something that he would have considered, if you think thats an insult you really need to look at the tripe coming out of your club. Your rant is the epitome of Chelsea football club, designed to point the finger of blame anywhere but in your direction.

  • well said Rocky, chelsea should be writing in to Stamford bridge or phoning in, if you want i could go google th club adress for them. but lets face it the so called chelsea fans are not lifelong, most of them eat prawnsandwichs and didn’t go to the bridge before 1998. there are a few good Chelski fans on here that go against what i just wrote, but the majority are illadvised and think that their clubs behaviour is correct…

  • And on top of that, I find it distasteful and flame-fanning that this morning Chelski are reportedly ‘monitoring’ the progress of NIklas Bendtner. Well, he’s an arsenal player – monitor that. Another comment from the club in SW6 designed to inflame and instigate rancour. It seems that everything that emanates from Chelski has a deliberate air of disdain about it – possibly a deep-rooted insecurity about themselves and trying to become something that they are not? Hence the need to adopt such an agrresive policy towards everyone and everything… »»Arsene Knows««

  • Bates, Mikel, Frisk, Rijkaard, Wenger (voyeur), Ferguson, Adriano, Gerrard, Ferdinand, Cashley Cole, Lennart Johansson, Gallas, Bryan Robson and WBA, Leeds youngsters, FFF. A list of controversies/ enemies made my Chelsea in the last 18 months. A coincidence?

  • On another note, last night’s england international… I watched the highlights after listening on five live, and found myself feeling a mite saddened watching cole play. There was still a feeling there of pride at watching him play for england, knowing he should really still be a gooner, were it not for the contract wrangle et al. Sad the way it got so screwed. »»Arsene Knows««

  • I do feel sorry for the long-time chelski fans who have been there for years. The club has always had some great players, and I used to enjoy watching the likes of Zola & Flo scoring great goals (probably because they never threatened for the title). It’s just that Mourinho is such a ******* and Abramavic a Bond-villain that I can’t help but but feel animosity over their recent success. I’d much rather get back to despising the likes of tottenham and man united.

  • Any Chel$ki players reading this blog…. Can you honestly say that you’re happy with your team’s comments??? I realise that you may not wanna go against your club, but do you not think that whatever was said (and personally I don’t believe anything of the sort came from Gallas) would’ve been better not being reported to the world press. So far all I can see has happened is that people who don’t like Chel$ki already dislike them more and people who are indifferent to them now like them less……… the rest of you are Chel$ki fans anyway so that doesn’t count.

    I’m sure there was a whole heap of crap that could’ve been released surrounding the Cashley Hole saga, but the only person who’s going public is Cashley himself, and now he’s a Chel$ki player so it’s a match made in heaven for you reallu!!!

  • Lets face it, its chelski that started all this anyway…you should not feel sad about Cole..Chelsea and Cashly Cole deserve one another.
    End of!!

  • Couldn’t have put it better myself sidyid! Another plus factor is that I believe we also got the better end of the deal!

  • Wow, Spurs and Gooners agreeing on something, next thing you know Blair will gracefully hand over power to Gordon Brown!

  • Spot on Rock, I just think we should not be spending any more time on this one. To engage in it further is to lower ourselves to their level. I got up this morning and read yet more garbage from the mouth of Cashley – “I didn’t join Chelsea for the money” yada yada yada – and was on the verge of writing another article in response, but then I thought, Alan you (and we) are better than this. Leave the gutter for the gutter snipes.

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