Date: 18th September 2006 at 10:34am
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Arsenal’s latest additions have slipped into the side almost seamlessly, making them feel like part of the furniture rather than newbies.

For most players it takes time to settle into a new team, even the best players in the world struggle sometimes, but William Gallas, Julio ‘The Beast’ Baptista and Tomas Rosicky have had no such problems.

Willam Gallas has had the advantage over the other two as he already has vast Premisership experience, but don’t be too quick to dismiss how fantastically well Billy has performed since he came to the Gunners.

I feared that Gallas’ extensive tenure at The Bridge the player may struggle to adpat to life at Arsenal and may not feel the same passion of some of more seasoned Gooners amongst our squad, but after seeing Billy’s celebrations with the travelling Arsenal fans at Old Trafford yesterday, that couldn’t be further from the truth. I sense Gallas will play an important role in this seasons campaign.

I can’t think of another player ever to come into our team and instantly look so much like an Arsenal player as Tomas Rosicky has. He’s slick, fast in thought, uses the ball intelligently, and by christ can he strike a ball.

There’s not much to say about Tomas, he needs no more time to settle in as he is already settled. I feel he will be the answer to our search for a goal scoring midfielder to replace Bobby Pires. Infact the similarities are scarey. Future legend.

Julio Baptista is arguably the last of the three to settle in due to his lack of game time, but unfortunately for him we have a whole plethora of talent and experience in the positions he occupies. Nevertheless he has brought power to the team, I noticed Gary Neville did not attempt to kick Baptista up in the air as he did with Jose Reyes in previous seasons, I mean would you?

However, I am sure that over the coming weeks and months ‘The Beast’ will feature much more and as with his run and shot that went very close at Old Trafford yesterday, he will create chances, and he will go one better and score goals.

It really is an exciting time to be a Gooner.


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  • when Gallas celebrated i was waiting for the ” kiss the badge ” moment, thankfully he is a little more intelligent for that ! does annoy me when players do that.
    Rosicky as you say was superb, leading the way in teaching players to shoot from outside the box, i mean look what effect it had on mr wonder shot Kolo did !
    The beast is fast becoming my fav, i sat forward onto the edge of my seat every time he got the ball such was the expectation he was going to do something, and gary neville looked frightened of him such is his power….

    and thats those 3, we have a squad that is gonna do some magic this season !

  • It was a great result and a great performance. Was really happy to see Gallas’ celebrations at the end and even more happy to see that we’re starting to take shots from outside the area. Baptista is getting better with each minute he plays and Rosicky looks like a truly great player already. Also I’m amazed in my love (that’s brotherly love, not manly love!!!) for Lehmann over the last 2 seasons. I really strongly disliked him a while ago due to his constant mistakes. Now the man is an absolute god!!!

  • Gallas did the same thing on wednesday night. In fact, a few players went to walk off without applauding us and Willy G ushered them all over. Ledge.

  • lehmann’s save along with his one agaisnt Madrid at home have to be up there in the top 10 saves of all time in this country at least. Baptista has a big role to play this season I feel. I think walcott also has an important role to play, hopefully replacing the tiring Ljungberg later in the season. Bring it all on.

  • I have been impressed with Gallas, Rosicky and Baptista so far. Baptista was great when he came on yesterday.

    And Rosicky will get goals from midfield.

    Gallas was always going to be a great player for us but I feel we will really see the best of him when he moves into central defence alongsode Toure.

    Come on you gooners!

  • gallas is the man to fill the missing piee in our jigsaw …. rosicky has had a few games and i just think that match on wednesday and him getting a goal finally made him feel confident in what he can do gfor the gunners … played great yesterday !!! love him he is awsome ! …. The Beast … i have watched him over and over again for sevilla,real madrid and brazil … i love the bloke … top drawer stuff … he came on yesterday got the ball and ran at the defenders … they did not like it one bit … but cmon would u ??? if a guy as big as him was running full pelt at u … i would Chit it !!! lol …. he was v. unluckys not to snatch a goal yesterday … Hleb has been at the club a while now and so has adebayor and they too look as if they are begining to realise where they are and what they have gotta do … hleb is a attacking player however yesterday his pace paid off as more of a defensive player cancelling out ronaldo time after time … great stuff … im loving it !!!

