Date: 18th January 2007 at 3:39pm
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The ticket fiasco regarding the Carling cup semi final allocations has finally been resolved by the football league arbitration panel, and it agree’s with us; The less Spurs fans the better!

Competition rules state that all away clubs are allocated 15% of the home teams stadium capacity. However due to Arsenal’s massive new stadium, it would have seen 9,000 (almost a quarter of their own stadium) Spurs fans descending upon Ashburton Grove.

The official word was that The club, football league and metropolitan police were worried about the jump from 3,000 to 9,000 away supporters attending a game in one fell swoop with no prior testing, however, the history and rivalry between the two clubs and the sheer volume of Spurs fans could be a recipe for destruction.

Here’s the clubs official statement.

“In relation to the ticket allocation for away supporters for the tie at Emirates Stadium, the Club is pleased that the Football League upheld its decision to cap the number at 5173, as the safety of spectators is paramount. Emirates Stadium has been designed to host up to 9000 away supporters for a cup competition fixture in line with the 15% regulation. However, to date, we have not hosted a cup match at Emirates Stadium and were therefore advised by the Football Licensing Authority and Islington Council, as well as supported by the Met Police, that it was unsafe to make the considerable increase from 3000 to 9000 away supporters in one single step.

“On the upside, as a result of accommodating over 5000 away supporters for the first time at Emirates Stadium on January 31st, we will be in a position to review the opposition`s allocation with the necessary parties for future cup ties. This will hopefully enable the Club to provide visiting teams with the maximum 15% allocation for the FA Cup and Carling Cup competitions.

“We now look forward, to what we hope will be, two exciting derby matches between the two north London sides.”

Less tickets for Spuddies mean more for the Gooners…..HURRAHH!!!


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  • and you only get 3,000 at our gaff – oh and by the way, that is cobblers, cos the FA suggested you offer 15% and you refused.

  • The 15% mandatory, as per competition rules, except in this case where the league agreed 9,000 Spurs fans in one place would just be too horrific to bear!!

  • hahahahahaha, we all knew those spuds are the biggest bunch of *****ers in the country, and now the FA agree with us too :p..

  • lol Jacky can’t wait for the next opportunity? mate you won’t be in the last four of any competition for the next five years, so enjoy this moment ;)..

  • Once again Jacky, if you actually have read the entire article instead of just wading in with your size 10’s, you see at the bottom of the article it says that this being the ‘first ocassion’ is the exact reason you didnt get the full allocation. Oh, and a Spurs website……that’s gunna print the truth isn’t it!!

  • actually i am a size 10! lol and where would i get that impression if i did not read to the bottom? – apologies if my choice of words were not up to standard. I was just replying to the inane idea that its cos the FA hate us as much as you do. actually, they prob do in light of this and other such favouritism. Likewise with a gooner statement.

  • Jacky? What’s a woman doing with size 10 feet??? Anyway having 9000 fans at our stadium making a little noise still won’t make a difference to your *****poor team!!! Also do you realise waht a ribbing you’re gonna be in for if our kids beat your best team??? If you win you’ll only have been playing our kids haha

  • I have to say, in all objectivity, this is really sad. I’ve been to WHL many times and witness the appalling behaviour of a MINORITY of Spurs fans outside the away turnstiles, it’s those people Spurs fans should be upset with, they are the ones who have ruined it. 9,000 would be a security risk, believe me.

  • why? if its just a minority? i see what you are saying but… the minority is the same amount be it amongst 5,000 or 9,000

  • How do you work that out? Almost twice as many tickets means twice the oppotunity. Also, and I realise this happens in all support of all teams, you get your hangers on. Not initially looking for trouble or indeed with the travelling pack of hoolies, but after a few beers and an emotional match with maybe a controversial decision or two, and a fight breaks out…..then people who usually dont get involved with this kind of this may get involved.

  • I reckon they wanted the extra seats for Paul Robinsons Family…….The Klumps! 2 seats per Arse Cheek and a seat for their Balti Pies and Coke.

  • Safety and crowd segregation at all football clubs are paramount but what does seem rather strange is that why did the Licensing Authorities, Islington Council et al sign off the safety certificate for the stadium at the beginning of the season when everybody was aware that both of the domestic Cups had a ruling that the away team had an allocation of 15%? Does it not seem very strange that this all comes to light prior to the second leg of a Cup semi-final against your biggest rivals? If the Emirates Stadium and its procedures are not fit for purpose for domestic Cup competitions then why was the stadium signed off in the first place and/or why were Arsenal allowed in either of the competitions if they cannot clearly abide by the rules and regulations? The new Wembley stadium will not be signed off until all procedures are in place so why should Arsenal be different? Surely this could have all been resolved by employing more police and stewards?

  • Point 1 Mr Hotspur….You are not our biggest rivals (see article entitled “Man Utd – The Real Rivalry” point 2…..The ground has been specifically designed to house 9,000 away spectators for the cup matches, but seen as this is the first domestic cup match at our new home we have not had a ‘ramp up’ event. Considering the nasty nature of an element of a section of your support, and the equal element of ours looking to have a rumble, 9,000 tickets without prior ‘tests’ would be foolish at best, neglegent at worst!

  • Mr Rocky – the point is that legally no stadium or public building should have been given a safety certificate if it has not been proven that the set procedures work for which the certficate is issued – Wembley stadium will have “dry runs” BEFORE any certificate is issued – your club should have paid for “dry runs” before the stadium was opened and before you entered any Cup competitions to ensure that your club complied with all the necessary regulations – de facto your stadium has not had its procedures tested and therefore should not have been given any certificates and is legally not fit for purpose for any domestic Cup competitions. How did your club get the certificates if you have not complied with all the requirements? What percentage of away tickets are being allocated to Bolton for the FA Cup 4th round?

  • How do you have a re-run of a real hooligan incident?! we did the neccesary Dry runs, we had members day, then The Bergkamp Testimonial both times increasing capacity to the required level thats why the Certificate was issued.

  • Mr iceman – The certificate is not issued purely based on the total capacity – it is issued for all requirements of the stadium and its purposes which obvioulsy includes allocating 15% of away tickets for domestic Cup matches. So when you had the “dry runs” did you take into account that 9,000 of the fans were away fans? Surely you must have done or you would not have had the certificates issued – would you? Because if you had not done that then the stadium would not be fit for purpose and the certifcates would not have been issued. Perhaps you can tell me the percantage of tickets that have been allocated to Bolton for the FA Cup 4th round match – Bolton are selling them so you must have made a decision on the allocation. It wouldn’t be 15% by any remote chance would it???

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