Date: 9th August 2017 at 11:28am
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With speculation that Paris Saint-Germain were heavily interested in Alexis Sanchez this week, manager Arsene Wenger has explained that simply there has been no contact.

With news that Sanchez would potentially miss our first two games of the year after picking up a small injury in training ahead of the Community Shield game against Chelsea, plenty would’ve greeted that news and put 2+2 together when it came to a departure, but Wenger has categorically ruled that out again.

Speaking to the Official Site as he held his midweek press conference, Wenger was asked if any departures were near.

‘No. Yesterday I had the managers` meeting and was talking with the other managers in the other clubs. It looks like everywhere there are many, many players and a bit of congestion at the moment everywhere.’

Wenger was questioned on whether or not PSG’s signing of Neymar would effect the market this year as well.

‘It has a consequence because the money will circulate and rotate from one club to another. The money that Barcelona got will go somewhere else. Will it come to the Premier League? I don`t know. Certainly, when you listen to the transfer rumours, some of it will travel to England. But at the end of the day it`s only numbers. Despite the numbers, the number of top players is not increasing. What you want is to have the best players in the English league and not in any other European league. We want to be the best league and therefore it`s important that the best players stay in England.’

As for Alexis to PSG rumours, he was asked if he’d spoken to their president Nasser Al-Khelaifi and Wenger said he hadn’t in a long time and he didn’t expect to be speaking to him in the coming weeks and in his own opinion, he believes they are chasing Mbappe and not Alexis from what he’s heard around football.

‘No, no. I think if you read the French papers, they are on Mbappe`s case to finish their transfer market. Look, that`s what I read in the papers and on my side I have had no contact at all with Paris Saint-Germain.’

That naturally led to talk about an extended deal for Alexis, and Wenger again confirmed we would be trying for an extension because he’s in his final year but although there was ‘no reason’ it wouldn’t happen we weren’t ‘there’ yet.

Moving on, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain came up and Wenger was asked if he was in his plans.

‘Yes, I think in his career he had some bad moments because he had some small injuries. Last year he was much more stable. Personally, I think he is a hugely talented player. He is on the way up and he will continue to move up because that potential is there. He is today very conscious of his qualities as well, which he was not always, and I personally believe he will be a very great player.’

He was also asked about David Ospina’s future.

‘It was not easy, because of course all these players want to play. They are top-level players, they want to go to the World Cup but he will get a number of games here and he will fight with Petr Cech. The fight is quite open. At the moment I play Petr Cech but this battle is not won definitely by Petr Cech because I rate Ospina highly and, anyway, we play other competitions and he will play.’

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