Date: 10th February 2010 at 11:04am
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There’s a standing joke amongst Arsenal fans, it’s called Tottenham Hotspur.

Every year we’re bombarded with very obscure jibes from Tottenham fans about how we’re ‘going to win fuck all’ and how they’re going to finish above us, and after throwing more money at their problems than any other club in Premiership history bar Chelsea and Liverpool (and probably soon to be Man City too) they fall to piece and we can all enjoy our pints over a good chuckle.

Spurs start to the 2009/10 campaign was delicious, some of the most comical football in living memory, it was a special time. And then came good old ‘Arry Redknapp.

Redknapp was momentarily caught up in good old fashion Spurs tradition of talking big, spending bigger (seriously, how many former players are you going to sign?) and capitulating at a fantastic time, but for me, that’s changed over recent times.

I’m not sure whether the current financial climate played it’s part in the decrease in Spurs spending power or the realisation that stability is the key to successful football, but whatever has gone on seems to be working for Spurs.

Ok, so they have had a few dodgy ‘spurs-like’ results, but this season …. who hasn’t? And in complete honesty, I was starting to worry that they might actually make the Champions League spot this season (not at our expense of course).

However just as it looked like things were coming together for Spurs, ‘Arry did the inexplicable, and opened that hole on his scrotum-like, easing my fears that Spurs had actually changed. In keeping with the inferiority complex that goes hand in hand with trying to keep up with the Jones’ Redknapp seeks to compare his team with the Gunners and says Spurs can finish 3rd this season.

‘Of course Liverpool can finish third. But if they beat Arsenal and we beat Wolves then we can finish third. Arsenal are suddenly right back in the pack. And in all honesty we’ve thrown a lot of good leads away and we really should be above Arsenal now.’

‘It would be a good achievement and we have a chance. At the start of the season we would have taken where we are now – still in the cup and pushing for a Champions League place. We couldn’t have asked for more than that at the start of the year but we have thrown some points away.’

‘Everyone can do it but we really have. Stoke in the last minute, Hull, Wolves at home, 2-0 up at Everton with 10 minutes to go, Birmingham away, a couple of points here and there. If Arsenal get beaten then it opens it up if we win or Manchester City win or Villa.’

‘Then all of a sudden you look at it and the top two have gone and we’re all fighting for two positions between five teams.’

As always with Spurs it’s about ‘what-if’s’, and until they learn to forget about Arsenal and concentrate on Spurs then they’ll always play second fiddle to the Gunners. The irony is that if they didn’t spend so much time trying to best us, that they would have a much better chance of doing so.

Thanks ‘Arry, I can go back to laughing over a swift pint of Abbotts.