Date: 24th February 2008 at 3:08pm
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*As a precursor to this article, I would like to forewarn that, while I usually censor any profanities I use in my articles, on this occasion, I feel it inappropriate to do so. So if industrial language is likely to cause offence, please don’t read on.*

It is fair to say that things haven’t really gone our way in the last week. From Adebayor’s late flirtation with the Milan crossbar, to Mike Dean’s costly and terrible officiating to Eduardo’s awful injury. Mohammed Ali once said, ‘champions are not made in gyms, they are made by something deep inside them, a burning desire to win.’ Strength in adversity is a crucial ingredient to anybody who wants to achieve, you can’t get the gold without digging through the dirt. With Eduardo’s misfortune and Bacary Sagna’s tragic personal circumstances, fate is turning its cruel hand squarely against key personnel, it would be easy to feel that everything and everyone is conspiring against us. This feeling was embodied by the irate figure of William Gallas yesterday. Much has been said of Billy’s reaction yesterday. Personally, I can fully understand it. I was sat amongst around three thousand Gooners yesterday and we all felt what William felt. (For my part, the seat in front of me took a blow that might have split that cunt Hansen’s shin in half, but it’s alright Alan, it wasn’t two footed). Some might label Gallas’ reaction petulant, it was. But we had a diplomat for a captain, it didn’t work. Henry came in for untold criticism last year after a last minute defeat at Upton Park when he stood laughing and joking with Reo Coker after the final whistle. We don’t need a diplomat, we need a warrior. In an emotional day, Gallas may have let his emotions get to him. Different people react differently on these occasions,what is clear is that Gallas cares deeply about his team and his team mates.

Unfortunately, odious little fuckwits like Hansen and the lovable media, showing no remorse for their own part in Eduardo’s unnecessary tragedy, have focussed on Gallas kicking an advertising hoarding. (Worry not folks, word from the surgeon is that the hoarding has undergone surgery and hopes to whore products to the nation again soon). Hansen has since dismissed the severity of Taylor’s challenge on the grounds that, ‘it wasn’t two footed.’ Tell that to Eduardo’s surgeon you despicable little cunt. Hansen has been one of the key propagandists when it comes tothe ‘Arsenal don’t like it up em’ brigade, his responsibility should not be overlooked. Hansen comprehensively wrote Arsenal off back in August, and his praise since we comprehensively elucidated his ignorance has been lukewarm. This guy would flannel his arse with a Liverpool shirt before he would give us credit or criticise anybody who commits wrong against us. So let’s roar to the title and rub that precocious little twat’s nose in it. Steve Bruce and David Platt have also come out and said that Taylor’s tackle might not have even been a yellow card. With all the best will in the word to Stevie and David. Fuck you too. Fuck both of you.

Even withstading Gael Clichy’s barely forgivable stupidity and arrogance in injury time at St. Andrews yesterday, that was never a penalty. All afternoon, Dean appeared incapable of giving anything to Arsenal. The only thoroughly correct decision he made all afternoon only occurred when an Arsenal player’s ankle was hanging off of his leg. Dean’s refereeing rivalled Coward Webb and Mike Riley in its one eyed thought process. We must use biased little fuckers such as these to propel us to the title. Starting with Villa next week, we must go into every game with a snarl (whilst not manifesting that aggression on the shin bones of opponents). Gallas showed us all yesterday how much it means to him, now he must show it to his team mates. We as fans have a part to play as well, we must whistle and bitch for every decision. Even if we know it’s not a foul, let’s whinge and shout and scream that it is. The authorities look hellbent on handing United the title, lets snatch it out of their grubby mits. Fuck them, it’s time to blow the motherfucking roof off, because the mood has just changed.

As Franklin Delano Roosevelt once said, ‘we have nothing to fear but fear itself.’ So let’s leave that twat Nani medalless come May, Gallas can do some keepy uppies in the lap of honour. Bacary Sagna, your bravery in the face of adversity is utterly commendable, your brother would be very proud of you. You deserve a title winners’ medal, go out and earn it son. We must imagine that ‘oh shit’ look smeared over the faces of Nani and Ferguson, the sight of Mike Dean tearing up his betting slip in disgust, Hansen’s appearance on Match of the Day as the highlights reel of Arsenal’s season is run in our tribute. Fuck em all, fuck em all, United, West Ham, Hansen, Tottenham, Bruce, Ferguson, Nani and Liverpool. Fuck them all, fuck anyone that doubts us. I posted a quote from the latest Rocky film in an article last week that bears reptition, ‘life isn’t about how hard you can hit, it’s how hard you can be hit and keep moving forward.’ Arsenal,the time to hit back is at hand. As myself and 3,000 other travelling fans sang yesterday, ‘we’re gunner win it for Eduardo.’ The sight of him walking onto the podium to collect his medal come May should be motivation more than any of the aforementioned. Victoria Concordia Crescit.LD.