Date: 22nd April 2007 at 1:06pm
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Obviously yesterday was a time to rejoice for Arsenal fans.

I’m sure most if not all of you know that it was St Totteringham’s day yesterday as Arsenal drew 2-2 with their less than friendly neighbours.

However, I’ve got a complaint. How on earth did Dimitar Berbatov get Man of The Match for his performance yesterday?

He had a good first half but all he did in the second half was sulk. He looked to be having a tantrum to rival those of Anelka himself.

For me it would have to be one of Cesc Fabregas or Abou Diaby. It’s not because I’m biased, it’s because they were both outstanding yesterday.

Fabregas turned the game around with his vision after Spurs flew out of the traps. He set up both of Arsenal’s goals and his very presence ensured Spurs stuck 9 men behind the ball and tried to hit Arsenal on the break.

If you put ‘Vieira’ and the number ‘4’ on his shirt you would have thought Arsenal had re-signed Big Pat himself. He walked all over Tottenham’s midfield. Getting back to defend when he was needed but his close control and attacking insticts were fantastic.

So, if anyone can explain why he was awarded Barclay’s man of the match, please tell me.


19 Replies to “It’s Criminal!”

  • ***** you mick…you came from behind and thats all you can ever do…stay behind us n kiss our ass!!!

  • madmick1 – go stuff your head up an elephant’s anus, and let it tighten it’s sphincter round your effing neck – now run along, we are getting our flags ready for next year’s st. totteringham’s day… »»Arsene Knows««

  • hmmm……. well i dont know but i think
    its criminal not to award fab or diaby with it

    scumbags scums


  • I’m not a cockney madmick (very fitting username by the way), I’m from Kent. Kingdino, not got a clue what that means?

  • Clearly MOTM was awarded based on sympathy…we got St. Totteringhams day, so it was only fair to give the Duds a little taste of hope…what’s sad is that this was at the expense of players who truly deserved the recognition. sad sad spuddies

  • iight simmy ill put in other words m8
    i think it was stupit to award berba with the manofthematch
    instead of fab or diaby
    Gunnar – Gunner4life

  • Abou Vieira should have won it hands down! In fact, I was quite surprised he didn’t slide tackle Berbatov whilst he was being inteviewed and come away with the award, just like he did with the ball all game.

  • Until he was subbed I felt it was Rosicky all the way. But Diaby and Cesc were worthy contenders, Berbatov is a classy player, but you rarely get more than 70 minutes out of him.

  • Fabregas tracked Jenas well in the 94th minute though didn’t he. Gotta stay switched on lads…….

  • Berbatov deserved his motm award. Anyone who can play with 10 other completely S**** people & not thump one of them in the face for a whole 90 minutes deserves all the awards they can be given!!

  • Cesc was man of the match without doubt, that man of the match was for the spuds programme surely.

  • LOL AG, good point !! I thought Cesc deserved it, Diaby to me looked much better in the 2nd half after cesc came on, and you could see the impact cesc had on the game.

  • Man Of The Match was Diaby. No gags, no lies, no nothing. Fabregas changed the game but Diaby was the constant….

  • of course Ashburton Gooner, you won by how many? Sorry I can’t hear you … pretty ***** poor team who can’t beat 10 s**** people eh?. Just waiting for the feeble selection of excuses and justifications.

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