Date: 3rd March 2007 at 9:10pm
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An overwhelming number of Gooners feel nothing but pride after Chelsea`s millions beat Arsenal`s Carling Cup kids in last Sunday`s final.

In our latest poll we asked what your feelings were on the final.

68% of you said you felt ‘pride, nothing but pride`

13% of you were ‘furious at Drogba`s offside`

6% of you blamed Wenger`s team selection

6% of you also had some harsh words and voted for ‘£*&# !£%’**£%$’`

5% said Chelsea were just too strong (nice to see Vital Spurs joining in)
Vital Chelsea also made a contribution as

2% of voters said they were in awe of Drogba`s heading ability.


88 Replies to “Nothing But Pride”

  • Oh behave, you were lucky to beat our second string. We dominated most of the game with a team that had an average age 6 years younger than yours.

  • yeah it does make us feel better. you can never feel as we do about our club, we watch on as an artist (Wenger) builds us a fine table made of solid oak (Our young team) that will last for years and generations whilst you shop for tables in Ikea (your mechanical club). Chelsea= quickfix club who cant function without a sugar daddy, no pride in that.

  • .What ’bout the team of today?The one that wenger started building in 2000?Where’s the silverware?.Okay mate, okay.If it makes you feel better…

  • How many of our current players were here in 2000? Don’t speak of that you don’t understand K_Chelski. The class of 2000 has come and gone! If the team that you only just beat had an average age of 14 in 2000.

  • Erm the team he built in 2000 won 2 titles and never got beaten away from home whilst winning them, in fact one of those teams went 49 games undefeated. chuck in 3 FA cups during that time and that is a better record than maureen, get your facts straight. BTW it never cost Arsene £300 million to build those teams. Ikea oooaoo, Ikea oooaoo.

  • Nononono iceman, the team that won those titles, were the youngsters from 96, lol, the youngsters from 2000, the 17 year old boys back then, what did they win?

  • What are you gibbering on about? i have listed what the team of 2000 ended up winning, the team Wenger built from 1996 won the double in 1998. There is continuity in how Wenger builds his teams and what they win, this is his third build and could well be his best. Imagine what Diaby, Denilson and Fabregas would have done to your midfield if they were 4 years older!

  • k-chels, why are you tring to spoil our United Kingdom celebration night. You have the Samba Parade in Brazil, we have the, “Smug big headed arrogant twits who spend a fortune and can’t win the Premiership, in dedication to Chelsea parade”. Why not take a night off vital Arsenal, and go and console the other fools over at vital Chelsea with stories of your success in the Carling Cup.

  • okay, from your logics iceman, in two years, those youngsters will win tons of stuff?Alrighty then…

  • flv, it’s called carnaval.And i hate it, except for the naked woman, and the holidays.OH stop it, i’m in all vitals, if i have the chance of making fun of an enemy, i will.I don’t go to Vital spurs anymore, though.Xenephobes are not fun(i’m not saying you’re one).

  • The team has a chance of silverware this season K_chels. Next season I would be willing to bet a considerable sum that Arsenal will win something and in 2 years time, maybe next season, the Premiership is coming to it’s new home – The grove!

  • It just the facts of Arsenes reign, not my logic. I know when you can spend £100 million a season on footballers its hard to accept some clubs have to grow teams but thats how it is for everybody except you lot. You cant Ignore facts. Arsene builds teams, those teams win things.

  • Wrong, don’t try to put everything on us.There’s plenty of clubs who buy lots players every season.We are helping the smaller teams.We pay large sum of money to a medium club like Newcastle, with that money, newcastle is able to buy good players from a small club like tottenham, thus helping everyone.

  • 5% said Chelsea were just too strong (nice to see Vital Spurs joining in)
    Vital Chelsea also made a contribution as ——- think the word well is missing, something your youngsters need to visit more to last 90 minutes!

  • He wouldnt talk to a deluded Brazilian who supports a team who play the most un-brazilian football possible 🙂

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