Date: 10th March 2007 at 1:30am
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Thierry Henry has been ruled out for the rest of the season in a campaign that has been riddled with injury.

Titi was rushed back from injury to face PSV in an attempt to save Arsenal’s season, which ultimately ended in a glorious failure.

A failure which has now been compounded with the news that Arsene Wenger’s gamble cost us double after news filtered through that Henry will now be out for the rest of the season.

“Thierry Henry will be out for a minimum of three months,” said Arsène Wenger.

“Unfortunately this means he will now miss the rest of this season both domestically and internationally, but we are confident that he will be ready for the start of next season.”

Lets hope the rest will see Henry return to his world beating best.


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  • We all knew that it was a bad thing for him to return to the pitch against PSV. He needs a bloody holiday, which in a way is what he’s getting. He has to start again next season, anew.

    I for one only think this is a good thing.

  • Henry did what he had to do on Wednesday…I wouldn’t expect the team captain to do any less then try to help the team. That said, I wasn’t expecting the cost to be this high, but as long as he’s back healthy next year then I can deal with it. That said, we’re short as ***** up front now…Beast, Aliadiere and Walcott are all we’ve got for strikers for the next few weeks. As if we didn’t have enough scoring problems, heh.

  • I knew something like this was going to happen…it was a mistake to play him. Shinobi i would expect a captain to know when he is not fit to play he shouldn’t play…i would rather play a fit Beast or Ali then an injured Henry.

  • I suppose a complete rest to heal whatever injuries and come back next season totally refreshed is the only good thing out of this.

  • this is a good thing IMO i kinda expected it as i suspect many of us did. i hope he rests fully and comes back with a vengance. i think his body must have really been suffering from last season

  • Don’t dishearten. We have & will mangage without TH14 for the remainder of the season. For me the last 11 games gives Arsene the opportunity to discover our best starting 11, experiment a little, tinker a touch and generally move the team forward towards the exciting future we’ve all been talking about this season.
    I for one would like to see Theo play down the middle some more, and give Juston Hoyte more time at right back….am unsure about Eboue and his major attitude/temper concerns

  • It’s always sad to hear when a player is hit by injury even if he plays for the opposition – we wish him a speedy recovery and who knows, he might make a fleeting appearance in May!

  • Cheers for the good words merlin. If Henry didn’tt play and the team had lost, I bet more than a couple of people would’ve criticized him for not showing up when the team needed him most. It was a big gamble, but let’s not act like Henry made this decision in a vacumn…ultimately it was Wenger’s call. Henry wanted to play against Spurs earlier this year, but it was Wenger who told him to sit.

  • I agree with merlin, not good seeing a player gettin’ injured for so long(unless you’re silly billy).

  • AW probably did make the wrong choice to bring on Henry but how much would he have been criticised had we gone out and not played him? his absence now leaves us extremely short but it gives the beast the opportunity to impress and and bag a place for next season.

  • changing the subject slightly,well now we are talking about the next season,what do you all think about the rumour of our new white away strip????????? so far ive heard a lot of negative stuff coming out,like white shirts are for (unts ie spuds and orcs and chel$ki away,and that our club is based on traditional values and we have alot of history connected with yellow shirts and blue shorts,but someone mentioned that we only started wearing yellow from the 60’s,and that we wore white shirts with red trim,and black shorts away before then during chapmans era

  • No surprises here, it was always a huge gamble to play henry, which backfired for more reasons than on the field. now henry is out, but so far this season, we’ve looked far better without him. So from Arsenal’s perspective, an extended run without henry is good, I feel. So here’s to hoping he comes roaring back next season, coz i still think henry has a valuable role to play in the success of this arsenal team.

  • I didnt mind the blue away strips we used have. I think we should keep the blue and chelski should play in green. $$$.

  • Henry is a class player full of elegance. I cant believe he hasnt been the world player of the year on atleast 3 or 4 occasions. I would like Arsneal to destory Chelsea the next time that they play them. How did they manage to win the carling cup with a clear offside goal? Im a Celtic lad and for some reason we have Chelsea vital fans abusing us and leaving comments on Rangers hoping them to beat us? As the only respectable and decent team in Arsenal i hope you can seriously wreck Chelsea’s title hopes. Unlucky agsint PSV btw you completly outplayed and outclassed them! How did u’s not win :S

  • We’re still asking ourselves that question. Then again there are probably Man U fans still wondering how they didn’t beat us in the FA Cup final in ’05. Sometimes you lose when you should win, and win when you should lose. It’s what makes sport so great.

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