Date: 15th May 2017 at 12:10pm
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Whilst remaining optimistic on Arsenal’s chances of a top-four finish, Arsene Wenger has said, quoted by Sky Sports, missing out on the Champions League isn’t going to impact the Gunners’ transfer deals, indeed his own future.

Liverpool’s emphatic win at West Ham has left a top-four finish in their hands. A Manchester City victory against West Brom and the same applies – goal difference could be a factor, which Arsenal will look to improve against bottom side Sunderland on Tuesday.

Whatever spin is put on things, a top four-final is out of Arsenal’s control not that Wenger sees this as having an impact on things going forward.

He said: ‘I believe finishing outside the top four will not have any influence on how the club will be led and how we will operate on the transfer market. If we finish outside the top four it will be down to one point and one point will be hard to swallow.’

All we can do in win our final two games – against Sunderland and then Everton – and see where that takes us, but fifth is the most likely end of season outcome.

On this (the season) as a whole Wenger pointed to the potentially improved points tally and the ‘momentum’ this has brought.

‘Our chance is just to win our games. We have 69 points but our target is to get to 75. That would be four points more than last year. We have created the momentum again. Overall, the only chance we have to be in the top four is to win our games.’

If Arsenal can’t beat Sunderland then – as much as it’s unlikely anyway – we’ll not deserve a top-four finish, in itself not a measure of success of course. But, Wenger does remain positive.

‘I am very positive because it looks like we get stronger in every game. We have to dig deep and fight in every game. We won six of the last seven games. We look strong again away from home. The players have character, the players have spirit. We have gone through a hostile environment and you do not recover if you are not strong.’

Finishing: ‘We have lacked defensive stability in some big games and we have had to re-think completely the defensive system and we look more stable. We do our job properly and are focused until the end. We are always finishing strong because we keep our focus.’

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