Date: 26th February 2007 at 1:22am
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Forget Drogba’s offside goal, forget the pain of Drogba’s bullet header, forget the ugly scenes that saw three dismissed, forget the bottles that rained down on Cesc Fabregas as he prepared to take a corner. Forget everything.

Even after an arse-numbing 5 and a half hour journey, I still feel incredibly upbeat.

The performance of each and every Arsenal player was nothing short of heroic. An Arsenal midfield with an average age of 19 completely bossed the middle of park that they shared with Ballack, Lampard, Essien and Makelele.

The silky & stylish passing produced by Wenger’s young guns was a sight to behold, and the fact these young un’s put this performance in against the current premiership champions makes it all the more remarkable.

Anyone still believing that Arsenal are a team in decline needs to give their head a serious shake.

The dissection of all the major talking points will take place on the morrow, but for now this tiered and emotional Gooner will head for his bed feeling nothing but pride in what the Arsenal team have achieved.


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  • Couldnt have put it better myself! Like when Obi Wan kenobi is struck down by Darth Vader, it only makes Obi Wan stronger and more powerful, today you watched future premiership champions in red and white. Nice pic, ive stuck a few in the pictures section for anyone who wants a butchers.

  • And apparently it was celery they were throwing at Cesc? They seemed to think it was OK on talk sport/909 because it was celery forgetting it only takes one idiot to throw a coin instead of celery and Cesc could lose an eye. Its not what you throw its having the stupid mentality to throw something in the 1st place that matters.

  • Yep well done lads, you gave everything today as we knew you would, Diaby was IMMENSE, Traore, Denilson, Theo (what a way to open that account boy!) all showed fantastic composure and skill, the chavs only answer to our liquid poetry was the standard long ball hoofing, the difference being the manhorses’ clinical finishing. but I’d settle for that over being KOd by a trademark Lumpard deflection, there were three old spuds in the pub watching the game and when one of them turned to me and said “you’re gonna take this” I knew we were fackin doomed. C’est la vie, now lets turn Blackburn over.

  • Cant complain about the result AW said what his team was going to be and stuck with it, as you said the champions of the future.

  • I liked the pre-game interview article by the Chelsea and Arsenal editors, it would be nice to see a post game one. Congrats also to Cjelsea. The young guns were the actual winners on the day, what with so much skill. Diaby was particularly outstanding whats the status of his injury?

  • Yeah thats true the first 65 minutes was some great football by our young stars then they seemed to drop off which is only natural and their concentration will get better as they play more games. Especially Diaby and Walcott who were always posing a threat.

  • the carling cup is all about education, and its imminent that Arsenal will be back next season for all 4 trophies. our youth team took chelsea to the cleaners. can chelsea afford to play without Drogba lampard robben terry and essien today?

  • I’m really happy for Walcott.. he showed his class today.. he is a fantastic talent and it was there for all to see! 2 years time and this team will dominate everything there is to dominate!
    It was always going to be a win win situation for us today.. and so we did win! But, just one question.. what does Senderos do on the training ground to impress Wenger?? Is he really that good or am I just being negative?

  • ahaha. How’s that in your coffee on the train home from Cardiff. We might always be a mid-table team but you’ll never be up in the league of Man USA and Chel$ki. COYS

  • arsenalrulz4ever Senderos was not *****e, for once every mistake he made he corrected before it hurt us in true Toure like fashion and against the player he has struggled eith most in the past, Drogba. the first goal was Traore and Almunia’s fault if not the linesmans and the last goal was unstoppable like our winner vs Man USA. The whole team was great except the 3 substitutes, and WHS go die in a corner quietly you jealous sad ****!

  • Ashame we couldn’t ask you how your coffee was when you went home from the Grove on the Victoria line, WhiteHartSpur. You were probably drinking something a little stronger than that. Yeah, kids can be mean to sometimes. On a positive note, good to hear about JT and knowing that the future is looking fantastic!

  • I thought Senderos was good! Remember the community shield two or so seasons ago when Drogba killed him? Now he looked comfortable, and Drogba tried to hassle Traore instead (who looked better than 17)

  • And also: They may have won, and it’s trophies that count, but we know that our kids outplayed the champions for 80% of the game! Until the last few minutes, they were in control. Chelsea may have won, but the Arsenal aren’t losers.

  • Senderos would be a complete CB if only he has more speed and stronger in physical challenge. He can’t do much with his speed but he has to increase his upper body strength. He lost a lot of duel with Drogba last night as he always did in the past. The team suffered the consequence as usual. I am not blaming him as he has been outstanding for us in many occasions. I just hope that the team would play someone else when we play Chelski next time, specifically if Drogba is in the lineup so that Senderos’ lack of speed and physical strenght would not be exploited.

  • I feel sorry for Almunia, 2 finals three goals through his legs, most keepers wouldnt have that happen to them 3 times in a season. Maybe he should train with Ice Hockey goalies and work on what they call covering the 5-hole.

  • Joe and Arsenalrulz i just cant see what game you were watching. Senderos was easily our best defender last night, you have to remember he was doing alot of covering for Traore even when he hadnt gone forward whereas Toure had Hoyte on his side who is a much more compotent and experienced defender than our french LB, no insult to Traore but.

  • Btw, I thought Vieira was in our No. 2 shirt last night. I swear that’s no other youngster I have seen plays more like Vieira than Diaby; the way he breaks up opponent’s attack, regain possession and his surging run forward. Even the way he runs reminiscent Vieira’s.

  • judging by your pic rocky, you must of been sat very close to me indeed ! the kids were amazing, it took chelsea 84 mins to beat our kids and we lived with them, hell the first 20 mins we were all over them, denilson and diaby were superb, what talents we have and if wenger was given 50 million tomorrow to go and buy players, you would have to say he would geta new keeper only, cos i can’t see i needing any players in any other position, and let us not forget, that was chelsea strongest, most expensive team yesterday, and out cheap kids showed the chavs how football is played, just a shame not won. on a side note, talk sport was flooded last night as i drove out of cardiff with callers calling the chavs stupid for throwing “CELERY” at Cesc, not bottles rocky. doesn’t what it is, shouldn’t of been thrown.

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