Date: 1st April 2007 at 12:50pm
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I am afraid there is little encouragement to take from yesterday, unless it provokes a reaction that sees us grip third place. But third place did not look like an attractive carrot for a lot of our players and unless they shake that pathetic self pitying attitude, it will be fifth place and the ignomnity of UEFA Cup football that will await them. I was looking for a reaction from Arsenal after the eleven days from hell, I wanted them to show themselves and everybody else that it was a giant misfortune and that next season starts here, that we would be a force to be reckoned with next year. That reaction has not arrived as the team have enveloped themselves in self pity. These tumours are difficult to remove, once they set in they become malignant and we have our work cut out salvaging fourth place. Regardless of how luminous the prize is at the end of the season, when these players pull on an Arsenal shirt they have an obligation to care, particularly when 3,000 people make their fourth visit to Anfield this season to see them.

The Gunners lined up with Diaby on the left, presumably because Wenger felt that Gerrard would line up on the right hand side. However, Benitez rotated with one eye on PSV, Riise, Finnan, Bellamy, Sissoko and Kuyt were left out, while Gerrard lined up as a centre forward. Looking at Pool’s line up, I felt we had a real chance. However, hope evaporated on four minutes. Clichy endured a terrible start to the match, when you’re being ripped to ribbons by a player as average as Jermiane Pennant you suspect it’s not your greatest day. Pennant back heeled Arbeola in superbly on the right and Crouch beat Toure to his low cross to toe end Liverpool into the lead. After an initial period of shock, Arsenal started to play thelselves back into the game. Denilson, seeing that Fabregas simply could not be bothered, got a grip on the game and the ball. Eboue began to probe down the right and Adebayor grappled manfully as the Gunners constructed a number of promising moves. Hleb also looked to involve himself, but ruefully just had one of those days where his decision making was sloppy. Arsenal almost worked themselves an opportunity when Baptista latched onto Toure’s high ball, but just could not manouver himself around Daniel Agger.

For all of our promising forward play, bereft of Gilberto there was no protection for the back four. Fortunately, Gerrard did not really take advantage of being given the freedom of Merseyside to flaunt his ‘talent.’ Another no mark performance against a big club for Stevie Me (even when we played as awfully as we did yesterday). His sole contribution was a pathetic piece of histrionics, under a Diaby challenge which yielded no contact, he cavorted with the turf in mock agaony. A miracle cure arrived in the shape of a yellow card, at which point the fruadster got to his feet. The chant ‘Steve Gerrard, Gerrard, he kisses the badge on his chest, then hands in a transfer request’ reverberated around the Anfield Road End. A second arrived for Peter Crouch, Eboue did not close down Aurelio’s awesome left wing cross and Crouch rose like a salmon to head home his pinpoint delivery. Ironically, Adebayor was presented with an identical chance moments earlier, but headed over. Chins rested firmly on chests at that point. The likes of Toure, Fabregas, Eboue (in fairness he lacked fitness), Clichy and Baptista were conspicuous by their absence and the aforementioned owe us an apology. Though Baptista did shoot wide from an Adebayor cross, it was a harder chance than it looked with the ball whipped across his body at pace. I don’t know how Wenger deals with this, whether he tears a strip off them or gently reminds them that fourth is nowhere near in the bag, but I want to see big peformances from those players next week. Frankly, I think a period on the bench might be just as apt, but whether that will solve the problem I am not sure. Cesc was quoted as saying he was ‘counting the days’ until the summer this week, presumably he was counting backwards from three because I have seen more industry in economy class.

Gallas became something of a one man show at the back, rescuing a burnt out/apathetic Toure on innumerable occasions. Eboue and Clichy continued to watch Pennant and Aurelio float crosses in rather than prevent them. To me, it was painfully obvious that the marauding Diaby needed to be moved into the centre, as little pressure was being applied to the excellent Mascherano (though how was he not booked? Fabregas and Diaby committed one foul each and were both booked, Javier committed dozens). Gerrard tamely shot at Lehmann and Arsenal provided their first meaningful effort. Adebayor, presumably fed up with nobody else (Gallas and Diaby apart) coming close to matching his commitment, sought about doing something as his brilliant snapshot cannonned off the post. The game was well and truly over when a Pennant free kick (a debatable decision) was glanced in by Daniel Agger. The absence of Gilberto was painfully obvious as Liverpool exploited a back four lacking in height/fitness/understanding. Scouse minds drifted towards Tuesday and a brief geyser of hope emerged. Baptista’s pinpoint cross was met with a firm header by Adebayor, but Reina tipped it brilliantly onto the post.

