Date: 1st February 2007 at 3:57pm
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It’s months like this that have to make you proud to be a Gooner. With the one blip on the record of a home draw to Bolton in the FA cup our form, and results accordingly, have been perfect. And apart from one bad result (horrible really) to Sheffield United the busy period over Christmas wasn’t as bad as a lot of the experts would have had us believe – we took 9 from a possible 12 points, being beaten only by Man U who took 10 (Chelsea only took 6). The confidence and belief in each other with which this team plays at the moment is incredible to watch and you literally feel as if you are watching the players grow into a formidable team, with improvements to almost every player involved being noticed with every passing match. I for one think that witnessing this group of players develop is a special experience, one that we don’t get the pleasure to be a part of very often in modern football with large percentages of squads being sold and new players replacing them every season in search for the right formula for success.

I know some Arsenal fans have grown so accustomed to the unrivalled success we have been blessed with during Le Boss’s reign as Arsenal manager that one or two baron seasons may seem an unbearable prospect and the dreaded word ‘transition’ being thrown about again scares some and seems like merely a poor excuse to others. But remember the great Man U side of the 90’s, that team didn’t win anything major for 2 years while developing into the side that one everything there is to be won. Also, sorry to use the phrase again but if moving into a new home isn’t considered a transition then I don’t know what qualifies anymore. If we are honest with ourselves i think we all new the second Lehmann left the field that last years CL final may really have been to much to ask against Barcelona, and as much as we all would love to have that one trothy that has elluded us in the cabinet i think we can all agree that the team left us with many great memories and performances along the road to Paris. At the start of this season we struggled, but if it were not for a few poor draws at home and an unlucky loss to West Ham we would be right up there with Man U and Chelsea. I now agree that ‘transition’ is a word we should avoid as the form we have shown since the Sheffield game is absolutely amazing. The title is beyond us this season but next season, that is what we should expect as this team is clearly capable of challenging Chelsea and Manchester United at the top of the table and has proven recently that even the smallest of them wont be bullied by the likes of Blackburn and Bolton anymore.

Everytime i see this team play, and observe the growth, i know I’m watching a special team be born, one capable of conquering the world of soccer for years to come. The people who were saying ‘sack Wenger’ and ‘sign British’ at the start of this campaign are small minded and ignorant, and also unlucky, that they don’t have the patience to for now just enjoy watching this remarkable group of youngsters and the ‘Total’, if not some times extravagant football this team play. You know what the say, ‘Patience is a virtue’, and I have all the patience in the world for these players and for Wenger. I cant remember which Brazilian it was (if anyone can tell me that would be appreciated) who said this but the quote is a powerful statement of this teams quality anywayz, ‘This Arsenal side play football the way people romanticise about the ’62’ and ’70’ world cup winning sides played.’, that says something when the average age of our outfield players is only 24.8!

I have loved the experience of seeing the conception of Arsene Wenger’s Arsenal Mark III and hope that now the team is starting to bare some fruit my optimism (along with many of the others on this forum) can be passed on to some of the pessimists I’m sure still are out there some where. Bring on Chelsea in the Carling Cup – which our kids have single handedly revived – bring on Bolton and PSV and Bring on next season. And to any doubters that remain, remember in those dark moments for the rest of the season when the frustration builds again, as I’m sure at some stage it will, ‘WENGER KNOWS!

Article submitted by Ozi Gooner

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  • I think when you look at the likes of Spurs and the 8 million spent on average players like Jenas you can understand why Le Boss doesn’t buy English players. Big fat Robinson is another example. He is England’s number 1, but he would struggle to be Chelsea’s 3rd choice goalkeeper. Terry, Rooney and Gerrard are probably the only English players I would like to have in our team and you are probably looking at a combined fee or around £150 million. Compare that with the combined fee of say Toure, Cesc and Henry and you only begin to realise why Wenger chooses to shop abroad.

  • a very good article mate, but let’s not think about the next season just yet, because we have a European Cup to win this season, and we’re so gonna win it..

  • well said paul,youve mirrored my sentiments exactley,i too have all the patience,the fact is that i have and always will have faith in wengers policies,i can wait because if you look at the whole picture its easy to see what the future is going to be like,get down to the 5th round youth cup on friday@barnet ko 7pm and you will see it in red and white

  • Been saying it all season, as have many others, wejust need a bit of patience and trust in this young crop emerging now. The cream of a large talented group of young players are finding their way through, and will form a squad capable of dominating for a good ten years. What is also heartening is the spirit, desire and belief in themselves they have at such tender ages. And don’t think wenger will stop there, he’ll continue recruiting the creme de la creme of youth, which will mean the ones who make it through will have to continue performing to the utmost, lest they themselves are surpassed by a youngster… »»Arsene Knows««

  • I enjoyed last year just as much as the incredible 2004 season, simply because the team struggled to find their way in the first half of the year with a young side (and Henry struggled to settle in as captain and playing a lone striker role), only to see them turn things around after that win at Real Madrid. Despite the loss at Blackburn a few days later they went on an incredible run after that, played (along with Germany vs Italy) the game of the year at Highbury in the return leg vs Real, absolutely destroyed Juventus (who if you remember was being called by everyone at that point the best team in Europe), and got to the Champions League final to outplay the other best team in Europe with a man down until the 70th minute mark. And we can’t forget the way they climbed up the EPL table and were able to snatch fourth place on the very last day, closing out Highbury in fine style. All this while playing some of the most entertaining football around, and with kids. It’s been similiar this year…some more young players brought in, a few struggles early on, but they’ve hit a good run of form even earlier than last season and have developed something last year’s team lacked: the ability to comeback in almost any game. Granted that’s probably because our defense is shakier than last year, but to come back from behind in so many games, and against fantastic opposition, only adds strength and belief to this side. And now we’re starting to win the physical battles that we were losing before…I thought they more than held their own in the physical department in their most recent games, including at Blackburn and last weekend against Bolton. The replay at the Reebok just provides this team one more test to overcome, and while Wenger would never admit it publically I think he secretly loves the fact that we’ve got a second chance to show what we can do at such a difficult venue. Deep down he knew that ’07 was a little too early for this team to challenge for the league…but everything we’ve accomplished in the last 18 months and continue to acheive for the remainder of this season will set us up for a definitive title run in ’08. And only a blind idiot would say otherwise.

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