Date: 2nd December 2006 at 7:55pm
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I will save the match reports to others more qualified to write quality pieces. My attention will turn to Spurs and their fans.

Did Spurs get stage fright today, playing in one of the best stadiums in Europe? Did they drive down Holloway Road and think crikey what an impressive stadium; did the noise of 60,000 fans make them tremble?

Well something obviously happened, because I wondered who on earth we were playing at times, this certainly didn`t look like a Derby game to me, infact I think Arsenal players were shocked at times at the lack of commitment from the spurs players.

How the Spurs fans can sing SUPER TOTTENHAM FROM THE LANE and then watch anything but super, after having this week slated Arsenal fans and calling them fickle, well hello pot calling the kettle a dark colour of black? All I heard on the radio on my drive home were Spurs fans moaning, the site here is about fans slating Jol, and judging on this latest performance how much longer will he last as a manager?
To top it all, your so-called hardcore fans walk out 10 mins before the end; I had a text from a Spurs fan at half time saying he was going home! How pathetic? And you tell us about supporting our team?

The players had no one to go over to after the game and thank for their support because there wasn`t anyone left.

I thought the spurs players tried their best to bully arsenal and came off second best. Your left back was lucky to stay on the pitch and Jol thought so too and subbed him at half time. If Keane showed the same level of passion in his play as he did in his moaning to the ref every 5 mins then maybe you wouldn`t have played with 10 men.

All of the fans on this site were this week were talking the talk yet failed to walk the walk, except this time there was no lasagne to blame, just bad management and an average team who had a one off wonder season last year by all accounts, living on past performances, the real test in any good side is to be consistent and that is something Spurs fail to do every time. Enjoy Europe while it lasts because if this is the performance you are going to put in I doubt very much you will see anywhere over the English Channel next season.

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  • On a bad patch of late and still came out 3-0 winners…ever wondered what the scoreline would be should King TH14 played? Spurs fans are just pathetic…I read all their comments all week about how they would win and batter us this time around and now what happens…? Some fools just don’t learn do they? well,hopefully they’ve learned their lessons now…the hard way…:)

  • great article PG, agree with every word of your’s, and finally this fixture is done with and we no longer have to take all that crap tat we’ve had here on our site this week, now lets get the result at porto and then do our best to turn chelsea over..

  • Congratulations. Both penalties were harsh but can get given in any game. Either way it would still have been a victory to you. We were lucky to get 0

  • Just seen MOTD – Adebayor offside, Rosicky was fairly tackled, Van Persie handled before penalty … its a funny old game

  • Just watched MOTD Adebayor ON-SIDE he was level with Chimbonda, 1st penalty it got the ball but took the man in the same motion a penalty has been given against us for that this season, ball may have hit RVP hand but he was beening jostled by Jenas. It all evens itself over a season be fair to Jol he didn’t complain.

  • Adebayor was clearly onside, though at first glance I thought he was off. The two penalty calls were pretty harsh I thought…I can see why the first one was given cause it looked like a penalty straight away, but Persie’s handball was pretty easy to spot. Still doesn’t excuse Tottenham’s lack of presence though…at least Arsenal went down fighting at the Reebok (IMO anyway) even though we’ll probably never win another game there in my lifetime. The Spurs pretty much disappeared after the second goal. Big win for us though, hopefully we can ride the wave into Porto and Chelsea.

  • you know harry & baldyid are the only 2 spurs fans on here i respect, sometimes mr commensense when he ain’t wound up, atleast they have the decency to admit defeat with class and grace, if the rest of the so called spurs fans who left 10 mins before the end could acheive what those 2 blokes can, then they wouldn’t be labelled SCUM. Sir HARRY, unlucky mate, we did play poorly, if henry had played not sure what the result would have been, we passed well, but it wasn’t as good as i have seen us play this season, your lot were dire, Jol needs to play defoe from start IMO and needs to et Lennon off the leash.. he is a gr8 talent that is being too restricted, give him his head and let him cause mayhem dude…

  • Good stuff, PG. Makes sense, in the article as well as in the post. It takes a lot to come on this site after this game, Sir Harry, so good on ya.

    But what a game!! We completely f*&^in outplayed them, and it was so good to watch. We were up for this one, and spurs werent. adebayor silenced his critics, atleast for sometime. I feel good.

  • Adebayor was a mile onside and anyone saying otherwise is either a fool or a liar!! Second pen was never handball, just one of those things. Same old Spurs, always whinging!!

  • what a great day,we took all the slagging they gave us about crumbling empire,about Wenger losing the plot,about how they were going to do this to us and that to us,and shoved it right down their f uckin throats…mugs,so now you can all just crawl back under your slimy little rocks.

  • and now the spuds are talking the talk again saying they will have 3pts from us when we go to the lane… didn’t we win the league down the lane ? oh yeah i forgot !

  • Spurs always go down, they talk and talk but we play the football, great game and decent goals which the 1st was offside and only the penalties can be debated but we desreve to win anyway!

  • I think our entire management structure is at fault. This stupid continental system of Director of Football means MJ is using players he did not sign and might not even want. Unlike Wenger he does not have completed control. I am really concerned about Poll especially Penalty No1 as MoTD showed he couldn’t have seen the incident … I do not want video used as it would ruin the game but decisions like that against any team will hasten its introduction. I did say before the game that I was concerned Henry wasn’t playing. I thought Adebayor would pose a new set of problems as Henry has become familiar to Dawson/King. I still don’t think we have a bad team and some of our youngsters like Huddlestone are the equal of players like Diaby. I have noted some criticism of Jenas but from my observation, he came on and played with heart and endavour if suffering from a little rustiness something a number of players with Spurs should hang their heads in shame about. I do however think the principle difference between us and you, is that Wenger has a clear first XI, a clear system of playing, and the ability to plug in players (usually successfully) within this system. Whilst we have a good squad, we lack a clear No1 player in several positions and I am afraid that until that is addressed we will only offer an intermittant challenge to you. It will be interesting to see what happens in the transfer window.

  • Interesting, Sir Harry, coz this spurs team looked likely to challenge arsenal, which was the talk before the game. But after more than a year, you would think that MJ has his 1st team figured out, otherwise he has big problems.

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