Arsenal did give the impressive away support something to cheer. Denilson’s corner was flicked on by Toure, Reina brushed it to one side, only for Gallas to thigh it home from ‘Lineker range.’ Maybe this is our fox in the box, eh? Only Adebayor would have been a more deserving goalscorer. ‘We’re gonna win 6-3’ rang out from the away end, and ‘let’s go ******* mental’, we had to amuse ourselves somehow! Arsenal’s play had more purpose, Ljungberg added some industry as they looked to capitalise on Liverpool’s fleeting minds. Another goal would have made it very interesting. Another one duly arrived, but more poor defending saw it arrive at the other end. Pennant’s side footed cross was narrowly missed by Gallas, and left Crouch to deftly turn Toure so expertly, that Toure’s shirt ended up inside out, the elastic limbed Crouch fired the ball past Lehmann and the remainder of the game played out at an embarassing pace. The entrapy was concisely summed up by Fabregas, who quite deliberatley fired a thirty yard free kick high into the away end. As the final whistle sounded, Gallas and Denilson came over, the rest trudged off. Two players (two who actually tried as well) acknowledged the relentlessly enthusaistic support. Leaving home at 4am and shelling out £34 for a ticket all seemed to pay for itself. Cheers guys.LD.


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  • Hey, thank some ghanese guy (i forgot his name).He “tackled” gilberto, outside of the pitch, of course the ref didn’t do anything.Then gilberto started crying in pain, and they had to take him.Not the nicest thing to see.I think we had 2 or 3 injured on that game.

  • im guttted and disgusted to be honest, we havent been tonked like that in ages and it feels quite strange. no hunger no fight and i have a feeling cesc is getting way too big for his boots.

  • are both our swiss defenders injured or something coz i think toure has to take a break i wouldnt mind seeing them along gallas in the middle. our defense just wasnt up to the task this week. as for moving forward…dont know how much we can ask for without TH an VP and the midfield looks uninspired.

  • Wenger mentioned in the week that he wanted to take some of the young defenders out of the firing line and give them a chance to reflect. Personally, I think we have to concentrate on this back four gelling as a unit, but yes, Toure does need a break. It’s a hard one to juggle, like I said, Wenger will need to call on all of his man management skill shere. If Gilberto is fot next week, I would drop Cesc and play Diaby in the middle. I would probably take Hleb out as well who is having a tough time recently, I think he blames himself for the PSV goal.

  • Fabregas & Denilson should not play together in the 4-4-2 formation. They are too similiar. Both like to go forward & offer minimal protection to the back four. Also, we should not have played two attacking full back if we do not have enough steel in the midfield. I think the match explained itself why Gilberto was played in the CB position prior. His earial prowess and positional sense could have contained Crouch to a certain extend. It is better to play him there than not playing him at all. I dont have to say anything more on our defensive setpiece. I think Le Boss is trying to find the ideal combination for next season in the remaining matches. If that is the case, I have no complaint. Just hope that we keep an eye on the CL spot.

  • yeah hleb looks out of sorts and the fact that gallas singled him out to the press showed a lack of tact on his part and was very unarsenal like those are comments for the locker rooms if you ask me i wouldnt mind seeing him go some people dont know how to handle younger players and can only play with fellow superstars. i hope im wrong but more than once he has said something thats bad for team morale. everyone is responsible for that loss.

  • hleb shouldnt blame himself, it w as a silly FK to give away but suely the defence has to take some blame in not knowing how to defend set pieces.
    Hleb is leaving me confused, i like him as a player and i havent given up on him but he is having one of his worst spell at the moment, he is very inconsistent and he goes from looking like the best player in the world against bolton to looking like he hasnt a clue what hes doing.

  • Great write-up LD and its not on that they don’t bother to acknowledge travlling fans. What mish says about Gallas underpins what’s wrong with us – Gallas is too strong mentally for self-pitying, and although he flies too close to the edge with his comments, he exposes the fact that he wants his colleagues to grow the **** up and stop feeling sorry for themselves… this is the bit of grit our squad misses sometimes… Wenger has used the phrase “mental strength” before as he clearly acknowledges this is what’s missing…
    Anyway for now, give Fab a rest I say and stick Gilberto with Diaby & Denilson along him in a 4-5-1.

