Mikel Arteta needs to omit 29 y/o int’l after back-to-back struggles – Opinion

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Arsenal have a real problem on their hands.

No, not the consistent red cards, which alludes to deeper issues about the mentality of the first-team squad, but, instead Mikel Arteta’s constant use of Cedric Soares at left-back.

It was very apparent that the Portuguese defender was unable to play the position as he was caught out of position time and time against Marcus Rashford in the clash with Manchester United. And in all honesty, he was average once again as Adama Traore found some joy against the former Southampton man.

It’s clear for all to see that Soares is not a left-back as he tends to struggle on the ball whenever he receives it. There’s always a tendency to take an extra touch or two so that he can pass the ball with his stronger foot, a dangerous move when in your own defensive third.

Then there’s his inability to cross the ball. I mean, the 29-year-old is bad enough on his right foot as shown and his left foot isn’t much better. Soares seems to be reluctant to attack from the left and given how fruitful his bursts forward has been on the right, it really hamstrings the side.

With tough clashes against the likes of Aston Villa, Manchester City and Leicester City on the horizon, someone will take advantage of the Portugal international in the near future. Arteta needs to see sense and play Bukayo Saka on the left as he proves far more comfortable due to the fact he’s left-footed.

In other news, £1.5m man has been left out of Arsenal’s Europa League squad.

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