Date: 12th February 2007 at 8:10pm
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Arsenal skipper Thierry Henry has called for Arsenal and England fans to let Theo Walcott learn his trade without the expectations of a nation on his shoulders.

After Walcott`s call up to the England World Cup squad everyone has expected the poor boy to produce the goods every week, something that no player can do, yet alone a 17-year-old boy!

Henry is very conscious of this and has called for everyone to allow Theo some space to develop his obvious natural talents.

‘One thing about Theo for all of us to remember is that he is only 17,’ said Henry.

‘I know it is not easy for you guys because he is a great prospect for England, but I do think people have to remember he is 17.

‘When you are 17 and you go into the World Cup with people thinking you are going to save the country.

“Being out there at 17 years old with all the expectation you are putting on him sometimes. What we need to do is let him mature and get stronger.

‘It is not an easy time when you are 17 – trust me, I was there. I was struggling at 17.

‘Against Wigan, Theo had a great game. All of the opportunities we had in the first half were coming from Theo.’


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  • So true. thats a captain looking out for his team m8’s. Hopfully theo will be at ease and play his game and not force anything.

  • Walcott looked better after his little chat with Henry before the Wigan game, he looked a lot more relaxed. I think it is the pressure getting to him a bit rather than a lack of confidence.

  • I rate Walcott as a player, similar age too me. Like just need to metion that it feels somewhat nice now seeing players come through who are similar age too me. More connection with the team in someways.

    Back on topic. Yeah I agree with what Henry said, he has a lot of pressure on him but that’s what of the reason I rate him. He deals with it better than most people of his age especially english players. He is very humble and he has the sort of attitude that allows him too grow as he will listen too people. He is also a player with a lot of respect.

    Whether he stays at Arsenal for the rest of his days I don’t really know but I do know that it will be intresting too view his growth from now till his career end.

  • As I said elsewhere I thought he had a very good first half…made a couple runs and a couple great crosses (Henry should’ve poked one of ’em in, it was a total sitter). Once Wigan went one up they got back a bit and closed up Theo’s space. But it’s something he’ll learn to adjust to as he gains more experience. I’d still like to see him play on the left a bit, just to change things up.

  • The new coach of the English team started it all by saying that Theo should go back to the junior team. That remark was unnecessarily nasty.

  • I think he will come of age very soon, he’s getting into goal scoring positions now and i think its only a matter of time b4 we’re singing his praises! I think it’d be a good idea too if Theo & Rosicky would swap sides just to stir things up a bit, if Theo could cut in and take a few shots he may start scoring too!

  • The problem with Theo is that he’s a striker and not a winger. I know Arsene knows but Walcott seems better when he’s in the middle rather than out wide. He’s best game to date (that I’ve seen) was for England Under-21s against ze Germans and he seemed more comy as a striker than as a winger. Anyhow we will learn more as he grows.

  • Keplaz I think Walcott playing in the wing is good. He has pace but that alone doesn’t make a great player. He needs to build on his technique that is where he is lacking right now. If he plays on the wing he has too skin defenders more often. Not avoid them come face to face with them. < < Overall he should develop nicely. Though why did the england coach make a disgusting comment like that. It wasn't needed. You don't really need too look far too see why the national team lacks. Foolishness like this.

  • We all need to give the kid some time and space. He is going through a rough patch now, and even arsene recognises that. He says its only a matter of one goal.
    Arsene has also explained why he uses theo as a winger for now, before he moves him as a centre-forward, much like titi’s progress.

  • I am sure that Wenger could have convinced Sven to leave him at home, but he wanted him to gain great experience. Between that and the huge transfer fee of course there is a lot of pressure on the young man, what did people expect?

  • quote from an absolut idiot “I was 17” the great mrs Henry what a**** for what he did to kirkland. also walcott is rubbish and it was wenger who got sven to take him to the world cup wow arsenal must really hate the england football team wenger has already said nobody cares about national football. probably because there are no englishmen around him knowing that your whole team is foreign

  • If Walcott is crap I don’t know what word too decribe the entire Totenham team, purified trash? Misfits? Overacheivers ( Lets face it being above Arsenal too the last game was pushing their limits).

    Two can play it that way. If you are honest too yourself you wouldn’t say Walcott was a rubish player. He is dealing with things in a respectable way unlike a lot of english players. He a player who is under the most pressure as he has the highest expectations around, I am similar age too him and I don’t think I could deal with it. I rate Henry for acting like a big brother and speaking too Walcott. Personally I don’t think he is the best captain ( Prefer Gilberto) but he did a good job looking out for one of the younger players.

  • i like walcott he was really good to spurs when we played you lot he kept giving us the ball and all sorts. but really he does come across as being cool in his interviews and things like that and honest play. and i am younger then him

  • Just what he needs at 17 .. the boo boys could destroy his confidence and leave him in tatters, OK he had a shot that went blazing over the bar, so did Henry but are the faithful booing him? Thought not..

  • A little patience does go a long way. He may not be scoring goals at the moment, but he’s certainly growing as a player. And for Henry to say that Walcott’s better than he was at 17 speaks volumes of what to expect. No pressure from us, Theo! ^_^b

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