Date: 25th November 2014 at 10:52am
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After taking a few days off to consider the implications of the 2-1 defeat to Manchester United last Saturday (instead of rushing to pen an article whilst still rather annoyed) I have come to the conclusion that the positives we take from these games are worrying me every bit as much as the negatives.

As my esteemed colleague, Amos, quite rightly pointed out in his last piece, Arsenal actually played pretty damn well against the Red Devils on Saturday, high tempo, lots of pressing without the ball, made some really good chances, we could and should have been 3-0 up at half time. It was a rare mauling of the Manchester side.

However despite the obvious superiority, we came away with nothing aside from our tails between our legs and rosy red cheeks.

When an unfortunate deflection off the helpless Kieran Gibbs gave United the lead a graphic appeared on television sets all around the world that read “Man Utd: Shots on target – 0”.

Isn`t that just typical Arsenal? (I remember a game back at Highbury where Arsenal registered twenty seven shots on target to Blackburn`s one and we still lost 2-1).

Make no mistake, this is the worst Manchester United sides since Alex Ferguson`s early days at Old Trafford, and all our pressing and forward player made them look like a lower league side, they were utter garbage.

And therein lies the rub.

Our positives are actually negatives. How can we take solace from the fact that we played well but still lost to a truly terrible team?

Maybe if this was a one off it’s something we could pass off as a freak result, but if we`re being honest it`s not the first time this has happened is it? I`m aware that this does happen to all teams at some point however it happens to us with an alarming regularity.

I would wager everything I own that I wasn`t the only Arsenal fan to utter the words “We`re battering them, I bet we lose” on Saturday evening before Gibbsy bundled the ball into his own net. You see and hear it everywhere you look.

Check out Twitter ? “We`re playing well but we need to score soon or we`ll regret it”. It happens to us time after time after time.

It`s possible that things will just click and we`ll go on a run of results and rescue ourselves, god knows we have tons of practise, but it`s worrying that this is what we keep having to do, time and again.

How many times this season have we not started playing until the last few minutes of a match? In three matches alone we`ve wrestled points with goals in the 90th minute, and whilst that is commendable, it doesn`t always work out that way and we find ourselves saying “If we`d have played like that from the beginning we`d have won easily”.

Arsenal have surrendered more points from winning positions than any other team in the league this season and that`s a very worrying trend, especially when you look at the teams we`ve thrown games away against.

I don`t pretend to have the answers on how to fix this, but what I do know is that positives aren`t actually positives if you don`t do anything with them, and when that`s the case on a very regular basis, it`s time for something to change.

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