Date: 4th April 2007 at 12:15pm
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I don’t care about Arsenal, I couldn’t care less!

Who gives a crap that they are under achieving at the moment? Does it matter that the form of the team resembles that of a team in the relegation zone?

I woke up this morning with a spring in my step, not jealous at all that Liverpool easily brushed aside a team who knocked us out of a second rate mickey mouse competition, and will go on to play in an exciting Champions League semi final.

I wouldn’t give a second thought about Thierry Henry, Robin van Persie & Theo Walcott. It matters little to me that they are sat on the sidelines for the rest of the season, neither does it matter that Arsenal’s injury list has been longer than a Tottenham supporters rap sheet.

It doesn’t play on my mind for one second that every single one of our main rivals still has something to play for while we spend the rest of the season hoping for the capitulation of their teams just to ease our pain.

I hate football, it doesn’t have a bearing on my everyday life, I rarely think about the game, the tactics, what match is next, it doesn’t bother me.

Arsenal aren’t a big part of my life. They’re not in my soul. It doesn’t hurt me when things don’t go their way.

It’s just a game.

I don’t care.

NB: If the above statement were true I’d be in a much better mood than I am this morning, I wouldn’t be sat wondering what could have been, and it wouldn’t have taken me 20 minutes just to get out of bed.

Come on Arsenal, ease my pain.


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  • Weird, I’ve had that Marvin Gaye song in my head all day, just the same words repeating themselves over and over, “oh brother, brother, brother, brother, said there’s far too many of us crying.” Strangely apt.

  • The writer is correct. The exact opposite of what he has written is true. While I don’t begrudge Liverpool their success last night (I think they are a great club with great fans), that they brushed PSV aside so easily just made me feel even worse. They did exactly what we should have done in that first leg – made our obvious superiority count. We can only hope that the depth of this disappointment this season provides the fuel for our motivation for the coming seasons.

  • There is no way PSV should have beaten us, I just feel so **** today. Still rough with the smooth. I still love my club and always will.

  • Let me ease your pain …. Guys “””St Hotspur day commeth upon thee!!””” The deed will be done

  • You know what cusop, that does make me feel better. St. Totteridge day is not that far away. It also reminds us that there are those much worse off in the world. How’s tinkerbell there dingle?

  • Come on Arsenal. We will be back…KEEP THE FAITH.
    PSV are a poor team and we lost it in the first leg, no good crying over spilt milk. The Spuds are Cr*p and always will be, so something to smile about.

  • thanks cusop, that did make me feel better!! the utter rubbish from delusional spuds always puts a smile on my face:).

  • I was awake from 3am to 6am this morning thinking and worrying about Arsenal. I really wish I didn’t care that much. my wife asked me what I was thinking about but she guessed after one guess. I have got problems.

  • I cant belive that we got beaten by such a secound class team as PSV and seeing liverpool brush them aside so easily yesterday makes me hurt even more. We could have beaten them so easily in the first or secound leg. I just wish that we could sort out our shooting and be able to finish games off like we used to. And then we can start playin the really stylish football like we are all used to watchin. Even thou saying that the CL has to go to liverpool again this season i couldnt handle the scummy blues or united doing the treble i dont know about u lot……

  • Here’s a crumb of comfort,the PSV team last nite were basically the reserve’s,no Alex or Kone and a host of others.Liverpool were lucky.Anyway at least you can look forward to St Totteridge day,have you not seen your run in!? 🙂

  • Its juat annoying that theres nothing to look forward too, if united or chelsea win 3 trophies it’ll make it a whole load worse, I hope only United win prem, a non-english teams win the Champions league and watford win the FA Cup.

  • remind me of the outcome of the totteringhams day poll? think you may have got it wrong guys.

  • liverpool happened to meet PSV when they are on their best form of the season while PSV were not playing well and had injuries. in contrast when we played PSV they had they key men there and lets face it Koeman out thought us. we also had several key injuries and were off the back of some sapping defeats. I dont think the comparisons between us and Liverpool on this basis are that fair.

  • I like Liverpool, if any team were gonna do us and then a team we easily should of beat by 3 goals both times i’m glad it was them. Much better than it being Chelsea or Man U. And we all know Sevilla are gonna ***** tottenscum up anyways. How strange it will be cheering for Kanoute

  • I will personally be surprised if you place in the top four. With moral as low as it is in both your dressing room and stands there is not much that even Paul Mckenna could do about it. I suggest you start supporting a new team – but please not Tottenham, I would think that Chelsea would be a good bet for you guys as they are south of the river like exactly where you came from when you bought your way into the football leagues top flight. Havingh said that the buying of honours bit in common should set you in good stead with their ‘growing fan base’. Laughable.

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