Date: 3rd December 2005 at 9:29pm
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Sitting on the coach heading for The Reebok, it seemed somewhat appropriate that someone had brought along a Peter Kay dvd which was received with some laughter and maybe a few insults.

Arriving at the ground some 20 minutes before kick off, we were all in good form having consumed several pints of lager and an allday breakfast.

With the match underway it was almost instantly noticable that the Gunners weren’t going to have a good day. Bolton were hungry, and not for one of the alldays breafast’s I talked about before (well Fat Sam probably was) they snapped at the heels, hurried and harassed. The home fans were up for it too, and when Davies caught Lehmann the crowd went ape, this was there ammo for the rest of the game, boo’ing Herman the German at every opportunity

First blood went to Bolton when…..blah blah blah. Anyone care?

The long and short of it was, we were rubbish, lacked passion, commitment and desire. Bolton didn’t.

Bolton scored goals from Abdoulaye Diagne-Faye 20 and
Stelios Giannakopoulos 32. We scored none, we lost, we need to recover for Newcastle.

Player Ratings

Jens Lehmann
Made a few very good saves but got wound up too easily and may have been out of position for the second goal.

Solid enough but caught out on occassions.

Pascal Cygan
The song ‘He’s bald, he’s sh*t, he plays when no-one’s fit’ always seems appropriate.

Kolo Toure
Looked a little lost at times but worked tirelessly as usual.

Sol Campbell
See Kolo Toure

Robert Pires
Lazy, uninspired, out of idea’s.

Freddie Ljungberg
Seems to have become complacent about his place in the team. Needs to work harder.

Gave away possession fifteen million times. Far from good enough Bert.

Cesc Fabregas
One of the better players, nice passing, tried to work the ball through the middle, but with not much movement around him, struggled to do so.

Robin van Persie
Had a goal ruled out because the referee’s a bast……….

Thierry Henry
Struck the post twice, if Pires wasn’t such a girl he would have followed the second strike in.

Manager Rating
Wenger once again suprised me with his extremly dodgy substitutions.

Why Arsene? Why?

Opponent Rating
Impressivley Fat Manager.