Date: 18th July 2007 at 11:33am
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First of all may I apologise for my lack of activity on the site, but I’ve had the more pressing needs of a rather vocal baby to attend to. However now he has appeared to have settled into to life at the Mustchin household, I should be around a lot more.

Now that’s out of the way, let us focus our attention on the explosive personality that is Ian wright.

Speaking on his TalkSport show, he revealed that he doesn’t know where his son, Shaun Wright-Phillips will be playing next season, but should it be Spurs, then he will gladly cheer on from the stands.

Wrighty said, ‘If my son wants to play for Spurs, I will support him playing for Spurs. If it means small-minded Arsenal fans saying I will not be popular at the Emirates then they are idiots. I am now a football pundit, I am a Londoner and I support all London teams.’

Wrighty has enraged some Arsenal fans since retiring from the game with comments that I would only describe as honest, and I imagine that this latest statement will only serve to piss some fans off even more, although I won’t be one of them.

Shaun is his son, and any good father would support the career changing decisions of his family without question. Some fans may fall into the trap of the media hype, claiming that Wrighty called Arsenal fans idiots. Which he didn’t, he called supporters of our club who chastise him for supporting his son idiots, and I must say, I agree.

If any of our sons went on to play professional football for a bitter rival, which would you put first? Your family or your football team?


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  • ******** spurs scum mother *****er traitor son of a bitch whore Jol *****er ****. ***** YOU WRIGHT.

  • It wasnt said like that. He was saying he would support his move not support the club. Stupis****! Ian Wright, Wright, Wright!!

  • I agree completely with this article. What else can a dad do? He must be understandably disappointed that his son has sunk so low but he has no choice but to support him. Wrighty will always be an Arsenal legend and I admire his honesty. I’m sure that if Arsenal gave him the choice then SWP would choose the gunners.

  • Sorry but I lost all respect for Ian Wright a long time ago. Of course he supports his son, but if my boy became a professional footballer & played for spuds I would hope he had a great game but I would still want Arsenal to win because they are my team!! Ian Wright is not an Arsenal fan so he can do what the f*** he likes, I couldn’t give a damn either way because he is nothing but an ex player who tries to keep himself in the limelight!!

  • I agree with gooner303 there. You know that SWP would jump at the chance to come to us and personally I’d love to see him. I think he’d be a “loyal player”, which is a term that keeps cropping up recently. Wrighty has always had a big mouth and it seems to me that his mouth does get bigger the more people he knows is listening to it. But ultimately his supporting son would always come first and rightly so. Doesn’t mean that he’ll stop being a Gooner legend!!!

  • Charlie George once contemplated joining Spurs and almost did until Dave Mackay at Derby rescued him from the shame. He is still happy to knock them any chance he can and is very much an Arsenal legend. For Charlie and all players it is just work – its how they earn their living and Wrighty supporting his son wherever he plays is no less than you would hope he would do. Instead of being angry with Wrighty we should feel sad for his poor son.

  • Why feel sorry for his son, this article has been somewhat edited because Ian Wright also said that Shaun doesn’t want to play for arsenal!!

  • I am sorry to say Rocky, that for me question marks have always hung over Wrighty in terms of his ‘goonerness’. That said, I don’t think his latest comments should be taken as some sort of affront to us, he is merely wishing that his son get away from the stagnation that has seized his sons career since moving to Lokomotiv. Swp would be a great addition for us tho and now would be the time to nab him.

  • R7, firstly I didn’t say he doesn’t want Arsenal to win, but if you want to start playing those games he did say he supports all London clubs so therefore you can safely assume from that statement that he doesn’t favour one london team over another!! Therefore if Spuds played Arsenal he would be neutral, but if his son was at spuds & playing then surely he would favour them??

  • I doubt Arsenal are interested in spoilt goods. Hes a good player but nothing special. If he doesnt end up playing for Arsenal its purely because Arsenal havent bid. I love it when players / agents (Zakora, Bale, Martins, etc) make out that they have rejected Arsenal, when the truth is that Arsenal didnt want them and didnt bid for them.

  • AG – before shooting your mouth about editing, you might to think about what has been written. I’ve got no reason to comment that SWP doesnt want to play for Arsenal because it’s completly irrelevant to what I’m trying to say. All I did was defend a man who has come into some stick for supporting his son.

  • That is a little discourteous of him AG but as he knows we don’t want him at all he would have to say that and as a pre-cursor to joining the spuds it’s probably a neccessity. The poor fellow is going to get it in the neck from those spuds that will forever see him only as Wrightys son and on top of that he has to endure the ignominy and shame of playing at WHL in a spud shirt. Show a little compassion!

  • Your son can play for whoever he pleases,to support him as a player no worries but support Spuds never never never.

  • Fair points Rocky. I can’t understand why people react to who he supports? He’s just an annoying ‘pundit’ now, as he said himself, so who gives a damn about who he supports. What’s the point?

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