Date: 7th April 2008 at 2:46pm
Written by:

Surfing the interweb over the past couple of weeks has been a horrifying experience, the level of support from our fans has faded in what can only be described as Leed United proportions.

It has saddened and even angered me to read the comments of so called supporters of our great team.

The amount of people questioning Arsene’s abilities to carry on leading this club forward has been scary, even to the point that I worry whether fan pressure could make his position at the club untenable in the coming years.

Many supporters feel aggrieved that Arsenal have blown a 5 point lead at the top of the table, and despite being tipped by most to finish outside the top four this season, it appears that the clearly visible improvement on the last two seasons is just not enough for some people.

Yes, mistakes have been made by Arsene, mistakes have been made by the players, but the match officials have also cost us points, and even more importantly, many supporters are just as guilty of adding to the woes of our season (a season that isn’t over yet).

It speaks volumes when players who don the red and white of our famous club confess to prefer to playing away from home because ‘it’s less stressful’. To me, that is unacceptable that the place that is supposed to be our fortress, our home, is a place that heaps pressure on our players rather than getting to the other teams. And that is our fault.

To be bitching about the decisions made in the summer and in the January transfer window at this late stage in the day is not pro-active, infact, it’s down right stupid. It accomplishes nothing, it’s detrimental to our team. The argument that ‘I’ve paid my money, I’ll criticise if I want’ just does not wash with me. Tickets are a rare commodity at our stadium and if you can’t be bothered to help this club to strive to achieve great things, then fuck off, fuck off now. Sell your tickets and give them to someone who is willing to be constructive.

Now is not the time to pile unwanted pressure on the boys, it’s a time to stop crying like a load of whinging bitches and get on with the job in hand ……. cheering our beloved Arsenal to victory.

The next 7 days will define our season, it time to live up to our title of supporters, and support.