Date: 16th September 2007 at 1:37am
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As Gooners, i am sure that one and all of you, esteemed readers, will be bathing in the warm afterglow of a sumptuous result yesterday at ‘The Lame’, as if enjoying an extra-long cigarette after a particularly satisfying bout of coital activity.

And whilst i would not advise anyone to take up smoking, i can wholeheartedly approve of the smoking manner in which we played some of our counter-attacking football yesterday, highlighted by our second goal.

In the past season or two, talk has been of how Arsenal’s play had become slowed down and almost too intricate at times, since PV4 and Bobby Pires exited the club. But yesterday, The Arsenal provided many a counter-thrust that was conducted at high intensity and pace. And I have to say, it was beautiful to see.

This may have been because it was a North London Derby, which are always conducted at a frenetic level of pace and intensity, yet our attacking play from 1.30pm yesterday was fast, without compromising on accuracy (for the most part…). The running was good, the passes picked out and the movement excellent.

I do not wish to dwell too much on yesterday’s match (on here anyways, as LD shall of course be providing a full write-up of the experience for you all, to ensure that one day on, the feeling of satisfaction is re-kindled to full-time level, but rest assured that in my head, I have been going over the game again and again), but suffice to say that, I do hope to see the team display that level of intensity in our attacking play much more often through out this season. The signs are good, it must be said.

The growth of the team into itself, the greater understanding they have a year on from this time out last season, and the fight they have for each other – they all bode well for this current campaign.

Of course, one win is but three points, even if it is against our ‘nearest and dearest’, and it is important to not get carried away. We have all been enjoying the fact that – so far this season – we have slipped under the radar, as Arsenal were overlooked by the media and the pundits as challengers for the Premier League; we all expected an upping of performance and consistency from the team this time round, and have all been quietly confident that they may perform above the expectations of the ‘experts’, and the signs are that this may be coming good.

On Gunnerblog, GilbertoSilver wrote a piece on saturday entitled ‘Beat Spurs, and I will believe we can win the title’. Let’s see if any of the media begin altering their opinions on this side. It matters not either way, but I still think I would prefer us to be allowed to go about our business unheralded. To come away with the title (if we were to do that…) at the end of the season would feel all the sweeter as a result.

Yet this all lies in the future. For now, let us enjoy the fact that the table tells us we are the top side in the Premier League at this moment in time. Not bad for a team that was a ‘sinking ship’ according to spuds fans, after the exit of one M. Henry.

This was our sternest test so far this season, an exceedingly treacherous away fixture where it would have been very easy to slip up. And we passed very well, both in terms of result and performance.

And all this whilst apparently also not having any real wingers (myself excluded, this ‘Wingers’ is very real). Yet who needs wingers when you have the trickery and fine interplay of Rosicky and Hleb, allied to the blistering forward forays of messrs Clichy and Sagna. I swear that at times yesterday, I saw young Gael leaving a vapour trail in his wake. This system seems to work well for us – but one question is, can it be sustained over the course of a while season? One would certainly hope so.

As I mentioned earlier, I spoke of the team’s ‘fight for one another’, which brings me to my favourite moment in the match. After Ade scored the third goal, the camera cut to a shot of Arsene walking back from the touchline, to his seat on the bench, where he tapped Robin van Persie (who had been substituted earlier) on the shoulder – RvP turned round, and both of them beaming, they shared a warm handshake. I loved seeing that, it spoke volumes. I believe there is a lot of unity in this squad. And that can be the main thing above all that leads us onto great things for the challenges ahead.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, one and all.



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  • Great write up Wingers. This sqaud is not made of players but just one team. Something i havent seen in an Arsenal side since the Invincibles.

  • totally, armory – how many times have we seen a player who has been substituted, petulantly throw a strop and storm off-field? It was a joy to witness RvP’s pleasure at the team doing well, regardless of if he was on the pitch or not. And agreed gunnerkid107, the spirit on display is reminiscent of the same togetherness shown by the invincibles… »»Arsene Knows««

  • there is certainly more steel to the side, its not about spending £16.5m on a new striker we don’t need, we have plenty to come through the ranks it makes me so excited. The BEST signing we have had is WENGER ! his vision, his commitment, his faith in the kids is showing what he is talking about, i love him and arsenal. I saw a thing on soccer saturday yesterday, about when Wenger arrived 11 years ago and it was with Bob Wilson and Hillwood, both said, he will go done in history as the best manager we have EVER had.

  • I dont smoke, Wingers, but hell, there sure is a warm after glow right now :). Good write up, and enforces all that we saw from pre-season onwards. This team unity is coming as no surprise to any of us, coz we all have been seeing it progress for a couple of months now, but it feels great to have re-inforced it every game. Clichy is a ******** monster, man, all that energy, work rate is simply fantastic. Flamini as well, put in a really good show but it will be over shadowed by Ade and Cesc. I’m really looking forward to LDs match report.

  • Love it Wingers, took me twice as long to read it though due to the apocalyptic guinness session last night! happy days, there will be some tough times ahead, but we have shown we can overcome that now, with the benefit of hindsight maybe the tough times we experienced over the last two seasons have given the team the added mental strength, they’re growing up together and its a sight to behold…this is what building a team is about..there truly is only one AW

  • But Match of The Day said we were undeserving in vicctory… *****UNG *****ERS!!!!! All hail Arsene Wenger: The greatest manager ever!

  • I woke up this morning with the same smile that fixed itself on my face just before 3:30 yesterday afternoon still firmly in place. I thought what it must be like to be a spud this morning and the smile grew even wider. I reckon it’ll stay there for some time. I agree that the moment between RvP and AW was a great one. It may yet prove to be an iconic moment in the season. The supposedly wayward ‘maverick’ often accused of not being a team player warmly sharing the congratulations of the manager who had just substituted him. If this level of team spirit and belief can be sustained then this grin may be with me all season.

  • We have been scoring from free kick, corner, header and long shot, those type of goals that we rarely score in the past. Tactically we have improved significantly this season. I just hope we can inprove at the defence. We may not survive other more clinical teams

  • Well said Wingers… there is definitely a beast stirring in the heart of our team. While I started thinking we were still a bit lightweight and short of grey hairs, we seem to be growing to compensate for it. I’ve said it before, but I just hope that this development continues so we peak around next month, and go on a run through to next year.. bring on the chavs, the mancs and the scousers…hell, bring on the spuds again!!

  • the good thing is we’ve got a good looking run of fixtures before we have to face one of the other top four (‘Pool, 28th Oct…), so we can hopefully cement ourselves in a good position by the time one of those games comes around… »»Arsene Knows««

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