Date: 25th June 2006 at 10:20am
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With the lauch of the new kit only a matter of weeks away, we have nice clear pictures of the kit.

Last week announced the launch details and gave us a blurry picture or two, but here you can see in all it’s glory the new kit.

I think it could have done without the gold lines, but it’s sure is sweet to be back in red and white.

With big thanks to and their forum member ‘Legend#1’ for the images.


15 Replies to “More New Kit Pictures”

  • I love the little cannon on the back of the neck!! It’s good to be “the boys in red and white” again!!

  • thats a very nice shirt very smart, but yeah i agree it could of looked better without the gold lines

  • I’d prefer the badge centered but it is still very nice and smart.
    It looks great and can’t wait to see us back in our fresh times.

  • this gona b a good year, like the zipadeedoodah geezer jst sed, new staduim, new signings (hopefully more) new shirts…….. gona b good year! come on the gunners!!!!!!!!

  • Merlin, that is one of the worst statments I’ve ever heard. I’ll be back in a minute………I’m just off to barf!!

  • I’m with you rocky! terrible comments!! I Like the shirt, but again, not sure about the gold lines, but who cares about 2 gold lines when we’re having another great season!!

  • Honestly, i dont like the gold lines but its not as if i’m not gonna buy it, doesn’t matter what it looks like – where it with pride!!

  • I have come across a a different pictyure to these and the gold lines look great on it they look alot thicker on the pictures shown above howver on the picture i have seen they look thinner and dont look out of place as much … new shirt looking mint

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