Date: 31st July 2007 at 7:24pm
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Speaking to Arsenal’s official website Cesc Fabregas has once again insisted that he is as commited as ever to The Arsenal cause.

Speculation has, of course, been rife about Fabregas’ future at Arsenal following two fantastic seasons from the youngster.

He signed a long term contract last season, but that did little to stop the rumours.

Cesc is aware of this, but insists he IS commited to arsenal, and shows it on the pitch: ‘Since I signed this contract everybody could see I really believe in this team and my commitment is the same as the first day I came here.

‘I believed I could do something for Arsenal and now I have the chance to play for the first team.

‘I have a big responsibility, like everybody, and all I want to do is play here.’

Fabregas went on to say that although you don’t know what the future holds, he is happy playing for Arsenal: ‘You never know the future and when you are a footballer anything can happen. But right now, Arsenal is the best place for me.’

The Arsenal midfielder went on to say that he wants to play every game of the season: ‘Even if I say I don’t want to play the Carling Cup when it comes I will want to play and get angry if I’m not involved. That is the way I am.’


23 Replies to “‘I’m Still Commited,’ Insists Cesc”

  • Didn’t Henry come out with something similar last year?
    Don’t trust a Spaniard or a Frenchman.Didn’t you lot learn nothing at school?

  • Well, this is not going to dampen any speculation on his future, but I for one, am quite happy to believe that he will be here for another 3 years. Thats a long term commitment anyone can hope for in todays footballing world.

  • Prits – to think that he’ll only be 23 by then; as Cesc gets physically stronger and stronger, and if he can add goals to his game, he can truly be one of the greats.

  • He is a great. He will be a world legend not just Arsenal. He will go up there with Henry, Vieira and Bergkamp. Pires is a legend but not a world legend. Cesc will be a superstar!

  • I don’t know what else Cesc has to do to make the media understand! Give the bloke a chance; his destiny lies with us, and we will love hime for that. This is the big season coming up that he’s been working up to, so these stupid rumours are only going to increase the better he and the team gets.

  • It’s not the media that need to understand. It’s the bloody president of Real Madrid. I just wish he’d keep his big mouth shut.

  • Love talking about Ces but do we really have to keep coming back as to his loyalty; lets give it a break we are getting as bad as Real etc. Our comments wont change the situation, all it does is allow dumb-nuts, Boof heads to come on our site and talk Sh..e.

  • Commitment on the pitch is the best that we can get from a player as human mind is as always UNPREDICTABLE and he is human after all. take the team ahead Cesc

  • I don’t see why these young players won’t stay for most of their careers IF they win silverware together. Barca etc are perceived to offer greater promise of winning something, instead of coming very close, as we have for two seasons. If we win the league, or better yet, the CL, all of this speculation will end. If nothing’s won, perhaps players like Cesc are correct in moving away.

  • Not sure he’ll enjoy playing UEFA cup football season after next, I suggest that if you want to be playing CL football in 2008/09, you had better go out their and win the CL. Now that we’ve signed Kevin Prince Boateng, top 4 beckons

  • we look for tittle and tottenham aims for top four, it tells the difference !! about cesc with toure and van peresie they are the backbone of arsenal in the pitch, i never doubt that he gives 100 % in pitch! even in Cl final against barca he gave 100 % against his childhood team. Great moments for him with Arsenal FC will build more commitment from Fab to arsenal. WE GOT CESC FABERGAS !!

  • Gooner SA! Are you seriously saying you will be competing for the title? You were 20+ of 1st place, thats a lot to make up.

  • put your money where your mouth is topspur…id say we lost 7 points due to stadium movement 10 points from lack of strickers 10 points from impotent midfield and another ten from inexperience and attitude against smaller teams. all our fault yes but all rectifiable…QUICKLY. Stadium is now a fortress to lose only 1 game in our first season is amazing…the draws really hurt us. we have disposed of an uninspired henry even though he was the best ever. RVP is superman 20+ adebayor is growing 15+ da silva is a maniac 15+, hleb has already opened his account rosicky and cesc were picking up towards the end of the season and if we get another similar season from bert we are soughted…not to mention our newest winger eboue who terrorised intermilan we should set bush and blair on him. we have strengthened our backline with sagna who can play almost anywhere…i could go on forever all im saying is the team will speak for itself…
    RVP..adebayor..da silve..bendtner GET THIS 19 OF THESE 24 PLAYERS ARE ALSO NATIONAL FIRST TEAM PLAYERS…how are the spuds going by the way???????

  • Well i’d be pretty sure no team has come from being 21pts behind in the previous season, and won the title the following season. Optimism is fine, but their is a limit.

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