Date: 17th August 2007 at 1:52pm
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So Tomas Repka had a few words with our very own Cesc Bomb, for the clattering he took from a mere strip of a lad? Poor little lamb. Was this not the same man (nay, oaf) who clattered RvP inside the first two minutes of the game, and who was overheard saying that his Sparta team were going to go out and kick us, as they knew it was the best way to beat us?

Well, fuck you repka – you were shit at Wet Sham, you are shit for Sparta (so much so that you name does not merit a capital letter, in my book…), you are a player of no skill, but big clogging kicks and an unstable mental attitude, judging by the way you play.

So he didnt like getting lumped up in the air by Fab? Well, if you don’t like it back, don’t dish it out in the first place, you grotesque odious fuckwit of the highest order.

I particularly liked seeing Alex Hleb going head to head with this gormless loon, obviously repka and his buddies hadn’t heard that we had already started to stand up to the intimidatory tactics last season, and seeing Hleb get involved in a spot of head-jousting with Tomas Rectum was a joy. More of the same please, chaps.

Cos I want some more nastiness and niggle in this Arsenal side. And the signs are that it is coming out. And i hope it continues to do so. I want Arsenal to say to their opponent, ‘You kick us, we’ll kick you. You won’t belt us out of a game anymore, so it’s your choice buddy – we can do this the right way, or we can get low down and dirty with this, the choice is yours…’.

Cos i bet you, if a team gets all rough-house with us, and we give it back, guaranteed they’ll be bleating about how we kick and foul, and how the ref let us get away with this, should have had a red card, a penalty, it’s the ref’s job to cut this sort of thing out, blah blah blah… all this from a team who, when they have been beaten on their travels away and oop north in the past couple of seasons, have had to endure the metaphorical chuckles of the team who vanquished us (booted us off the park), and the statements along the lines of ‘well, we knew they don’t like it physical, so we went in hard’. Cue loud rounds of applause and ‘hear hear’s’ from the journos, cos as we all know, this soft mob cant take it, and good old british grit and all that bollocks.

Well, foreign they may be, but raised in England football-wise they have been, and they’ve taken the kicks, the elbows in the faces, the punches in the midriffs, and now they’re about to give some of it back.

I want a team of nasty bastards, i want the press to label us Dirty Arsenal again, let’s get back to Wenger’s Red Card shame, and all that shit, and give them a reason to moan about us. I always loved it when we were hated anyhows. Us against them, and we shall barricade ourselves in, and fuck the outside world.

I’m with LD on this, I’m thinking Gallas will make a good captain, it should encourage the players to stop pussyfooting about, and I should very much imagine that Gallas, if he doesnt like the way something is going, will whinge and moan about it, an kick up a stink. Well, amen to that. Rather that than a captain who is more concerned with shaking hands with the opposition and shrugging his shoulders and trying to placate the opposition. Sod that, i want my club captain to protect and stand up for his team, and get in the face of the opposition. I still feel sorry for Gilberto though.

But back to this weekend, and it’s Blackburn Rovers. And our dear friend Lily Savage. I like Rovers as a team, but that man is a total and utter scummer – the only way he could be more hideous was if he played for the spuds. What’s the betting if he feels the breeze of an Arsenal player going past him he’ll go down holding his face. Then when the ref;s not looking, lunge in studs up from the back? He did it last year, the filthy nasty useless c**t. So let’s give him something to whine about -if he starts any of that stuff, get in his face and around his ankles – what happened to Repka, let’s see it happen to Savage too.

Send the message out loud and clear – you cannot bully us anymore. Then we can put this shit to bed and get back to football. Which is what we’re best at, which is why everyone kicked us in the first place.


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  • I agree to a large extent, we really need to get nastier and Cesc particularly has this in him. But we musn’t fall into the trap we used to of retaliating, Wednesday we got the balance right of being tough without inviting red cards (though the ref did his best with the laughable yellows). I still remember at away matches the sound of the home crowd booing their nuts off and going mental whilst our little pocket boomed out a rendition of “Vieira.” I still want to see fair play and all that, but in the words of Ms. Aguilera, let’s get dirrty!

