Date: 13th December 2006 at 10:14am
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As usual I leave the match reports to others, I sat at home Sunday night thinking about the game I saw and reflected in a different way.

Peter Kenyon is intent on making Chelsea the biggest club in football, something that was very achievable at United. But what makes a team BIG? If it is trophies then you would point to LIVERPOOL as they have won the most league titles and Euro Cups then any other English club. Nottingham Forest and Aston Villa have won the European Cup so that would make them a big club, yet their form in the last decade or more says that they haven’t been consistent enough to be classed big in Europe.

So do we look at fan base? well Chelsea are far from that with their small ground, especially if you look at United, Barcelona, Milan, Madrid etc etc and all of those have a much bigger fan base world wide, even Liverpool have a huge following round the world.

Wealth, well that is one area that Chelsea can be considered one of the largest, their owner if one of the richest men in the world, although I am led to believe the Sheik ready to buy Liverpool would suddenly give them far greater wealth than their Blue London rivals. Also there is a difference in having the wealth but being successful in making a profit would be Manchester United, not only successful on the pitch but off it too with all their marketing skills.

So then what about current form. Manchester Utd are 8 points in front of Chelsea and therefore the best in England right now, even though Chelsea are PL champions. But does that make united the best team in England right now or do we wait until the end of the season to reserve judgement?

Now look at it from a fan across the world. Ask someone to name a big team in France, alot of people will say PSG, yet what have then won in the last few years, infact Lyon are probably the bigger and better team now and PSG find themselves 15th in the league and a massive 29pts behind league leaders Lyon after just 17 games!
AJAX have always been the team in Holland yet they find themselves 3rd and 8pts behind PSV.
In Germany Bayern Munich are the country’s biggest club financially and in every aspect of the game, yet they are 4th right now.
In Italy is has always been between Inter and Milan, yet Milan are currently 15th in the league on 13pts, they had a 7pt deduction so in real terms would give them 21 pts but even with that installed it would only give then 5th and STILL 18pts behind Inter. Lazio who could probably be compared to Chelsea over the years and now 5th and are 18pts behind league leaders.

What make it interesting is that the pattern in football is very easy to follow, the big clubs may have a few off seasons and need time to change things around, I think football changes far quicker today then it did 10 or 20 years ago and that is because of that amount of money in football today. You only have to look at clubs like Aston Villa and Pompey to see what can happen with money injection.

Chelsea may struggle upfront to find the perfect partner for Drogba, many say that Sheva was not Mourinho’s signing and it shows how the manager makes a point of subbing him each game around the 70th minute mark, infact he is the most subbed player in the Prem league, but Chelsea`s answer will be to ship him out at a loss in Jan and just spend another £30 million on another striker, probably David Villa if you believe the rumour mongrels, but is this right?

If we take the value of Chelsea’s strike force Sunday against the cost of our defence, years ago you would shudder at the thought of such a striker force and how many goals you were going to leak, but nowadays that is not the case, price tags don’t seem to matter as much in our inflated world of football.

If Uefa gets their way with the new rules on salaries and transfer allowances, then to go out and buy a new striker will be harder for the likes of the super rich, I am not sure that is fair and find that restraint of business… if the club has a big enough bank roller then what difference does it make to anyone else? Does it make it easy for them?

my answer would be no, just because you can buy the most expensive players in the world does not guarantee you success as Chelsea are finding out this season, everything in football is like the circle of life, Chelsea may be champions now, but the Bigger clubs will rise back up again and Chelsea will struggle in mid table minority with over paid superstars once the special one gets tired of his employers interference in transfers dealing.

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20 Replies to “Just Who Is The Biggest?”

  • Hahaha while you two are fighting over the name “biggest” utd are walzing off with the league!!! why resort to talking about another club, concentrate on your own!!!

  • “why resort to talking about another club, concentrate on your own!!!
    …..Errmmmm, and you’re here because??????????

  • This comes from a yid on an Arsenal site talking about Chelsea. Are you particulary stupid or particulary intelligent and using a little irony?? I know which my rubels would be on.

  • we do BY, but where am i fighting ? it is a topic that i thought could bring discussion, but obviously spurs fans don’t have the intelect or the experience of knowing what its like to be a big club to bring any arguement to the table 😉

  • did that shut him up ? 😛 hehe… *waits for the chelsea boys to put their tuppence worth in now ……………………..

  • not only do chelsea not have history, trophy count, fan base etc, but each and every game/trophy they win now is hollow. they are buying success but they cant buy class.

  • wash your mouth out son,and go get your fathers gun,and shoot all the totnum scum…… come the mighty spurs dont get a mention in this piece about big clubs?

  • Interesting debate, who is biggest, mine is bigger than yours etc etc! Well chelsea certainly cant be the biggest, how can they be when we stole their Willy!

  • I think the whole thing about being a big club is vastly overstated…who really cares? I’m just interested in being a successful club, which for me is having a chance to win a major trophy every year and (if possible) looking good doing it, while selling out the stands. Anything beyond that is gravy. I mean Real Madrid’s still regarded as the biggest team in the world, but they haven’t won bugger all in what, three, four years? If that’s your idea of big, you can keep it.

  • UEFA may not have to intervene as i feel that the footballing bubble is close to as a sport is not growing as much as before(basketball is the fastest growing sport in the world) and with distraction such as video games,other growing sports and internet less young people care about it as much.this means that sooner or later the massive broadcasting rights that leagues benefit from will probably have to be reduced bringing the whole football structure back to terra firma. It must be remember that football as a business does not really make much in term of profit for unless you are a fan,using the club brand name to grow your other business and/or rep(perez in madrid),or for illegal activities then there is not much incentives in purchasing football clubs.i am happy that arsenal has a sensible,long term approached which would means that even in a reduced business climate we would survive just fine.

  • but football in England is showing no signs of becoming less popular, at least not with arm chair fans! arsenal’s waiting list continues to grow unabated and in places like Asia football is king. I think we’ll wait a long time before football becomes an unpopular sport, even the yanks are catching on!

  • Fran merida, i think you answered your own question abotu mighty spurs 😉
    and OLASAL, we are so not obsessed enough to write a piece on one the forums fans as you have done Mr I am such a intelect well spoken mild mannered all seeing all knowing supports chelsea and likes prawn sandwiches.

  • It’s always amusing when fans of different teams like OLASAL visit this site to say that we’re obsessed with other teams. If you were anymore full of *****, your stomach would explode.

  • yeah good article,its always going to be an ongoing debate,but i think most gooners dont care whos the biggest as long as we are always above the dithering slopscum

  • *raises hand* I’m a yank! And I love football! lol. But anyways, great article PG, that was very enjoyable and thought provoking. There’s so many things ppl can use to justify that this club or that club is big. Personally, I think “big” clubs are ones that leave lasting legacies. No period will ever be the same for one club, but the essence will always be the same, and that’s what each generation can identify with and come together to enjoy this football club, who can bring so many different backgrounds together who share a true bond in a way not possible without it.

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