Date: 10th March 2006 at 1:21am
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After reading an article on Sporting Life by Mike McGrath, I felt compelled to make myself heard.

The comments of Gordon Taylor, the chief executive of the Professional Footballers’ Association, got my heckles up and, if truth be told, a little bit a vomit come up to the back of my throat.

You can read the vile piece of filth Here

Mr Taylor suggests that our amazing victory over Real Madrid was not only ‘not an English success’ but it was ‘tinged with disappointment’ and would have been more enjoyable had Ashley Cole and Sol Campbell being playing.

To make a long story slightly less long, here is the letter that I sent to Mr Taylor.

Dear Mr Taylor,

Wednesday 8th March was a night that will live long in the minds of every Arsenal fan the world over, to eliminate Real Madrid in the face of such overwhelming odds was one of the greatest nights in my Arsenal supporting life.

Imagine then, if you will, my disappointment to read an article in ‘Sportinglife’ belittling that massive victory. To claim that the victory is ‘tinged with disappointment’ because of Arsene Wenger’s team selection is an insult of the highest order to our great club.

If you paid any attention to our club at all, you’d realise that two of our players, Sol Campbell and Ashley Cole are injured and unable to participate in any competitive match at the time of writing. These two players are of the highest quality and as I’m sure (well maybe not judging by your comments) you’re aware that these two players have served our country on the football pitch on many occasions and fought well, being instrumental in helping England to European and World tournaments.

Another comment I’m sure you will remember saying is…….

‘It’s nice when we see young English players coming through at Tottenham or the likes of Wayne Rooney, Steven Gerrard and Joe Cole at top club level,’

Yet you fail to mention the excellent young players at Arsenal.

Theo Walcott, Kerrea Gilbert, Justin Hoyte and Fabrice Muamba are all great young talents at our club who all happen to represent England at some level.

Can you tell me, Mr Taylor, how many clubs have 6 England international’s on their books??

To say ‘It’s an English club but not an English success’ is bordering on criminal. We at Arsenal are a team, from Arsene Wenger, to the players, to the back room staff, to the fans.

We are a family, a family of English descent, a family who opens our arms to anyone who joins or wishes to join our great club, no matter what their nationality.

That sir, is what makes us a great, English club.

Yours disappointedly,

Paul Mustchin.

Alan Pardew has also had the gaul to stick his oar in by questioning Wengers team selection. Here

I’d just like to say, Alan, how many England international’s do you have in your team and how many trophies have you won??

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  • You have every right to be upset by what Gordon Taylor has said about Arsenal, Gordon Taylor is supposed to represent all the professional players in England so it was highly ireesponsible of him to come out with those comments. However for you to say to Alan Pardew: “I’d just like to say, Alan, how many England international’s do you have in your team and how many trophies have you won??” Nothing like blowing your own trumpet eh? As he’s not won as many trophies or got any England internationals in his team, does it mean he’s not qualified to have an opinion?

  • Gordon Taylor is one of those annoying people who you find at work or at school and the most boring people ever. i think he is bang out of order. As you say Grim he represents every player in England. if it wasn’t for injuries then we WOULD have had at least 2 Englishmen playing! Read the last 2 paragraphs of Pardews article on sky sports. he kind of answers his own question of why we can’t buy/play more english players !!

  • Pardew certainly is allowed his own opinion, but why should Arsenal be (wrongly) singled out for the comments pointed towards them. The argument seems to be that Mr Wenger plays too many foreigners in our team, yes? Right, everyone is complaining, because they assume that Arsene isn’t giving anything back to the National game. WRONG. We may not be able to field all our Englishmen in the first team, but how many managers around can say they have helped produce some very fine England player. If you want me to list every Arsenal player to play for England under Wenger, I will. Why then isn’t Pardew slagging off other managers who haven’t brought as much to our national game as Wenger?? The “trophies” comment is probably in bad taste, but if it’s stick that being dished out, why can’t we join in??

  • the bloke is a to55er anyway ! ignore him. Be nice to see what he has to say if you went all the way

  • Look guys, just because you can’t field 4 England internationals like some other London teams, is no reason for you to get your “heckles” up. I agree that you didn’t have AC or SC due to injury, but given current form only one of them will be playing for England anyway. But I don’t think any of you could say that Wenger goes out of his way to sign and play English talent. But I suppose you could argue that’s why you have been so successful under AW.

  • At the end of the day AW picks/buys the best team/players available and unlke some backward idiots doesn’t look at their flag before their skills. If he see’s a british player he thinks is good enough and would suit the team he’d do something about it, I don’t know, pathetic digs though, AFC is an english club, its not just the players which make up a club.

  • Only in football could you make comments like that. If a restaurant won a michellen star and a critic said it doesnt mean as much because they employ Forgein Chefs then thats racist!!! So why is it that people in such a high position of power can get away with such comments???

  • Foreign players in English clubs used to be a hot topic for my Dad and I to discuss when I used to live with him. My Dad would always say that if were in charge of the FA (or FIFA) he would change the rules so that all footballers in English clubs would be English and more specifically they should only be able to play for their home club (ie they must be born in the town/city in which they play). What are your thoughts on that?

  • Not so many years ago people talked a bout how having to many foreign nationals playing cricket in England, would mean England would never have a good test side again. How wrong they were. I believe England has a top side in the world cup ; we may not win this time round but we will next. having players the best in the world playing in England will improve our players. Idiots who believe otherwise are not wanted. When a player pulls on the Arsenal shirt he represents Arsenal and he represents the best football club in England.

  • i think its an outrage what has been said of course we are an english side if you have an amazing player/players which are foreign then of course you are going to pick them and the majority of our english players are very very young and arent ready for huge games like this and ash and sol are injured so what do you expect if they were fit then of course they would have been picked

  • Wenger has alsodeveloped although sold some top English talent in Bentley,Upson, Jerome Thomas, Pennant to name 4 all of whom are now playing football for other clubs and played for England in one form or another, and have at LEAST another 3 who could become world class stars in Walcott, Gilbert and Ryan Smith. so next season you could add at least 5 English players in the team. thats basically half the team. Messers Pardew and Taylor are entitled to their opinion, but they should take a harder look at some of the facts 1st BEFORE opening there big gobs.

  • If English players weren’t so overvalued and overpriced, I’m sure Wenger would have more in his team. I’m sure he knows the benefits of having home grown players in his team.

    However, Wenger has a team competing at the pinnacle of football, and unlike some clubs (Chelsea, and to some extent Man U, Newcastle, Liverpool and Spurs), Wenger is working to a budget and therefore has to get the best players he can for the best price.

    This is what he’s been doing successfully for 10 years – spending much less money than other clubs, playing beautiful exciting football and winning trophies – so all credit to him.

    Therefore, Mr Taylor and Mr Pardew, will you please shut up.

  • Well Alan Pardew, answer this question from Alan Hansen if you can.
    “Wenger has gone for young, foreign players, although he has spent a fortune on 16-year-old Theo Walcott. The question for Pardew is, if he had a choice of two similar players and one was foreign and cheap and the other was English and expensive, would he take the English option? Of course not.”

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