Date: 20th September 2007 at 1:20am
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Josie Moaninho has rather spitefully stolen the back pages of the mornings newspapers by getting himself sacked.

The plaudits should have belonged to Arsenal after the Gunners slaughtered back to back UEFA cup winners Sevilla. The Arsenal looked set to be plastered all over the sports pages until inconsiderate Mourinho picked up his P45.

Despite having it rammed down our throats that JM is the greatest manager in the PL, and the fact that Chelsea are a club steeped in tradition and full of history, the Portuguese motor mouth has, it seems opened his cake-hole once to often.

Only 48 hours after waffling on about eggs and omelette’s, Roman Abramovich appears to have had enough and booted the Matalan coat wearing Muppet out of the club for good.

We here at Vital Arsenal would like to thank Jose for all the moments of magic he has brought to the Premiership, for his charisma and witty comments. We’d also like to thank Hitler for his sterling work in human rights & Margret Thatcher for services to coal mining.

Credit to Wingers for the cracking headline


102 Replies to “No More-inho”

  • I’d also like to thank Harold Shipman for the good work he did in improving the public belief in General Practitioners… »»Arsene Knows««

  • I’m incredibily dissapointed with the management.But instead of talking about Mourinho, shouldn’t you be talking about Usmanov? That has now, 20% of your club?

  • Oh god. The only way that tosser could become more insufferable would be if he were Spurs manager. I wonder what the Spurs fans would make of him.

  • Just now as I read the piece, Rocks. I guess i was just born with it (naturla gob*****e ability, not headline writing talent…) »»Arsene Knows««

  • shouldn’t you thank Usmanov as well? The guy that raped a couple of people? Surely he is just as good as the others you’ve mentioned…

  • Kev, stop trying to change the subject of Chelsea swift demise. Oh and to think you thought you’d rule the world. United will hammer you on Sunday.

  • Nah, thanks Kev – we’re having faaaaar too much fun relfecting on a fantastic 3-0 win over Sevilla, and watching the Steamship Mokba amble on up a rapidly narrowing river, with no rudder and no captain, and after last night’s game, it appears that most of the crew have abandoned ship too… »»Arsene Knows««

  • KC, we have already discussed Usmanov. All these money grabbers that buy into our clubs should be kicked out that includes Roman and Usmanov. They are a disease that is killing our game – however the back pages arent full of Usmanov, they are full of your EX manager and thats what the title of this is about.

  • So Roman has taken his ball back – that club has no class. To think a few weeks back we were the club in crisis – losing all our players – manager about to go. Now there’s a sword hanging over Jol’s head and the special needs one has gone! Great game isn’t it.

  • I’m not. I just find that it’s ironic you accuse papers of showing Mourinho instead of your victory, but vital arsenal hasn’t written a match report yet.

  • We lost our best manager of all time. Not much I can say.He’s unique, and we won’t ever have a manager like him again. That’s pretty much it.

  • That Kev, as a regular visitor to Vital Arsenal should know, will be written by Tim Stillman tomorrow. Funny that your site isn’t reporting Moaninho’s sacking yet!!!

  • probably because LD is happily just stumbling in drunk from celebrating a fine 3-0 victory, his head filled with words and superlatives to sprinkle onto the keyboard tomorrow. As a chelsea fan, Kev, following tonight’s Maureen extravaganza, what’s your head filled with? (serious question, not a mocking one…) »»Arsene Knows««

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