Date: 7th February 2007 at 3:11pm
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Most people of colour will cringe at the ‘kick racism out’ campaign, all players just want to get on with their game without being reminded about the colour of their skin whether that be a racist idiot in the crowd or an anti racism campaign, they are both distractions from a players ability as a footballer.

All anti racism campaigns do is highlight the problem not deal with the problem, during the world cup they had team captains reading out a load of anti racism crap before the match – all that does is piss everyone off – The problem is this, all footballers want to be recognised for their ability not their skin pigment right, so to make skin colour an issue is self defeating and telling people to stop being racist is pointless because chances are, those who judge a footballer by their skin colour aren’t going to listen to anything, and an anti racism campaign only does two things – preach to the converted and bring politics into a scenario where politics should not exist.

So what’s the solution? Well the problem is much deeper than a few racists at a football match which is why ‘kick out racism’ is misjudged. It’s no coincidence that the racism is coming from countries who have no history of racial and cultural integration, Italy, Spain, many eastern European countries etc remain very secular.

The UK is way ahead of these countries in terms of social development which is why racism in football has been by and large dealt with in this country, not because of some well meaning campaign but because socially we made progress outside of football. Until places like Spain and Italy make progress socially then there is absolutely no way on earth that some campaign is going to change anything.

So just to confirm my stance on this situation, ‘Kick Racism Out’ is pointless, ineffective and it pisses off both black and white players and fans alike because: A) It doesn’t change anything at all and B) it distracts the beautiful game by dragging a lame political duck onto the pitch rather than trying to deal with the real problem which exists outside of football.

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  • Make of it what you will, it’s an opinion. If you choose not to visit again because you don’t agree with someone else’s views then we’re probably better off without you!

  • I think you missed the point of coming to an opinion site rads. Why not tell us why it’s rubbish?

  • In general I share prof’s thoughts on this issue. And LD, someone stated his opinion on the previous article only to be ridiculed and a racist, although explicitly stating that he is not one. I know banter is healthy and mocking the spuds is even healthier, but some people know not of discussion but only of making fun of someone else. and rads, you are a coward.

  • Nailed it Prof, personally I fail to see how anyone can view this otherwise. Even now remembering Beckham reading that makes my toes curl!

  • ‘although explicitly stating that he is not one.’ …LOL…michael jackson said he’s not a child molester.Though i do admit i was a bit rough to kidK.

  • FIFA and UEFA can have all the campaigns they like, have captains make speeches etc but when they fine clubs peanuts when fans are racist, overturn bans given to players making racist comments (as they did for the German guy who abused Anton Ferdinand), and accept that a national coach can use racial abuse as a way to motivate players then it defeats the purpose of the campaigns. It seems they only have the campaigns so that they can be seen to be doing something about the issue rather than actually caring about it.

  • k_chelski, you couldn’t rough up a doll let alone anyone else. kidK stated a similar point of view as this here, just could not transmit it properly since English is not the native language.

  • English is not my native language,i understood him perfectly, that was just to taunt him (like you all do to me right?).His point of view was,that, there is justifiable racism.

  • Inhhahah…G4L, don’t be afraid.I won’t bite you, that old millwall folkore that all foreigners are cannibals is not true!

  • Then….you know it’s not true…haha.Oh come on G4L, have a little more humor.Do you agree with kidK’s point of view?

  • Lads, lads there’s no need to make it personal. The odd witty insult is fine but come on…let there be love…

  • I think kidK’s point of view was misinterpreted, and I believe it’s cultural differences – not racism. I back that up with Emre’s situation right now. His best friend is Obafemi Martins, even from their Inter days, and he is accused of racism. I bet he gets a heavy suspension/fine, that will probably drive him away from this league. In that sense, again, I never understood why haven’t Terry’s shouts to Ledley King investigated? It was obvious that both Chimbonda and King were upset with something.

  • Because he’s Engerland captain and therefore the powers that be stifled it and a swift ‘brushing under the carpet’ ensued.

  • Tell me what he meant with this then ///////// : “and he didnt tell henry that he was a black *****, he told reyes. to motivate him. and nobody was suppose to hear it. its like saying to your friend “go get her bro, you are better than that ugly tall *****!” it doenst have to be rasist. it may and can be, but not every time.” kidK.//////

  • i understand what your point of view is. But reality is, majory of fans and players really just dont care about the campaign and dont let it bother them. Not once have i let it influence the experience i have of watching my team play their game of football. so if it makes some people feel like they are helping the world become an equal place. then good for them.

  • and k_chelski your citation is exactly my answer. read the post I wrote on that article. This explains it all. “it may and can be, but not every time.” – cultural differences in understanding the comprehensiveness of racism. that is no excuse but a point of view. Can you explain the Emre situation to me from your point of view?

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