Date: 7th February 2007 at 10:22am
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Upon completion of the takeover at Anfield yesterday, the new owners declared the old Liverpool crest would be replaced with a more modern look.

Well, we here Vital Arsenal are committed to bringing you all things football, and we have somehow managed to secure a sneak preview.

Drum roll please………..

Insults on the back of a postcard please and mail to PO Box 100, It’s all for a laugh, Bognor.


85 Replies to “Liverpool Get New Club Badge”

  • Liverpool fans; They mock the Chavs for having bought the title, now they are in the exact same position and everyone’s jealous. As hypocritical as they are moronic!!

  • We are not going to go and buy the title, dolt. This is an investment that secures the long-term future of the club whilst being able to compete fianacially with Chelsea, Man Utd and yourselves. Moores has had the club in his family for a long time but he could not compete with the vast sums of money that are being thrown around. We will be no more “buying the league” than Man Utd if we win it in the next few years and nobody ever talks about Man Utd buying the league even though they have went a spent £30million of the likes of Veron and Van Nistelrooy amoung other players….Chelsea…their a totally different kettle of fish. They were a mid-table/top 8 club before Abramovich and the only way they won the league is buy going and spending grossly exaggerated cash on every player they wanted. They bought their success….Liverpool and Man Utd have the history they do not.

  • Man United could afford the likes of Veron, Ferdinand and Rooney because of long term success on the field, that is the point. You will be able to spend vast sums on players because of a rich owner ala Chelsea. That is the difference. And can you lot honestly say that you never took the p!ss out of the Man Usa Buckaneers when they were taken over by that odd looking f***ker with the beard? No, I thought not.

  • Are you kidding? Seriously? Go back over the last 5 seasons and calculate the sum of money spent on players. Yourseleves, Chelsea, Man Utd and Spurs have been the biggest spenders in the league. If you had a decent manager who didn’t spunk all the money away on mediocre players like Garcia, Gonzalez, Aurrielo, Pennant (cheers for the cash btw) then you wouldn’t need some flash harry to come in and bail you out. We on the other hand can’t compete with the likes of new castle in the transfer market, yet year after year we are there or there abouts, it’s called having a good manager, you might want to try it at onepoint. From this day forward, that history you worked so hard for, and were respected for is a seperate enterty, what ever you win from now on will be tainted.

  • Liverpool have had a much more successfull recent history than Man Utd. For example since 2001 Liverpool have won countless more trophies than anybody else in England and maybe in Europe.

  • Chelsea had won one league title in THEIR ENTIRE NON-HISTORY

    Liverpool have won 18 titles AND 5 European Cups already.

    End of argument.


  • go on then commenter, I know I’m asking for it but go on… p.s. no league cups, no charity shields, no silly made up cups etc… no not even super cups…. also 2001 seems a strange year to start counting, I’m sure you’ve got your reasons!

  • Man United have massive crowds and won the Premiership season after season. With the revenue that generated and further success and even bigger attendences they earned the right to buy top players. Whether Liverpool were first in the league or tenth in the league this guy’s money is the catalyst for your club moving forward in terms of success on the field. Let’s face the facts, you haven’t won the league whilst it has been the premiership and if you win it straight after selling out, it will be as hollow a victory as Chelsea’s have been. You boys have been the most vocal in your critisism of the Chavs and you are going down the same route. So Rocky is 100% right in his assertion that you are indeed a bunch of hypocrites.

  • trader, missed the point mate, doesn’t matter that you won the league a million times in 1483, when you were awarded 2 virgins and a cow… that hasn’t paid for your recent spending. I actually don’t think you’ll do any better now that you’ve been taken over, Rafa doesn’t seem to know how to spend good money, and its not like he’s been restricted – so don’t worry about all these acuasations of buying the league, probably wont happen anyway!

  • Sorry trader, I’m embarrased, that last dig was completely unnessesary and immature… I apologise!! Still made me laugh tho

  • Just for your information so nothing can be misinterpreted or I could be caused a hypocrite, I hope the Arsenal never get bought out by rich foreign owner, despite the short term success that may bring.

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