Date: 20th December 2007 at 12:00pm
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Many Arsenal blogs this morning carry the comments from John ‘JT’ Terry (does that stand for ‘Jinormous Tosser’?) criticising Eboue for the tackle Manu made on the man who would ‘run through a brick wall for his country’.

And as you’d expect, the blogs have all responded in the same way. As I am going to as well.

Terry’s response is nothing less than I would expect from a man who behaves and carries himself on the football pitch with all the grace and poise of a dirty thug – getting in referees’ faces, screaming and showering them with spittle – check this:

Tackles have to be made in this game and especially in a top-of-the-table clash like Sunday’s at Arsenal, and I had to make the tackle on EbouĆ©, I felt he left his studs in there and it should have been a sending off.


But not nearly as badly as Terry left his studs in on Cesc Fabregas earlier in the game, with Fabregas grounded on the floor, having already been brought down by one of Terry’s teammates, I seem to recall Terry thundering in on an immobile Cesc at full-pelt, his fat, neanderthal foot slamming into Cesc’s thigh/side. Naturally, such a crude tackle and lunge sparked a meleĆ©. Terry in the thick of it, ‘giving it the big’un’ back, as if he’d done nothing wrong.

Terry’s tackle on Fab was miles worse, a crude lunge designed to injure Arsenal brightest star, and put him out of the game, potentially for a long time. It was vile, pre-meditated, and sinister.

Poetic justice then that Terry should be put out for a similar period of time to what Cesc would have endured, had Terry’s tackle had it’s desired effect He should have been red carded for that, and if he had, he’d have been back sooner than he will now. If any Chelsea fans wish to say he didn’t mean that tackle, then he’s a piss-poor defender who doesn’t deserve all the plaudits and England captaincy. The ‘tackle’ was that bad, and that late.

If you think it was meant, then he’s a thug.

Either way, as Arseblogger already said, the karma police came calling, and it would appear they had a warrant, and smashed his door down to raid the property, taking away plenty of evidence in the process.

You will forgive me if I have little sympathy for Terry – remember the saying ‘do unto others as you would have them do unto you’? Terry has little room for complaint.

And I’ve yet to hear his thoughts on his assault on Fabregas. Funny how he failed to mention that.

And before you CSKA Chelski fans pull me up on this, as for Cesc’s foul on Cashley C.R.E.A.M. – yeah, that was wrong too, as Paul Mustchin already highlighted soon after the final whistle on Sunday. But it was nowhere near as sinister as the one carried out by ‘JT’.