Date: 8th May 2007 at 8:49pm
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After admitting that Chelsea performed admirably in the second half at the Grove on Sunday, we’ve been inundated with Chelsea fans wittering on about recent success.

Well it appears Frank ‘Ginsters’ Lampard is now determined to get in on the act.

For some reason Lumpolard has it in for Arsenal and has thrown a few digs the Gunners way in the aftermath of Sunday’s game.

Determined to mask his pain (must have been listening to Merlin) the chuby chubster claimed….

‘Chelsea have got history!’

‘Our short term history is better than anyone else and our long term history is one laced with great players, medals, cup competitions and leagues. Arsenal`s short term history isn`t very good so they can shout about it as much as they want.’

So apparently, according to Frank, the ‘short term history’ is that of three years. End of chat, no arguing.

I wonder why?

That wouldn’t be because if you went any further back then his claims would look a little silly.

Since 2002 both Arsenal & Man Utd have won the same amount of titles as Chelsea, and whilst Chelsea have added two league cups to their list the Gunners have lifted three FA Cups and completed an unbeaten season and Utd have gained an FA & League cup victory.

So when you look at it, it’s all a matter of how far you can count.

Or want to.


54 Replies to “Lampard Can Only Count To Three”

  • LOL rocky, I love the title. I read that along with his other comments. Simply shows a lack of class from him.

  • I can still hear his characterless manboy drone wittering “The S*n – we love it”, makes Beckham seem like Chomsky, chavvynob.

  • Right you are Frank, and our 2003-4 history is better than anyone else, and our long-term history is full of trophies and class.

  • Right you are Frank, and our 1997-8 history is better than anyone else, and our long-term history is full of trophies and class.

  • Totally forgot about our 2001-2 history Frank – better than anyone else, and our long-term history is full of trophies etc etc…

  • the only time i saw him is when he took out cesc and when he cryed on john terry( also his lover according to the gay chelski video)

  • To be honest, I have to refute the suggestion that Frank can’t count past three. I saw him in Abra Kebabra last week and he was ordering in quantities far in excess of three.

  • Don’t be too hard on him LD, he was tired as he was busy brushing up on his history the night before.

  • If he wants to learn how to count to ten someone should number each roll of flab under his moobs.

  • Well if Abramovich leaves this summer Lampard wont have time to count past three before chelski have a winding up order in their hands.

  • It’s like the husband who has a history of wife-beating, but it’s ok he was a good husband because he’s started doing the washing up in the last few days.

  • If he learns to count to 4 then he can talk about how many league cups they have won. But if he sticks with 3 then that allows him to talk about league titles & FA cups. He really is a bit simple isn’t he. Why did he leave west ham again?

  • I can see the class oozing from Arsenal if this site is anything to go by. Such wit. Such casual homophobia also. Sickening.

  • Yeah Euroblue your site is so incredibly classy you’ve recently been pulling articles off because they were so deranged and hate filled, go away you hypocrite.

  • And I tell you what none of our fans talk about Hillsborough or Hysel to score points in an argument what a horrible little hypocrite you are. Terrible.

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