Date: 23rd July 2007 at 2:31pm
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Arsenal midfielder Freddie Ljungberg has completed a £3Million switch to West Ham United.

The 30-year-old Swedish international spent 9 years at Arsenal after moving from Halmstads in 1998.

Fiorentina and Machester City also expressed an interest in Freddie, but West Ham have won the race to sign him.

It’s interesting that this has happened only 10 days after Ljungberg’s agent ruled out a move to another Premiership club.

At the time Claes Elefalk told TT:‘I haven’t talked to Fredrik about that (interest), but he has earlier said that due to his respect for the Arsenal fans he can’t play for another English club.’

Freddie had fallen out of favour with Arsene Wenger, and was likely to start next season as 4th choice winger behind Hleb, Rosicky and Walcott.

West Ham are only Ljungberg’s third club since he started in football 25 years ago. He signed for Halmstads as a 5-year-old, moved to Arsenal some 16 years later, where he has spent the last 9 years.

Speaking to Sky Sports News during the press confrence Freddie said: ‘I’m coming here because I want to build a great team.

‘And why I want to join is because of Magnusson. He wants to bring them forward to be top of the country.

‘He’s willing to go to the transfer market to buy top players and mix them with youth players. West Ham have a great academy.

‘He wants to help take the club up and take them to the top in England. It’s a big challenge for me.’

All the best Freddie.

The exciting aspect of this transfer for Arsenal fans is the fact that Freddie will have to be replaced…but by who?


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  • Fantastic player for us for a long time, but it was the right time for him to move on. It’s still sad to see him leave, but it’s also exciting.

  • Strange thing is that the Arsenal official site says its for an undisclosed fee, while the WHU site the fee might go upto £3M. Best of luck to Freddie !!

  • I may or may not get slated for this but…….thank **** for that. He HAS been a great servant for us, but he is also a HAS BEEN. Offered nothing to the team and now we got £3M and offloaded a 70K a week burden. Keep trimming that deadwood Arsene.

  • No, you’re spot on boss. We all grow to love our players in our own way, but the club ALWAYS comes first. I said yesterday, that £70K a week is nearly a million in a season, a lot of money! With £3Million Wenger signed Toure, Fabregas, Clichy, Eboue, Merida, Djourou and Senderos – and still had change!

  • Yet again arsenal sell a player for well under his value, which raises the question why? Yes his wages were extremely high, but he made the club more in merchandising & he added to the squad in terms of experience even though he clearly wasn’t the player from a few years ago………………..If as was suggested above, he was the fourth choice winger, then why would Wenger feel the need to replace him? Surely he would think the club can save money by using a youngster such as randall for the 15-20 appearances he would’ve made. Finally, I would like to tkank Freddie for all he has done for Arsenal fc, he was a major part of our success & I wish him all the best, I just wish he had gone abroad!!

  • I am surprised that he joined another Premiership Club after (allegedly) saying that he would not do so – I thought that loyalty from ANY professional footballer was asking for too much. Good business for you though if you get 33 million.

  • Following the recent trend of ex-players taking a pot shot at Arsenal, Freddie’s comments also sound a little bitter. I dont see why players feel the need to do that to justify a transfer by talking down what Arsenal have done, rather havent done – i.e. not signing great players. He does say that he wanted to be loyal, which should count in his favour, I suppose.

  • Well under priced AG? The dude is one of the mosy injury prone players for us over the last 4 seasons, he’s been living on the back of his 2002 season. He’s offered little since then and only scored about 3 league goals in 2 seasons. We’ve saved ourselves 6M quid. Good bit of business if you ask me. As for his experience……..what use is that if he brings nothing to our game?

  • R7, so if we were in a vital game & there were 10-15 minutes remaining with arsenal winning 1-0, would you rather Ljungberg came on with his experience or Randall come on & give the ball away & try stupid things to prove he deserves to play?? I know which I’d prefer. As for saving ourselves 6 million quid, well two points, firstly Freddie wanted a 6 million pay off to leave, so can you provide evidence he didn’t get it?? After all Campbell got a pay off to leave. Secondly do you know how much Ljungberg brought into the club yearly through merchandise etc?? I bet you haven’t got a clue, you are just basing everything on his wages & can’t see any further than that!! Why do you think so many clubs wanted a 30 year old injury prone player.

  • I don’t know why, but I got the feeling that our Freddie was free-wheeling a bit recently, but rather than sell him I would have given him an almighty kick up the arse and got him to play better. I just don’t like the thought of an ever-decreasing number of greyer hairs in teh dressing room.

  • I think we would rather Walcott come on. Dont use Randall in the point as that is silly. Of course we are going to pick Freddie. Walcott, Diaby, Hleb, Rosicky and even Eboue are above Freddie imo. This is good business and i expect a new player to be signed.

  • And why do you Think it was WEST HAM who signed him? I bet he didn’t bring much by the way of merchandise to us. I went to around 15 games last year and the only Ljungberg shirts I saw were old shirts. Henry, Cesc, RvP, Gallas & Toure shirts aplenty, hardly any Freddie. Arsene Wenger said that he wanted to keep FL, which means Freddie must have wanted to leave which inturn means he gets no pay out. Everytime Freddie got ready to come on the pitch I knew how it would end, with him on the floor. Why on earth would you prefer a player to come on the pitch, who’s statistics prove his experience counts for nothing?

  • I dont thinkits rite slating freddie like this i remeber in the champ final how he ran his heqart out… let him leave gracefully………and this ensures that we r defo gonna sign a winger…..we gotonly rosicky and hleb…since arsene suggests that walcott is gonna play striker..i think eboue is gonna push up…….and i hav a feeling ryes is coming back to arsenal……….so hum do u guys think we shud sign i say nuri sahin

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