Date: 11th February 2007 at 10:55pm
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I have read Mr. Mustchin’s post match rant and I have to concur on one point, it’s been a long time since I’ve come away from an exciting victory feeling so apoplectic with disquiet. Having read the thread I can only thank my lucky stars I was not subjected to sky’s coverage of the match. I cannot really comment on that, beyond the fact that sky is owned by hardline right winger and owner of the fox network (ridiculed for its nauseatingly pro Republican agenda) and a side like Arsenal, whose fanbase and playing staff is the paradigm of multi culturalism. Well, we are hardly going to be numero uno for that particular broadcasting network. All I will say is be thankful they do not cover the Genral Election if you know what I mean!

The reason for my disgruntlement lies with the fact I feel I have been ripped off. My season ticket costs me a lot of money, had I been making an individual match buy my seat would have cost £66 today. That’s around about a pound per every minute of Chris Kirkland’s time wasting. We all know all clubs do it, but there has to be some limitation, Kirkland was openly mocking the referee and the crowd. Time wasting violates the rules of the game, therefore it is cheating. I am sick of referees not punishing this crime appropriately as goalkeepers waste minutes at a time placing the ball and drinking from their water bottle. Dowd did not once stop his watch or even make a pretension towards rectifying this clock eating which turned into farce.

In fact, Adolf Dowd’s ineptitudes were so numerous, they could have been catalogued. The disgusting decision to book Toure for the most miserly of fouls following several worse challenges from Wigan players. The failure to book Baines for an identical challenge. The next sentence will qualify the sort of performance Dowd turned in, Jens Lehmann was cautioned for time wasting, Chris Kirkland was not. Of course Jens’ piss taking was incredibly funny, maybe he pushed the envelope a little far when he trotted to the other side of the six yard box. However, if Dowd would have been doing his job as opposed to orchestrating an act of sporting masturbation, Kirkland would have been booked and there would have been no need for this recourse. In fact, if Kirkland had not have been so flagrantly cheating in the first place, there would have been no incident to mock. This is where I slightly disagree with Paul with regards to Henry’s celebration. Again, if Kirkland is booked and punished for his folly, Henry would have no need to make the point. Kirkland was cheating and therefore deserved no sort of courtesy. It is also crucial that we do not dilute the passion in the game, nobody got hurt, a point was made, albeit vociferously, it was over in seconds. For the same reason I did not bemoan the Wigan players castigating Clichy for what was quite a blatant dive which blighted a wonderful run and another sterling performance.

Similarly, Henry should have been booked in the first half as he lost control of the ball and decided to throw himself to the ground. This is creeping into Thierry’s game with alarming alacrity, as is his laziness which was as glaring today as Dowd’s rank stupidity. Time and again Henry was caught flat footed and did not chase down any pass played in front of him. He’s playing like a penguin at the moment, never on his toes and this points to a mental entrapy which is becoming destructive to his game. In my experience, the second players become idle, Wenger ships them out. Petit, Overmars, Vieira all turned in a very laboured last season in a Gunners shirt before they were sold. Thierry must leave his ego at home.

I believe Wigan could have had a penalty, Flamini did have his hands on Heskey, and strictly to the rules it is a penalty. But the contact was minimal and Heskey is a serial diver. People may ask why he would dive in front of goal, having seen his finishing today, I would say the reason is pretty clear. This will be no consolation to Wigan, but from our point of view we were penalised for an identical incident at Boro last week, so we’ve got one and not got another. You win some, you lose some. Having seen the replay in the concourse after the game, Flamini was marginally offside for the equaliser, but he was as far offside as Adebayor was onside minutes earlier when he incorrectly had a goal chalked off for offside. Wigan have absolutele every reason to feel aggrieved that Josip Skoko was not allowed back onto the pitch following treatment in the build up to our late winner. There appeared to be no logical reason for this beyond the fact that Phil Dowd has a huge sack of excrament where his brain should be. I took a strong disliking to Dowd earlier this season, on two occasions, once with van der Meyde versus Liverpool and once with Diouf, having produced a red card he attempted to physically lead the player off the pitch, dragging them towards the tunnel by their arm. This smacks of a bullied little schoolboy lost in his own meglomaniacal authority fantasy.