  • Agree with your assessment Andy. Gallas is crucial to our side, his strong comments are what is needed, his attitude is needed. Yoou don’t want a squad of Gallas’s, because they’d be non stop arguing. But you definitely need one or two. I bet Gallas went into the dressing room and read the riot act and rightly so. I really think too many are prepared to believe Gallas is a troublemaker. That upsets me because Chelsea have achieved their objective and made his own fans doubt him. On gunnerblog last week, the writer got so *****ed off with this that he produced a literal translation of what Gallas had said to the French press and it was critical but not scathing (e.g he said he blamed himself for his injury absence). If these young players are to succeed, they need someone like Billy to show them what is needed. They’ve all got the talent, but a bit of an arse kicking from Gallas will help them. TH has said things in programme notes much worse and nobody complained, he should, like Gallas he is a leader and needs to tell it as it is. Gallas has always struck me as an angry upstart, so did Roy Keane. Nice guys finish last, Arsenal were nice yesterday, they were polite and reserved. If they had all played like Gallas we would never have lost.

  • And I don’t think Hleb is inconsistent, he’s just having a bad patch at the moment. All players have them and Hleb has been so good this year that I can’t fault him, his effort is still there and he still stands up to be counted. People just don’t like him because he doesn’t score, neither did Ray Parlour when he was our right winger but no such accusation was held against him.

  • LD, JT himself told that silly billy was very agressive sometimes, at the dressing room , and he had to step up for him and his team mates.

  • Young team building for next season? 5 points ahead of Bolton with a game in hand CL looks asured next season.

  • That was the most ***** *****in’ poor perfomance since Bolton away, maybe worse. *****in’ horrible. i dont see why Rosicky didnt start, he is the only one of that midfield who has a natural drive forward. Toure and Cesc were horrible, both clearly need a break. LD i dont understand your unending support for Gallas, he was the best defender for the last 85 minutes of the game but was much more at fault for the first goal than Toure, he was *****in’ nowhere to be seen, and this is supposed to be the experienced player, where was his positioning? His poor positioning on that moment gave us no chance for the rest of the match, Clichy may have got skinned but he has every right to expect his CB to be somewhere within 8 metres of the nearpost when that happens. He’ll probably go have a sook now about how he has to score the goals to after stealing Ade’s header. Still ***** weak and sometimes you just get the feeling that no matter how gifted these players are the just lack the speed of the attacking moves that both the invincibles and the 2002 double side had, something must be done about the speed at which we pass and the apeed at which our midfielders burst forward.

  • jesus, gerrard doesnt score from his own half and everyone thinks hes a no show. Class player, hed be in your team every day of the week. and you played so *****e lol

  • Cesc doesn’t need a rest. Toure does maybe but having been out for 3 matches is a decent amount of rest. Cesc attitude is worrying. He is becoming too big for his boots and I think he should be given more competition to not let him get complacent. Let Denilson run the show for a couple of games maybe and drop Cesc. As many people have said they are just too similiar to play together. It has to be Ces/Denilson with Diaby/Gilberto otherwise will not work unless its 4-5-1. Cesc has had 2 weeks rest in the international break because he was a unused sub. So I don not see why he needs a rest. He is just not bothered and is more worried about his holiday than anything else. I was so shocked when I saw Diaby on the left…why why why would you play a CM in a wide position with 2 wide players on the bench. Even thought Clichy is to be blamed for the crosses, I think its a little unfair to say he is ***** because before this game, he has been excellent this season. Anyways I think it was a one off kind of game and we already thrashed them 3 times so its only fair they do it to us once.

  • Ozis right about Rosicky. He should have started or at least come on a lot earlier for Hleb. I stand by Hleb, great skills that will never leave him but he seems to be very temperamental person so i fear that if/when he finds himself in a good spell of form, he wont ever be able to keep it. Gilbo cemented his importance to our squad without even being on the pitch and fabregas attitude needs to be harnessed, he def needs break before it starts to get the better of him. dito toure. What amazes me is that (granted, eboue not totally fit) yesterday was the first time (i think) this season that our first choice back four all played together, yet we were so severly punished by an average liverpool side, and that Dhalsim yoga-limb-extending creature they call a ‘Crouch’.

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