Date: 23rd August 2007 at 8:14pm
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Arsene Wenger has reveald that German goalkeeper Jens Lehmann injured his Achilles tendon after he helped Germany to a 2-1 win over England.

After 2 blunders in as many league games for Arsenal, and another brace of mistakes against for Germany last night, including letting Lampard score his first England goal for a year, after being beaten at his near post.

In an interview with Wenger said: ‘Jens is out and he will miss two weeks, I think. Maybe more – I don’t know.

‘He is going to see a specialist in Germany on Friday. He had this injury before but it got much worse.’

But, has Lehmann really suffered an injury? Or is Wenger trying to drop him without admitting it?

I have my thoughts, I’m sure you have yours, so do share…

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20 Replies to “Jens Out For 2 Weeks…Or Is He?”

  • yeah sure Arsene we believe you and Ramos was’nt offered the spurts job lol, whatever the reason the timing is perfect cos the bloke looks shakier than a big chunky arse at carnival, get your head sorted ya big crazy bastid and we’ll see you back soon

  • I guess he has to leave the big German with a bit of pride. Whatever the reason the right decision has been made.

  • whatever’s gone on here, at least the gaffer hasn’t stood still! He wants that title brought to the Grove!

  • It is also possible that he is injured but it is convenient in someways. If Almunia does really well it maybe hard for Jens to get back in again always assuming that it is Almunia who gets the nod against City. Fabianski against Prague maybe?

  • This is blatantly a cover up. Jens obviously needs a break to regain some confidence. Quite frankly I think a period out of the side will make him improve again like it did when he was dropped before. Hopefully though Manuel plays like he did in the Carling Cup last year and we?ve got a great and younger keeper on our hands.

  • Maybe the injury he’s talking about is his mental, or brain, injury. Wenger did say he had the injury before, but now it got worse so maybe Arsene sent him back home to the land of Freud to see a therapist.

  • Strange timing, and allows Lehmann to be dropped without losing face. I’m not sure if this is a good move, if true. If Jens has been dropped, then Wenger should make that clear to him, the team, and the fans.

  • I know Jens is a fantastic keeper, but personally, I would have found it impossible to drop Almunia after his performances in the Cup competitions last season. I thought he was spotless in those games and I think he deserves his chance now. With the England goalkeeper debate raging on, he’s probably straining at the leash to go out there and prove himself, what with his possible application for an English passport.

  • It’s a good excuse to drop Lehmann now, his performance against England wasn’t top notch either. Dyer, Owen(twice) and Lampard could all have scored against Germany had it not been for their lack of fitness or the result will be a 5-2 victory for England. Hope Almunia makes the most of what he can in the next few games or Fabinanski will end up between the sticks.

  • If Arsene says he is injured then he’s injured, I don’t think Arsene would fanny around like that to be honset, he’s dropped him before.

  • After the first goal he let in against England he was pretty solid and made some good saves. I think Arsene is above such deception of us loyal fans. Jens is injured

  • Wenger has proven over the years thst he knows when to move a player on, but he does seem to have a weakness when it comes to keepers. He kept Seaman for a season 2 long, and it looks like he’s doing the same with Lehmann

  • prits you are one of the more enlightened posters, but to think that Wenger would be bothered about saving Lehmann’s feelings. Really! I’m sure you don’t believe that, Wenger does what he believes is right. Hence giving captaincy to Gallas, that’s not the action of a man worried about saving some ones face

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