Date: 12th April 2010 at 12:28pm
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G’day Gooners, it’s been a long quiet week since the painful exit of the Champions League, though as always, we’ve been able to count on Spurs to cheer us up.

The timely (and not forgetting comical) demise of Tottenham’s FA Cup campaign links directly to the upcoming North London derby.

Spurs had to battle for 120 minutes and a shoddy Wembley playing surface against a Pompey side who played with more spirit and determination than I’ve ever seen in a football team. Of course the fact that they lost the match only added to their woes, along with the loss of Wilson Palacios through suspension.

Despite all that, Arsenal’s Samir Nasri is still approaching the game with caution, claiming that to win the league, we must beat Spurs.

‘Spurs have surprised me because from the start of the season they have been there fighting for a Champions League position,’ Nasri said.

‘This makes it harder for us. We can still win the league, but for that to happen we have to beat Spurs.’

You can always tell players who are still relatively new to English football, because it’s never surprising to see Tottenham challenging for honours, it comes as even less of a shock to see the completely balls things up when they get within touching distance.

Jokes aside, NLD’s can never be taken lightly, the form book goes out the window and caution is the order of the day. We may be unbeaten in PL matches with Spurs since the early 1900’s, but it’s inevitable the day will come that they do actually beat us, whether it be via a touch of luck of by them deserving it, it doesn’t matter.

So whilst we all know that we WILL lose to Tottenham one day, let’s be on our game and make sure that when that day does finally arrive, it won’t have any impact on our season.