  • exactly what i mean LD – stand up and give some back, if given it in the first place. Responding hard but not nasty, and not losing it, will mean teams will conversely not try to boot us out of games, as they know we will not lose it, and they WILL get some of their own medicine back. I too used to love that vitriol of the crowd towards us in away games, when Paddy would get stuck in, as the other team knew they could not try and lump us about, as they’d get more of the same, but with the added humiliation of the hardman doing a kick-up and flick of the ball over their head in the same movement. »»Arsene Knows««

  • I also remember an example that exactly proves a point made in the article. Prior to playing B’burn away in our last double season, Souness came out with his quasi-legendary statement, “Arsenal don’t like it up ’em.” After the game he ahd a big moan to the press about how dirty we’d been (which was NOTHING to do with us beating them with a late goal).

  • not at all hypocritical, comign from someone like souness, that well-known contact-shy bastion of fairness on the field… »»Arsene Knows««

  • I dont think we should go back entirely to those Vieira days, but I do agree with the principle. Give it back to them so that they know we will not take it lying down. There was an article in the media about how ‘sport lost’ coz Cesc fouled Repka, and I thought it was the biggest ********* I’ve read, but if thats what we hear, then more of it, pls.

  • Some hard tackles and aggression wouldn’t go amiss, but to be fair the signs are improving on this front. Its a shame Wenger didn’t make a bid for Stephen Appiah, I wouldve loved to see him play centre mid for us. Ah well, if Diaby comes good in the next couple of years, it will be all good.

  • They (the press and all football fans in england) hate us anyways. They dont mind us so much when we’re not a title threat but when we look like we could threaten they revert to type and bring the contradictions and hypocrisy out rapidly. One day its ‘oh you lil’ soft cocks’ the next its ‘back to the indisciplined Vieira days’. Make your ****n minds up or shut up you numpty muppets. End of.

  • I felt a rush of pride go though me reading that – it was almost Churchillian! The last time I felt like that (Arsenal related of course, otherwise my better half wouldn’t be too impressed) is when I saw the Tony Adams goal at Highbury, last game of the season set up by Steve Bould. Every time I see that clip I get that tingly feeling, pride I think it is. Our boys are growing into men – they’re not kids anymore, they are experienced professionals and are growing as a team together. There’s no overbearing leader (mad Jens maybe, but thankfully he’s stuck in goal)and they all share responsibility. Clichy saying he loved it when Cesc got involved! Well good on you mate. As for Sagna steaming up the left wing to set up Hleb – well that left me cheering. He’s a quality buy and has settled within two games. I was concerned before pre-season kicked off, and pensive before the Sparta game. I tell you what, I’m not anymore. Arsene – as always – knows.

  • I am with you Wingston, on both topics – Repka and Arsenal’s attitude. If they want to kick us around – get ready to be kicked and shut your whinging mouths. I can’t wait for the press to start running their labels of us being dirty and nasty. Bring it on!!

  • braFUnKINGvo!

    excellent read and pretty much sums up how i feel too. felt good to see Hleb up in repkas face. brought me back to seeing Keown screaming in Van Nistle*****s face or Paddy with Keane by the throat…. when we were a more agressive side we had more success.. im all for success!

  • A great call to arms – but don’t expect refs to treat us equally. We will always get less latitude for fouls than a side playing with ‘true british grit’. In a culture where Chris Morgan punching RvP is punished with grudging reluctance as ‘one of those things’ while Cesc daring to tackle Repka can be looked upon with scarcely concealed scorn we are unlikely to get a fair deal. But Wingers is right -**** ’em! We are either hated and despised or hated and feared – the latter has to be the better choice.

  • To right Amos, as my sig says we are “what the rest of the world regards as fundamentally unloveable” (Hornby) and all the better for it. UP THE ARSENAL!

  • Top article from a man like Wingers, repka u filthy mouthy little beanflicker, you got yours hope you’re fit for the 29th so we can **** u up two times.

  • anyone see the banner WE ARE SPARTA….not on fabregas’s shift those fwackaz got what they deserved coz they decided how the game will be played and i have a feeling the rest of the season will be like that. if you wanna play ball lets play but if you wanna play hardcore streetball bring it on. WE ARE THE ARSENAL

  • As much as I like us getting “stuck in” I feel we are much better off when we up the tempo of our game instead of getting bogged down like in the first half in Prague. Last year up at Bolton was a great example we raised the tempo with sharp decisive passing and the orks couldnt live with us. Blackburn is gonna be a very tough game without our wingers……………………………………………
    …………………………………. Jens…………………………………………

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