Date: 23rd October 2006 at 4:41pm
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Arsene Wenger has admitted that he will not bring in any players in the New Year transfer window, and to be fair…….why should he?

In the past 14 months Wenger has brought in Hleb, Walcott, Diaby, Adebayor, Rosicky, Baptista, Gallas and Denilson and now he wants some consistancy.

Arsenal have begun to play some scintilating football once again after a year of discontent, and Mr Wenger belives this is the team to take us back to the top.

So no shopping in Janurary, and I must say, I agree completely.

‘We have a good squad, we will not buy in January,’ said Wenger. ‘We will keep with this squad until the end of the season.

‘We will jump over the transfer window in January!’

In the past season or two our bench has looked weak and we have lacked a little strength in depth, but now we have some superb options.

I wouldn’t want to see any of the current crop of players pushed to one side by bringing in players that, in all fairness, we don’t really need.

Do you?


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  • In other words; we have the quality already so what’s the point of going after quantity?…especially redundant quantity. There’s already too many clubs out there that buy redundant talent that does little for improvement. Arsenal has proven many times that they are not “skint” when a player of great talent fits into the plan. Arsene knows.

  • Wenger has his targets and will never give anything away about there identity or whom they play for, so naturally he’s not going to divulge any information about anything to do with his transfer policy. I dont hthink we’ll see any new faces (maybe a couple of new youthers) until the summer. KJH and Ribery will do nicely thanks.——————————————————————–
    In other word’s your SKINT! HATEtheGOON—————————–
    Probably not you retarded, knuckle dragging soapdodger! But even if we are, we’d still win more than your club on a low budget (thats relativly speaking or course) as we have already proved time and time again! What a pleb!

  • we dont need any other player till next season so i m agreeing with the Boss and hopfully our team can beat the s**t out of chelsea hate the Goons u visit our site more than urs::D

  • We are Gunning For Title:Fab 4
    Cesc Fabregas claims Arsenal’s blistering away form has silenced doubts over their ability to mount a Barclays Premiership title assault.

    The Gunners were bullied on their travels last season and the 1-0 defeat at Manchester City in August suggested Arsene Wenger’s side might be crippled by a similar shortcoming once again.

    But instead they have been a revelation ever since, winning their last three Premiership games on the road – including one at Old Trafford – and scoring seven goals in the process.

    Fabregas was magnificent as Arsenal crushed Reading 4-0 at the Madejski Stadium and the Spanish midfielder knows away form – and luck – holds the key to their Premiership ambitions.

    “I think it will be difficult to win the title but we feel we can make it,” he told the club’s official website.

    “We are up against very good teams, not just Chelsea and Manchester United but Liverpool too, even though they are not at their best at the moment.

    “And be careful of Bolton. No one is talking about them but they are still winning. I’m sure there will be four or five teams up at the top and we need to be one of them.

    “After the first three games this season people were saying that we would have the same problems as last year.

    “We were creating so many opportunities and the ball didn’t want to go into the net.

    “Sometimes in football you need good luck, for example with our first goal when the ball went through a Reading player’s legs. Sometimes that didn’t happen last year.”

    Fabregas signed a new eight-year deal with Arsenal last week and celebrated the mammoth contract by producing an outstanding display at the Madejski Stadium.

    The 19-year-old describes it as a “dream come true” to play for the Gunners because of their attacking style – so much so that he relishes watching the match highlights.

    “When I am on the pitch I really enjoy myself and this is so important for a player. I’m not sure if I could play in a team which played long balls all the time,” he said.

    “And when we play this kind of football, especially in the first half, it is difficult for teams to create chances against us.

    “Our type of game makes me feel so happy and when I go home I can relax and enjoy it on the television.

    “All of our goals against Reading were great goals, even the penalty because of the pass Thierry gave me.

    “I really enjoy playing for this team – we have some great players and for me it’s like a dream come true.

    “But I have to keep improving, keep playing my game, play for the team and try to win titles for the team.”

    Meanwhile, Fabregas’ midfield partner Gilberto Silva is thrilled at the Spaniard’s decision to commit his long-term future to Arsenal – and wants an eight-year deal of his own.

    The 30-year-old Brazilian said: “Cesc has done so well. Last season it was hard for him because it was hard for the whole team.

    “But this year he’s looked stronger because the team has been more solid as well.

    “I’m delighted he’s decided to sign a long contract with Arsenal because it’s an amazing club to be at.

    “If they want to give me another eight years then why not – it would be amazing!”

  • So what are your chances?? Because ours are a millions times better than yours. God you must be depressed supporting such a crap team. You may aswell top yourself now. You think we care if no-one likes us? (Which isn’t true by the way, we’re respected all over the world) Our football is so sublime was can sit on our high horses and look down our noses at your poor excuse for a team.

  • With all the players available he will be spoilt for Choice..Just look at Midfield..Diaby,Hleb,Gilberto,Rosicky,Ljungberg,Cesc and even Flamini…not to mention Denilson and Song…..Up front Henry, RVP, Adebayor,Walcott, Baptista and Aliadiere….do we need to buy ??

  • If we were to sign anyone, I imagine it would be an understudy to Lehman. Let him learn from the Crazy Legend for a season and a half then let him loose as a first team player.

  • I was in Milan last week and in converstaion with some Italians in a bar, I was asked which football team I supported, Arsenal I replied…”oh bella bella football ” or something like that came the reply….one then went on to tell me about the rivalry and dislike etc between Milan and Inter….I said we have that with Spurs in London….he replied ” but that must be easy for you because Spurs do not win things do they ?”…. So respect in Europe ?????

  • Ha ha,Well that’s that one put to bed then,cos some p!ssed up geezer told you he fancied Henry the whole of europe loves the ARSE.He meant to say you play Bell-end football.

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