As for the game itself, I feel aggrieved that we made this so difficult for ourselves. Wigan began the game with a high line and with the collective pace of Walcott and Henry we threatened to bury them. Henry inexplicably firing over with a casual blaze. But complacency took hold as the Latics took a shock lead, a magnificent long range drive from Denny Landzaat. Arsenal looked lost thereafter, either hitting aimless long balls, or looking on as Henry once again was not concentrating on the through ball. Frustration increased as we failed to really test Kirkland, and our bluster was rarely accompanied with any sense of pinache or composure. Emile Heskey went through on goal, only for Jens to faintly tip his shot onto the inside of the post. I really did not get the feeling that we were going to stage yet another fightback. Oh ye of little faith, for once Arsenal put together a well constructed move, Adebayor playing in Flamini dpwn the right, his low cross was put through his own net by Fitz Hall. (Whose afternoon really had the seal put on it when he injured himself with a sickening hack on Clichy).

The Gunners grabbed a winner with five minutes to go. Rosicky was found by Clichy, the ball was nudged over to Baptista and he whizzed a cross in that was gleefully headed home by Rosicky from close range. The replay was amusing, the pace on the cross nearly took Tommy Gun’s head clean off. Dowd then contrived to blow the final whistle with Arsenal through on goal. The loss of that one goal could cost Arsenal millions, similarly being denied a penalty could cost Wigan their Premiership status. Phil Dowd has a lot of explaining to do, anturally, the F.A will protect him and punish Paul Jewell for having the gall to get upset about it. Dowd be not proud. LD.


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  • The worst display of refereeing in our new home by a country mile. The fact that we are unhappy with him after he didnt award Heskey a penalty speaks volumes, if he is not demoted after that display there is no hope.I like you came away from the ground feeling cheated at what I had paid for, football is entertainment if I wanna watch a guy drinking from a bottle il go to S*!te hart lane 45 minutes after a game and watch an unhappy sp*rs fan drink himself into oblivion.

  • Totally agree but i am starting to worry about the form of henry he really has been playing bad these last couple of games hes just not dominating defenses like he used to…is he past his prime or just in a form slump? Though he has been scoring goals his runs at defenses have been pretty poor as well as his link up play with other players and his general work rate on the field.

  • ab_arsenal, whats happend is that thierry seems to be far far too comfortable with his position at arsenal and feels he does not have to work anymore for some odd reason and to tell you the truth im getting sick and tired of seeing these lazy displays and if this continues would wenger cash in on him, its a brave call to make but one wenger is not scared to do having seen how rruthless he has been in the past, no doubt henry is a great player but something is not right with him and maybe he needs new surroundings, i agree with everything tim stillman has said about henry. So glad rosicky got his first prem goal, he deserved it and also i think cesc needs a break, i cant help but feel he looks burnt out and theres a hungry and ripe brazilian raring to fill in for the spaniard on the bench ?!?!

  • Thierry hasn’t been at his best at all. Apart from soitary moments of magic, he’s lack of energy is appalling. If you copare Adebayor and Henry, on current form and desire, Ade gets my vote. Henry needs to stop being a big time Charlie and realise he isn’t bigger thsn the team and stil needs to sing for his supper. We wouldn’t miss him as much as he reckons if he did leave. Once he finishes training Theo, he can bugger off if he isn’t willing to work for the team but that said, I dont want him to go. I know how great he has been for us but his lethargy on the pitch is really upsetting me now, he is better than that.

  • What I just typed feels like high treason. I can’t really believe I’m saying Thierry is expendable because he’s not. I was thinking of him playing for another club and the thought of that hurt almost as much as the thought of my girlfriend with another man. Just watched this on youtube: and found myself spell bound, remembering how great Thierry is I’m more worried than angry now about his sudden loss of desire. I hope he doesn’t go but this cant continue for much longer.

  • TH played 90 mins for France in midweek. After going 1-0 down, it’s almost impossible to take him off. Give him a break. Clichy was subject to the same degree of contact as Heskey. They both dived, so did TH. All should’ve been booked. Clichy, after a slow start on returning is without a shadow of a doubt our best player right now. We don’t miss Judas one bit.
    Go Gunners

  • I have to say i agree with hazzagooner if he continues to put in these ‘lazy’ performances then what can Wenger but sell him…though i still think we should not sell him as what we need for next season is more experienced players like him in our team also we need to have some continuity with the team lineup as we cant keep losing all these experienced player each year and expect the new team to keep jelling immediately. The biggest thing that gets me annoyed with Henry is his attitude not just towards his performance on the pitch but also how he is treating his team mates…im sick of seeing him winge and complain about one more stray ass form another team member, its not like they complained about any of his stray passes!

  • Good point about the midweek game Fab…I’m sure Wenger was real happy about that too, heh. People always tend to go overboard one way or the other. If Henry scored on the two chances he had in the first half, everyone would say it’s more proof that he’s the best in the world. I thought he played pretty well in the first half, but the squandered chances were pretty bad. Walcott I thought was pretty good in the first half as well, but got squeezed out as the game went on and Wigan got back more. Again, people just need to keep things in perspective. Bottom line is we got the thre points, and at this stage of the season I really don’t give a damn how we got ’em considering we’ve lost two or three points in games where we were far superior.

