Date: 8th July 2007 at 2:17pm
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Right, I have broached this subject in the past and have been shot down in flames, usually by our loyal foreign fans, but does anybody else feel that we should be snapping up some of the English talent around, or is ‘talent’ too strong a word to use for the current crop of English players?

What do you think?

Personally, I remember seeing Arsenal Vs France at highbury in 1989 (yes, France. They had a game against Scotland coming up and wanted some decent warm up opposition). If I remember rightly we outplayed them for the whole game but they scored a very late equalizer.

At the time, David O’Leary was substituted and Steve Bould came on and the chant around the ground was ‘Robson, pick them all, Robson Robson pick them all!’ as all 11 on the pitch were English and were blowing away a very good French team.

Since then we have had a few notable Englishman in our team but they are getting less and less. Theo Walcott and Hoyte are our only two now and I think we could do with some more for many different reasons.

I know it is probably right to pick up the best WORLD talent and that English players are over-priced, but I would really love to see more Arsenal players in an England shirt.

Anyone else?

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237 Replies to “Mad Dogs & Englishmen”

  • not again the same debate… expect an influx of over-zealous spuds on speed here. don’t say I didn’t warn you.

  • I personally think that even though there are some cracking English players, by and large English players are very overrated, indeed the PL only became the best league in the world after the influx of foreign players. And why pay 16.5Million for a Darren Bent when you can get a Robin van Persie for £2.5M?

  • Doesn’t make the blindest bit of difference to me. But then I’m not English, but saying that, the fact that there are no players of my own nationality in the squad, doesn’t bother me in the slightest either. I personally think that club football and national football are two seperate entities and should be observed that way. In fact I find that International football is a pain in the butt, espescially when half the squad comes back injured.

  • You are mssing some english sprit in the team,somthing that will know how to play with the english way and knows the pride of Arsenal football club.rememeber you do have the best youth academy in this country if not europe/world and you do produce alot of english players however they are just not good enough and instead of keepin them at the club and never really start.arsene releases them and they can continue there career elsewere instead of bein wasted.Arsenal could have a full squad of more than 22 all english players but…you would not be anywere near the level you are currently.

  • Some good points there upthedale. The growing trend seems to be that players are now loyal to their team mates and managers rather than thier clubs, which is my one and only criticism for a few of the Arsenal players.

  • manutds youth academy has closed down and stopped producing english players. They had to settle for big money english signings. Take a look at those english players wearing manutd shirt and currently playing for england. Hargreaves, carrick rooney and rio. Money spent in getting these players could have been used to buy a feeder football club. Dont even get me started on chelsea.

  • I think that Englich players might not be overated but they definatley over priced. With our tight budget we can not afford to dish out an extra 6.5 mil pounds on a player like Bent, when he is only worth around 10. And Rocky said it all, we spent 2.5 mil on RVP and Spurs spent 16.5 on Bent. To use an old cliche foreign players give you more quality for the money. And what team is upthedale support because he talks alot of sense. He cant be a spurs supporter can he?

  • i’ve got no more energy to comment on this topic.. this door’s been opened many a times before by are unrespected, scum and the other half of north london football fraternity.. if u could call what they play “football”.. anyways.. the point is.. yet again.. there’s no need for english players.. u dont need bent for 16. when u have da silva for 8.. i can bet that bent the sp*d and torres of the loserfool are going to be down the list as compared to dudu in the scoring charts come the end of the season.. au revoir.. for now.. Goon-o-centric4life..

  • 49ers, I think you forgot about Gary Neville, Paul Scholes and Ryan Giggs (who was English when he joined the academy). The actual fee for Bent was somewhere between £13.5m and £15.5m. His fee is also based on the goals he has scored in the Premiership for an average team. The only league considered to be slightly more difficult than the Premiership is Spain. Considering how much you have paid for Eduardo and the league he has scored his goals in, the price for Torres and what Bent has cost, it all balances up to the same – anything else is mere conjecture. The comparison of RvP is erroneous – they don’t actually play in the same position. RvP is a support striker/left winger in the manner of Bergkamp/Reyes.