  • Gallas was celebrating that way at the Bridge not so long ago. He’s a great player, but just another mercenary I’m afraid.

  • very exciting time to be a gonner ? DAMMMNN RITE its the best feeling. i can see this team going all the way and winning more than just the premiership. what i saw yday was unbelivable. . .WE PLAYED FOOTBALL !!!! rosicky has been an arsenal player for sometime now ? ?? NO are u serious (joke) he looks brilliant already and its his only 3rd start. baptista does very well for his time limit when he comes on. . .he was so strong yday aswell. as for gallas what an addition to our squad !

  • I see the dig at Gallas below is from Mr WestL – mercenary? you know all abt it im sure. Billy Gallas will be an Arsenal legend – he wants to be part of the family and for him to make the effort to us supporters then I think its more than welcome..he was strong at old trafford and will only get better. He belongs in North London you can see it written all over his face – Baptista was fabulous and Rosicky looks quality – but Fabregas jesus this boy is nothing short of amazing, scholes was chasin shadows.. oo to be a gooner!

  • Rosicky has just gelled instantly. He will be so important this year. Gallas looks happy too, and passionate. Give Baptista some more games and he’ll adapt very quickly. He had an excellent run against United.

  • I really cannot wait till clichy returns from injury so Gallas can move to the centre.With Gallas, Chelsea were by far the best defense i the league, however power has now shifted and on paper we look to have a much better defensive pairing.Quicker, sharper with far more potential as a combination than Terry-Carvalho.

  • It’s not the points tally thats exciting West1, it’s the fact that everything Arsene Wenger has been buidling over the last couple of years is coming together. We are playing by far the best football in the league (football far superior to Chelsea’s) but we not been deadly enough in front of goal. Well now things are clicking into place, and you should be scared, because “once we pop, we cant stop”. I thought a man of your intelligence could see why it’s exciting times at Arsenal and prefer to discuss matters with knowledgable debate rather than resort to crappy sarcasm like a Spurs fan. Very disapointed.

  • wasnt it a blessing to have henry injured coz the young guys had to step up and they tried stuff on there own. when he returns we will gel even better and destroy the opposition. hopefully RVP can will also have his ego checked by that perfomance and be a better team player coz he is going to be sensational this season. as for West1 your uncharacteristic comments suggest you see the same thing we do…a superb team has found its feet. RUN

  • it IS indeed exciting times. when arsene says he has faith in this team, the man knows what he is talking about. fantastic performance, and i agree whole-heartedly with the article. thats one thing about wenger – he knows who will fit into our style of play. last season, even hleb fitted in well, though there were no fantastic performances from him. and westl doesnt know what he is talking about!!

  • Constructive? OK, Arsenal are good, very good in fact, but not good enough to win the PL. You have some terrific talent which can be a pleasure to watch, although I didn’t think Sunday’s match was terribly exciting. Is that better?

  • Obviously that last point referred to the Chelsea/Liverpool snoozefest. Yeah the second half was more sloppy, but the first half of the Man U/Arsenal tilt was by far the most exciting of the year so far…two teams just going right at each other, with none of the silliness that’s marred previous fixtures. I’m sure you’ll think I’m just saying because we won, but I thought the Old Trafford fixture last year was the most entertaining game of the season, even though we lost 2-0. It’s a lot of fun seeing two teams who have the sort of talent that Arsenal and Man U possess using it to press forward and attack. The atmosphere at Old Trafford and the history with the two clubs just adds to the spice.

  • much better west1 i guess as gooners fans it was much more exciting for us. still winning the PL is not impossible and if not this season next season will just be scary. what was exciting was seeing to positively oriented clubs going at each other. most teams are to scared of us to play like that so when someone does and our true colours are displayed we get excited

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