Date: 23rd April 2007 at 9:12pm
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I’ve just had a phonecall from Vital Arsenal member ‘Puregold’.

We spoke about the potential takeover etc but he also passed on a very interesting stat.

I don’t know about all of you but I’m still celebrating St Totteringham’s day, so this stat was of great interest to me.

I suppose you all want to know what this interesting stat is?

Well here it is… This weekend’s North London Derby was Martin Jol’s 99th league game at Spurs. During those 99 games only ONCE has he managed to beat a top 4 side, that team being Chelsea at White Hart Lane this season.

It might not sound that bad but consider that spurs are (allegedly) a team on the up, while Arsenal are a team in decline it’s not that great. Also consider that West Ham have won more games against top 4 sides this season (three) than Jol has in his entire time as Spurs manager.

Need I say more? 😉


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  • Also its the fiftieth season spuds have won the league, well nearly. They are *****e
    Shall we sing a song for you
    Shall we sing a song for you

  • Spurs are the greatest club in WORLF FOOTBALL! Or maby the best club who wear a brown away kit in london!!!!!!

  • well considering that 2 of west ham wins was against us..i’m not too happy.. but if that could add insult to the already injured spuds.. i’m overjoyed

  • Now that’s a stat worth digging up! How the poor spuds have fallen! With your little pearls of wisdom PS, we should open a little corner on the site called “PG Tips” where every week you share with us some little nugget like this!! Keep’em coming!

  • Not happy about the fact that Hammers have beaten us twice, but when you look at our record against the top four clubs (exchange Spurs for us) it reads P11 W7 D3 L1, in all competitions. Hows that for a slice of fried gold?

  • well, that’s progress. Nice to see they’ve come on in leaps and bounds… »»Arsene Knows««

  • Actually I forgot about the cup final so add an extra tick to the P & L column, still makes for good reading though.

  • hehe thanks simmo for posting that for me while i was out and about in london town ! yes rocky your right, if you put our performance against the other 4 sides , i think we are on top this season 🙂 thanks for my PG little nuggest corner, i feel like i should be some roving reporter sleuth type, clark kent by day ….. all i need is a terri hatcher louis lane type ! DROOOOOOOOOL !

  • Jol thinks the big 4 are Tesco, Asda, Sainsburys and Morrisons. The guy is the most clueless manager ive seen in a long time. He doesnt buy the players (Commoli does) so cannot take credit for Berbatov, his jobs are tactics, man management and motivation all of which he fails at miserably. saying that it would take the dude from the green mile to breathe life back into that pile of s*@t club.

  • They have kept clean sheets in just 14% (5 clean sheets in total) of their games. Now we all know after last years Lasagne incident that they dont like clean sheets but thats the worst record in the premiership! yet they sing Englands number one to fatty and tell us how great chimbonda and Dawson are. They lost to us twice, liverpool twice, Chelsea twice and united twice. Embarrasing.

  • I don’t know about you but I would love for fatso to stay with the spuddies as long as possible. If he were to go, sp*rs could actually get someone who knows tactics and has a clue about man management. And PG really knows his stats.

  • How can a team who got beat home and away by the spammers GLOAT!! Actually you got beat by two different managers who will probably be inthe championship next year.. Goodie gooodie.. I may visit your areshole the imaginates when you have been bought by the yankies.. I would never pay you know that.. But i am sure Ic an get a freebie through my corporate connections.. I would only observe for scientific perposes..

  • don’t embarrass yourself cusop. your going to compare your totten***** statistics to our defeat to west ham! You truly have a brain as empty as that lame excuse for a spice rack you spuds call a trophy cabinet.

  • i think i may start a “keep jol at the lane for good” campaign. i’ve never seen a manager ***** his pants so many times as soon as his team take the lead. very amusing though

  • News updates………………………………………………………………. Mind the gap it said in today’s The Sun, and also in the London paper – but for *****s sake, we are 13 points clear of Spurs, which would have been 15 if the remarkably straight Jermaine Jenas hadn’t sneaked in an undeserved equaliser – the gap is closing how?………………………………………………………………………………………Also, this quote from Robbie Keane: “We had a longer run than them (Arsenal) even if it was in the UEFA Cup…” er… you had a bye… and you played ***** teams all the way until you got a decent team in the quarter-final where you *****ed it right up as usual, you in-bred scum, plus you only played about 3 ties. …………………………………………………………………………. Then you’ve got the comedy circuit’s fattest performer Martin Jol going on about how well they’ve done to get so far in so many competitions this season – you aren’t going to qualify for Europe, you went out in the quarter finals of the FA Cup, the quarter-finals of the UEFA Cup (after a bye ans easy draws all the way) and also lost in the semi-finals of a *****e competition like the league Cup to our kids… yeah, cracking season ———————————————————–How retarded can one club possibly be?

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