  • Toure played 90 mins for Coite d’Ivoire, Gilberto played 90 for Brazil, Rosicky played 90 for Czech Republic, Hoyte played 90 for the U-21s, all tried harder than TH. Fatigue didn’t come into it, he just couldn’t be bothered.

  • He might not be in the form we are used to , but do not doubt him, give em a lil time n he will be back to his best….he still is lethal as a striker only problem is his lack of form…im sure this is playing on his mind n hopefully he is working on it….WILL BE BACK TO HIS NORMAL STANDARD BY THE TIME DA CL STARTS AGAIN…..!!!…

  • guyz dont be so harsh on Henry,
    If one season he doesnt do well you all start talking about him,
    He will come good next season, or still this season WHo knows!!

  • I don’t think itz Henry’s fault that beast and theo don’t know how to pass properly. We need a new Pires or Bergkamp. Ade made some good passes in the game. Maybe when Hleb or Ljunberg come back we will see Henry at his best again.

  • Clichy was “sick” for the entire game. Rosicky is the **** and i hope ther is plenty more to come from him. Ade should have started cus he was making some crazie runs at defenders and some slick passes for helping set the 1st goal. Now lets finally take of bolton.

  • Baptista’s passing was excellent all game, time and again he split Wigan open. In fact, I don’t recall a single time he surrendered possession. Henry was just plain lazy, there’s no excuses, he couldn’t be bothered, constantly flat footed and his touch was way off. The only time he took an interest in the match was after the equaliser when he was wound up. I’m aware of TH’s talent, goalscoring blah, blah, blah. But we don’t owe him anything, he’s paid to do a job, by us and the club, yesterday he didn’t do it. End of.

  • How can you brand him ‘lazy’? That is so wrong. I remember at least two of Baptista’s defence splitting passes that Ben Johnson on steroids would not have caught, let alone Henry. And even then TH was applauding his idea. In fact, if someone’s touch was off, it was Baptista’s (first minute pass he received from Henry). Maybe this was the first game since his come back where he wasn’t efficient, but had he scored those one or two chances, we would not be hearing these things. And we don’t owe him anything? Think twice.

  • Hold on a moment, what?s up with us. We are the
    Arsenal family yet you would think we were fans from different clubs. It was not one of Arsenal?s great games but the bottom line is we won 3 points in the bag. TH may have had a below par game for his standards but don?t we all go through periods when things don?t click. As for the crap about moving him on, you?ve got to be joking. We seem to be carrying young Theo and I really think he should be put on the bench and used in stages next year I feel he will light up the stage. Why did they not use young Denilson, and use Ces from the bench give him a rest, but I’m not the manager. Penalty you must be joking a mere touch on the shoulder and down falls Haski like he had been shot. How many times in the Man USA game did we see one of the evil sisters foul our team. As for the yellow cards what a joke. Diving do you really believe Th was a dive I thought he lost his balance, try running at that speed and see what happens.
    As for the time wasting, the ref has the power but they don?t use it. Players rush the ref whenever the whistle is blown for a foul, advance the ball five meters book the players see what happens then. Time wasting take the ball from the goal keeper and award a corner. I wonder what would happen.

  • Throughout his career Henry has always looked poor after International weeks, especially since this moron of a French national coach, Domenech instists on using him for 90 mins every friendly whether vs Argentina or Bosnia. He is tired but we are forgetting what an effect he had on the team since he’s been back from injury. He’s scored wondergoals, a fantastic HEADER against Man Utd and many more. Some of you fans are a little bit over-critical of the player.

  • Henry would have recieved the passes from Baptista had he been on his toes and aware of the situation. We don’t owe him anything, we don’t owe any of our players while we are paying money to watch them play. I don’t doubt/question TH’s contribution over the years, but that counts for nothing when he steps on the pitch. He is dutibound to try his hardest and he didn’t yesterday, so I will criticise him, just as I would any other player (note my comments on RVP over xmas). I felt Baptista had a fine game, he kept the ball in tight situations and his passing was inventive and accurate, he was behind every good attacking move. All I’m saying is that Vieira was also a great, great player for this club, but a fact people don’t like conceding is that his last season was very poor, he became very lazy. As did Petit and Overmars, Henry has been lazy in many games this season and when they egt that way, Wenger does not elt them survive. I can handle him playing badly, Toure was not great yesterday, Djourou coped with Heskey much better, but I could see effort and that is all I will ever ask when I’m paying the best part of two grand for a season ticket.

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