Date: 5th July 2007 at 4:32pm
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After the disappointing news of Henry’s departure, it appears our luck has taken a turn for the better after Real Madrid performed an about turn and have decided that Jose Antonio Reyes could well make his loan move to Madrid a permanent one.

Jose’s talent was never in doubt, indeed had he shown 100% commitment to the red & white cause I firmly believe he would have become a real asset for our team. However the young Spaniard’s attitude and lack of social skills meant it was always unlikely he was going to make it at Arsenal.

Reyes spent last season on loan at the Bernabeu and for much of the season he failed to impress, yet on the last day of the season Jose stepped up to the plate and bagged a brace for the ‘not so galactico’s’ in a must win game that handed Madrid the league title. Oh how we cheered.

Season after season Real president Ramon Calderon continually dishes out more bollocks than the testicle transplant department and infuriates Gooners with thousands of lies concerning Arsenal players. Yet today Calderon has issued a statement that will please most Arsenal fans around the world.

The Daily Mail report that Calderon stated: ‘I think that with a new coach and with a new system Reyes could become an important player for this club.’

I’m off to crack open a few beers in celebration.


26 Replies to “Madrid In Positive Statement Shocker”

  • Not sure what to think, I have always been the same when players wanna go. If you dont wanna play for THE ARSENAL there are plenty of world class players that do. NEXT

  • lack of social skills? I would classify that as a mixture of lack of desire to adapt mixed with a bit of playing in a team under a captain such (w)as TH.

  • I think we have a lot to be positive about GWN, didnt we show last year our ‘kids’ are already better than your full strength team ?

  • yes R7, I heard the same thing. That was bad assessment from the scouting team I’d say. Still, bringing your whole famly over, not learning English, and moaning how discos and shops aren’t open after 5 PM and how the weather is a bit cold, while being on 60K a week isn’t really trying, is it?

  • Of course mate. Which is why I’ll be happy when we get some brass in the bank courtesy of the deal.

  • I honestly am far more bothered about players coming in.. and not much of that is happening.. I definitely hope that Wenger is working his magic, otherwise I do feel we’re in a spot of bother. But, then again, he’s got to be working his magic!

  • wenger doesnt sign many duff players. he has that ability to spot potential where others cant, and saves your club a fortune in transfer fees. he still has some time on his side before the end of august.

  • the thing is, my roommate is Spanish and a Madrid supporter, and he reads a lot of the madrid blogs and he says that Reyes is a very unwelcome figure in Real Madrid – mainly because he’s been living the spanish version of ‘domestic superstar’ lifestyle (did Cashely teach him that?). He said that during the season when he didn’t play regularly – he was seen and photographed in Sevilla’s discos partying almost every day of the week when there was no games. They also call him some with some racist names that I’d rather not post. Anyway, my point is that the boy isn’t very grateful for the talent he possesses.

  • Of course Rocky. I will be relieved if Reyes is ultimately sold, though there is always the chance there will be no takers for him and he will still ply his trade with Arsenal next season. With Atletico getting Luis Garcia, I’m not sure they will want Reyes now. Which might explain the cooling of our interest in Babel.

  • im there with u saisho…i really believe he is talented.and with henry gone he jus mite come back………..but i hav to agree his attitude sux………..hoping fo rthe best

  • I too am with you saisho in hoping for a Jose return. I admit comments about us made while he was in madrid were not helpful but am willing to give the boy a 2nd chance. After all how can we say how much of his failure to settle first time round was down to the attitude of the worst arsenal capt ever ? Lets be honest we need a left winger with pace, energy & an eye for goal and as reyes is already our player it wont cost us a penny. Brilliant idea

  • I’d love to see him back if he could make more effort to settle, learn the language, etc. cos i think he still has the potential to be awesome for us. Sadly i really don’t see it happening… »»Arsene Knows««

  • I don’t want him back. I want 8mill and I want to spend it on someone who wants to play for us. simple as.

  • Let him stay in Spain and party for all he wants. As GunnerBlood said, t will be better off taking the money and buy someone else who is more committed.

  • bring on Robinho for a swap, that or we demand 18million pounds cause he won them the league,im tired of this bullying baps didn’t do well but we should feel sorry of ourselves and our jewel supplied them the league and we should let him go for cheap,thats bullshhit

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