Date: 2nd June 2017 at 3:16pm
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Yesterday Nike launched the Ordem V – the 17th football they have produced for use in the Premier League since they became the official ball supplier.

The Ordem V is described as being a ‘performance-orientated piece of design’ which is basic means there’s a lot of science and engineering involved as its unique construction means that pressure is distributed evenly across the ball to ensure an even more accurate strike and something called ‘Aerotrac grooves’ on the surface ensure a stable flight through the air.

In other words it’s not a flyaway and we shouldn’t hear of goalkeepers complaining that 30 yard shots bent wickedly at the last second leaving them wrong footed and looking a little bit silly.

That’s my unscientific take on it at any rate.

There’s more though, graphics printed on the ball use a 3D ink and that creates a ‘textured feel for enhanced grip’ apparently, and its ‘Distorted Motion Graphic’ flickers as the ball rotates which is designed to help players see the ball quicker and make more rapid decisions – before eventually falling over the ball as demonstrated more than ably by good ol’ David Dunn.

In fairness to Dunn, he’s by no means the only exactly I could pick – it just happens to be a personal favourite.

So what does it look like – marvel at the sphere…

That is your Premier League ball for the coming season folks, stroke it, kick it, play with it in the mud and I’ll stop there.