Date: 26th March 2007 at 10:04pm
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I would just like to try and lift the spirits of some gloomy Gooners! Yes we have been knocked out of the European Cup! Lost out to the Scum at Cardiff and were robbed by bad refereeing against Blackburn! Trust me I know that it is extremely difficult not to feel upset after such drawbacks to a season!

We need to try and take as many positives from this season as we can!

I know that many people are sick of hearing that Arsenal being in a ‘transition period’ and it does get very frustrating when the consistency needed is not always shown. I think that most Gooners feel that we will finish in third this season! If you recall last season we finished 4th as you will all recall(sorry sp*rs). This means that if we do finish in 3rd which we should we are making progress! Maybe not the progress that most fans would expect from Arsenal but when you are stacked up against teams where money is no object it is very difficult! I think that to finish third this year and not losing a game at The Emirates would be a good season!

We have to wait for these young players to fulfil their potential and we have to understand that this simply cannot happen over night! Players like Denilson, Diaby, Traore, Djourou and Walcott are all world class youngsters. Despite all of Chelscum’s and the Manc’s funding they are all jealous of our team no matter what they say. Chelsea will only gain short term success buying experienced players over the odds! Even mourhino himself admitted that they are struggling with their squad! I feel that if Arsenal and Chelscum swapped fortunes on an injuries front we would be in swapped position also! We do actually have a lot of strength in depth as we have had the most horrific injury list all season! We will not have rotten luck every season!

I know that ultimately as a fan you see success through trophies! I think that without winning anything this season we have achieved a lot! Next time you take a trip down to The Emirates just look around you that is a great success story for the club! Look at all of the youngsters that we are bringing through that is success! Finishing in the Champions League places will be a great success! Arsenal is the most highly searched football club over the internet in the world! This may sound irrelevant but interest in our team is growing fast!

I don’t think that instant trophies was ever going to be realistic after losing so many top class players! Even if we don’t win the league next year or the year after everybody knows that it will be our time soon and it scares the likes of Liverpool, Chelsea and Man United to see what is going on down in the decent side of North London! Keep the Faith!

‘ My aim is simple – to make Arsenal not just the best in the Premiership, but the biggest and best club in the world’ Arsene Wenger

I believe that Arsene has this target in mind instead of looking to gain success in the short term!

Article submitted (and a debut post might I add) by Arsenal1991

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20 Replies to “Let’s Not Feel Too Disappointed!”

  • Mourinho said we were struggling with our injuries.Don’t take words out of context.Isn’t that what you should do ? Buy experienced players?Short-term sucess my arse..

  • Good article and welcome Mr. Arsenal1991… I’m new here too but as I’m no writer, I enjoy reading others’ articles (even the ones written tongue-in-cheek – you know who you are). I think you can call your first post an undeniable success as evidenced by the first respone to – from the enemy in blue – who has already been reduced to an incoherent wreck and using rude words 😉

  • k_chelski on a serious note, Mourinho did let the cat out of the bag in the post-match CC final – he virtually admitted that since mega-money is pumped into his squad he IS under immediate pressure and bemoans Arsene because he could afford to take a couple of years building!! It shouldn’t be so hard for you to accept this reality… our clubs have different gearings … you are with a manager (who does bring a winning and – come on, admit it – somewhat more boring streak to his squad-cum-machine) but he is NOT here for the long-term and has to make the best fist of it he can… with us it’s different – AW is in a more privileged position, having helped to build the family he is therefore entrusted with its long-term plans….. Anyway to answer the author of the article, I think next season is crucial – we can’t afford to get used to ‘transitioning’ without winning. We need maybe one more senior signing somewhere to inject a bit more ooomph, and more importantly people returning from injury… like the author I’m optimistic and can’t wait for the fun and games next year… I even hope that The Special One (whatever) and ole Red-nose are still here to lock horns with…go the Gunners!

  • And kevin(which you don;t like being called for some wierd reason unless it aint your name) your injuries was peanuts compared to what we have had this season at crucial times. Sheffield united we had 10 players missing!! Recently in the FA cup against Bluckburn we had around 8 players missing, maybe more. You think Chelski can cope with Drogba, Shevchenko, Robben, Terry, Cole, etc etc missing ALL at the same time? I don’t think so. No team can. I don’t agree with people who say you cannot use injuries as an excuse because if your injuries are so bad that your first teamers PLUS your backups are injured (Eboue+Hoyte, Hleb+Rosicky, Henry+Persie), how can you say we should have been able to deal with it. Its ridiculous to say the least. Injuries cripple teams and you cannot expect players who play 1 game every few weeks to perform and score shedload of goals. So I think this season we were just very very very very very very unlucky. No other word for it.

  • It’s not that i don’t like being called.It’s that i said once, and now , everybody in freakin vital calls me that. Amazing, : ).Even a guy that i’ve never talked to before (cusop).Isn’t that a bit weird? Andy, he said that he is under pressure, he didn’t say we were struggling with our squad with no reason.Hey, you can say whatever you want, but the truth is , you guys like my comments.You showed that by not banning me.

  • Oi Kevin! I know he said he is under pressure – short-term-get-me-a-cup-now pressure, with the emphasis on Short Term…. on another note, are you seriously convinced that Mr. Roman Moneybags is going to make peace with his servant JM… it’s very rare that an owner will allow his ego to become subdued by an employee… JM will not be here after the summer.

  • Welcome Arsenal1991! I got my first post put up here to and it ended up cursing the team. I went on some big thing about how important it was for us to beat bolton at home and we drew (luckily we won the return). But if we finish 5th now i will clearly have to entirely blame you. Good article but, got the CSKA London brigades Brazilian/Russian/Englishmen Kevin all hot in the pants (although admitedly thats not that hard) only to bad there arent more Man USA fans on vital. I’m with you the glass is definetely half full.

  • welcome to the forum arsenal1991. good start, and cant agree with u more. I dont think a lot of people on this forum will disagree with that.

  • Thank you for all of your comments. I am pleased to hear your encouragement. Yes I am 16 and you act around 8 am I right?

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