Date: 15th April 2011 at 4:57pm
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When Tottenham walked off the field after being beaten 5-0 over two legs by Real Madrid, they walked off to the sounds of cheers, applause and commentators up and down the land praising them.

Henry Winter cooed in the Telegraph “Spurs celebrated an amazing European odyssey.”

Phil McNulty joined the love in, describing Tottenham as losing “in great style.” It was positive spin of Colonel Gadaffi proportions.

They were battered, to the point where, when Sandro wandered into the Madrid penalty area and promptly became another victim of the White Hart Lane sniper in the stands, Jose Mourinho was not angry, he just smirked, shook his head and laughed at the desperation.

This was no Leeds United in 2001, yet as a result of the run, Gareth Bale is the clear favourite to be named player of the season this year. The Welsh winger has certainly improved, but the nomination seems to be for one performance, against Inter Milan when he scored a hat trick. Whilst it certainly was a magnificent performance, so was Dirk Kuyt`s 3 goal salvo against Manchester United.

Bale has scored 7 goals and 3 assists, 110 fantasy football points, in this Premiership season. Andrei Arshavin has scored 6 goals and 11 assists, 130 fantasy football points in a season described by David Hytner of The Guardian as ‘misfiring.` He also scored the winner against Barcelona. Bale didn`t play in Spurs` unbeaten games against Milan, but did when they lost so miserably to Madrid.

There`s clear media bias, and not just with Bale, but the club as a whole. The same Phil McNulty that waxed so lyrically about Tottenham`s season, where they remain outside of the top 4 and without the chance to win any competitions, has also given his opinions on Arsenal: “The evidence has once again piled up in the last two weeks that Wenger and his players can no longer be trusted to deliver when it matters.” The same Arsenal that remain in the hunt for the title.

Redknapp, it would seem, is a nailed on certainty for the England job when it comes around after the ‘miracles` he has performed with Spurs. That miracle involves ‘rescuing` a season, when they were only 8 games in. Finishing 4th in one season and spending a total of £95 million in two years, including £10million on 2 right backs called Kyle; Naughton and Walker, who have 4 first team appearances between them since. Other highlights include buying Piscal Chimbonda for £3 million then selling him a £1million loss 6 months later, and spending £12million on club hero Robbie Keane, before only playing him 41 times and sending him out on loan. If he does get the England job, it`s a good thing he can`t make transfers.

Redknapp is right to point out the spending of Chelsea and Man City, as he often likes to, and so maybe it is that Spurs aren`t underachieving, but just that Arsenal are massively overachieving. Since Redknapp took over Wenger has made £24.2 million in transfer fees for the club and the club record transfer remains lower than Tottenham`s.

Whilst Spurs flounder in the courts to try and force through their rights to buy a brand new stadium on the other side of London, so they can demolish it and build another, Arsenal are enjoying the financial benefits that come with the late, great Danny Fizman`s vision made flesh; The Emirates.

It would seem that, as a nation, we feel a day in the sun bought with nearly £100 million worth of splurging, is a greater achievement than sound financial planning and years of hard word that lead to over achievement, year on year on year.

No wonder our economy is in such a mess.