Date: 9th January 2008 at 10:07pm
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Well I did say almost.

21 games is over half a season, it’s nearly half the amount of games the famous Arsenal invincibles went unbeaten, it’s the key of the door, it’s my old house number, it’s the amount of games between Arsenal and Tottenham since Spurs last defeated their oldest rivals.

And I don’t think they will get a better chance to end the hoodoo than they did tonight.

I like to call things as I see them, and Tottenham were simply the better team tonight, admittedly against a bunch of Arsenal’s kids and one old fella, but the old adage goes that ‘you can only beat what’s infront of you’, or can’t in Tottenham’s case.

Spurs were easily the better side, closed down better, used the ball better, showed more desire and had the better chances.

Even our goal had elements of luck, BUT, the boys kept going. Despite lackadaisical performances we somehow found a way to grind out a result.

I had planned an article telling Spurs fans to enjoy the victory, because regardless of what they may have thought, they did beat (or so I thought would happen at the time) our reserves and the result had no direct bearing on the respective clubs futures.

However this evening ends with a slight feeling of sympathy towards Spurs fans, however the majority of me is pissing myself laughing.