Date: 20th July 2014 at 9:09am
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It`s no secret that I don`t like Jose Mourinho, and if I had to bet, I`d guess that most of you don`t like him very much either. Over the years his actions and comments have been more than sufficient to annoy most football fans across the country (unless you`re a Chelsea fan of course), however it seems as though he`s been at this game a bit to long because his material is getting a little old.

In the past we`ve been treated to gems such as “Arsene is a voyeur”, “Wenger is a specialist in failure” and the ever so slightly sarcastic “In the last nine years, Arsenal won an FA Cup. That is nice for them.’ as the Chelsea manager attempted to engage in “Top bantz”.

Well the season hasn`t even begun yet and he`s at it again, however this time his efforts are a little bit on the pathetic side.

Over the summer Barcelona gave Cesc Fabregas permission to leave the club, and with it public knowledge that Arsenal had first refusal on the player as part of the deal that took him to Barcelona in the first place, most believed Cesc would return to his spiritual home.

He didn`t.

Instead Arsene Wenger chose not to take up the option having being blessed with an abundance of riches in that department.

Fabregas himself admitted after signing for Chelsea that he spoke to Arsene Wenger as part of that “option” but Wenger replied there was no space for the Spaniard.

“‘We spoke to Wenger and he said that the space was very well filled by Mesut Ozil and it was hard to find a place for both of us in the team.”

But despite those comments, yesterday Mourinho took a weird kind of swipe at the Gunners suggesting that he somehow, in some weird way, got one-up on Arsene again by signing Fabregas by claiming we would have just been an “interference” and that Fabregas never wanted to play for us anyway (then why did he speak to us?).

He said How did I persuade him [Cesc]? I spoke to him for about 20 minute,’

‘I think he really wanted to come. Arsenal had an option where they could interfere, but I don’t’ think he was open to that. He was in our direction so it was easy for me.’

That`s akin to bragging to your friend that your new supermodel girlfriend chose you over him.

“Haha, she chose me dude, I`m the better man.”

“But I never asked her out.”

“That doesn`t matter, she chose me! She chose me!!!! It only took me 20 minutes to get her to go out with me”

“Yeah, 20 minutes after she`d been touching my todger in public.”

It`s all very very sad from the Chelsea manager and I hope he gets to work on his epic banter in pre-season over the next few weeks.

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