  • It may be a reflection of football today but when you bring through English players you often to do so from a very early age. Players hold up the likes of Fabregas as an illustration of the strength of an academy but it is actually highlighting a weakness. Fabregas was ALMOST a finished article when he joined Arsenal, all the formative work having been done at Barcelona, the same with Pique and Man Utd. As these leagues start closing the loopholes that allow their 16-17 year olds to get poached internationally, then there will have to be a fall back onto domestic players. It is teams like Leeds United and Middlesborough who constantly develop top youngsters who have the best academies. Why do you think Arnesen has made such effort to get the likes of Woods and Sinclair into the Chavski academy? Once the new rules in Europe come into place it will be a steady slide to a more 50/50 balance between national and imported players.

  • scholes isn’t considered english anymore…he is not playing for england. soon neville will stop playing for england. Face it, manutd’s academy has closed down and they only rely on big priced english players in other to have english players.

  • kernowboy, RVP is not a support striker. he is equally good on the wing as he is when he plays as an out and out striker. bent at that price is crap compared to RVP..

  • So support striker/left winger Van Persie scored three less goals than out and out striker Bent, in less than half the appearances, but we can’t compare them kernowboy? I wonder why eh?

  • Since RVP was bought prices have gone up across the board, a natural inflation. And since when has RvP been a ‘lead the line’ striker like Henry or Drogba? You bought RvP in 2004, for £2.5m, Bent was bought by Charlton for £2.75m in 2005. Do you think you could buy RvP for £2.5m now – you wouldn’t get change from £15m. And whilst RvP scores a goal once every 3 games, Bent is almost on a goal every other game ratio. Considering he achieved this playing for Charlton, I think fans underestimate that achievement.

  • That 50/50 nationality law will never be passed in the UK due to our laws on equal opportunities.

  • flv … maybe you want to look at the deal that UEFA has done with EC before offering your opinion. They even offer it in languages other than English to aid your comprehension. Football along with other sports has gained an exemption to the rules of equal opportunities as it is felt that in the area of sport, the comprehensive application of existing equal opportunity laws damages the foundations of the sports involved, often having a negative impact on social issues. Within a season or two, UEFA are introducing rules concerning players in a squad having had to have come through either the teams academy or an academy in the Associations area they represent. With the Spanish, French and Italian FAs and clubs closing their loopholes on poaching the likes of Fabregas, clubs in the UK will have to sign these players when 12-13 rather than 16-17. For example I think in Spain, players couldn’t be offered a pro contract until they turned 18 but this rule is being changed to allow Spanish clubs to offer pro contracts earlier. Once this has started, it will be easy for the rule to be extended from 8 out of squad of 25, to 13 out of 25 as the political will to oppose it will have gone.

  • Looks like we’ll be making even younger signings to get them through the academy loophole then 8-). On a serious note, if they start restructuring the UK’s grass roots level coaching, as is being discussed, by the time all these rules are pushed through (I’m still a bit pessimistic on that front) there might be enough good UK players coming through, to go around. That way, nobody has to waste 16.5m of their transfer kitty on an average English striker, so it’s all good!

  • The Uefa rules have nothing to do with nationality. If they did it would fall foul of EU and National Law. It only refers to where players have trained. Second though it might be recommended that the rules be employed by national leagues they only apply to Uefa competitions. It will make little difference to the way we operate the academy though it is clear that other teams are more protective of their young talent ultimately all that will do is force up the cost rather than extinguish the supply.

  • Sincerely,this is a very important issue but frm a foreign perspective,i’ve often argued wit ma friends dat new generation of english playas are just average(Not offence) but realistically it’s the truth,Brazillians are the best exports anywhere soccer is played in d world but would yu tell me how many english playas play outside their shores?..dis speaks for itself,would yu say bent is better than RVP or Benni or Yak or Martins..? but yet he’s talked about like a God..maybe the emphasis should shift to technical development rather than sentiments and ratings….My Opinion!

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