Date: 28th March 2007 at 7:59pm
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Young Arsenal defender Justin Hoyte feels Arsenal are ‘on a par’ with both Chelsea & Manchester United and that the mighty Gunners will be battling on all fronts next season.

The England under 21’s defender has come into his own this season, holding down a regular spot at various positions in defence, and has looked great after his loan at Sunderland last season.

Hoyte believes Arsene’s young Gooners have drawn or lost many games this season that should have easily been won (Boro, Everton, Newcastle, Man City & West Ham anyone?) and that Arsenal are in no way lagging behind the big two.

“We feel we are on par with them already, it`s just the way the games have gone. Although we have played to the best of our ability we have just lost games we shouldn`t have done at the end of the day. But we feel we are on par with the likes of Chelsea and United.’ said Hoyte

“Obviously we have to do our best for the remainder of this season then we will look forward to building for next year. ‘

“All the players are full of confidence about next season and will be looking to win everything in Europe and in our domestic competitions.”

Hoyte has impressed me this season and is making all the right noises.


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  • I don’t think that there is any doubht that we can match any team in Europe for footballing quality. If you look at Chavski and the M*ncs they have the ability to be machine like when playing in the pontential “banana skin”” matches and this is where we seem to fall. In the Premiership we have taken 10 points out of a possible 12 against the other three teams in the top three. This is only to be tarnished by silly results in the games that we really should win.

  • totally agree with him; which is why we dont need a mass change about in the summer. We dont need to add many, if at all to our squad. we have been so unlucky with injuries and with the way some games have gone and we should all feel excited about next season. Justin is a typical english player and an arsenal fan at heart, and as long as he believes and feels all the players are excited about next season we should not feel worried at all. Think about, Henry will have had a real big rest, and should be raring to go next season. the same with RVP. there are no bit internation competitions in the summer, and not too many friendlys so out players shoul get a lovely rest. plus, all our youngsters have had a whole season getting used to the top level, and have experienced heartache, which is all part of the learning curve. I cant wait till next season… next season is red and white!!!

  • You gotta love our Justin, and he is totally correct about us being on a par with the others… although history will always remember the champion, the margin between us and those above is much slimmer than it may appear which is why I also feel excited about next year, and even for this year, to get within spitting (literally) distance of the muckers in blue above us in the table.

  • Hoyte’s proved a lot this season, but the whole team needs to next year. I agree with what he says but third will not be good enough in the league, more than just silverware we need to prove to Man USA and CSKA London that we can compete with them consistently. I’m confident we can, the glass is definetely half full at the Grove.

  • Yeah Andy, to be honest I didnt think highly of his abilities, but been very impressed with him this season. Plus he is making all the right noises. Actually if you compare the stats between Chelsea, Liverpool and Arsenal in terms of goals scored and conceded so far, you will see what he’s talking abt.

  • Oh and can I just say how sorry I feel for England fans having to watch their team play a side intent on nothing else but putting ten men behind the ball and kicking the ***** out of them at any given opportunity. Imagine what it would be like having to watch that every time your team plays!

  • Oh and also, I have been very impressed by Hoyte’s attitude. I thought he was toilet at the beginning of the season, but le boss has seen something in him to persist with him and give him a new deal and I think he’s worked very hard at his game and improved immensely. He’s got a way to go, but he seems grounded and determined. I think having grown up a Gooner, with his brother a Gooner (I see his sister and his mum at away games as well) he genuinely appreciates his position. Let’s hope it stays that way. Oh and selling Lauren to accomodate Hoyte, selling Quincy to accomodate Theo, proves to certain people that if you’re good enough you play, no prejudice, no bias.

  • “but England still scored and won!” That my old son is why you are a spud and we are Gooners.

  • That “my old son” was merely pointing out that in sport at the highest level, if you wanna win, sometimes you gotta work for it, and be prepared for tough games from lesser opposition. I think England are *****, but Le Arse would have prob drawn that game last night.

  • That wasn’t anywhere near sport at the highest level. It was absolute s***e. I guess you are looking for a bite with your assumption that Arsenal would have drawn the game? You aren’t getting one, so there.

  • No, i was looking for a bite with my first remark, which was in reply to LD saying that its hard when teams play dirty and shut up shop. which Arsenal fans, and their manager cannot seem to take. Arsenal on form are very hard to compete with on a “footballing level”, so it make ssense to change the shape of the game and play physically and defensive. They call that tactics. 😉 sometimes Wenger is very good at them, sometimes, he is not.

  • Whilst we are on the subject of managers. Is Elmo Putney the world best tactician or an absolute moron in Spuds eyes this week??

  • i take it you refer to big martin Jol? If so, i can only speak for myself, and he is neither. And in light of that jibe,(if it was one) i would like to point out that whilst some Spurs fans are very fickle, they do not have a Monopoly. I recall some very disgruntled customers on here after your triple cup exit a couple of weeks back.

  • Yes LD, but my point remains in tact. Evertons tactics were surely spot on? avoid defeat and nick a winner if you can.

  • Blimey Jacky, are we guilty of blind loyalty or fickleness?? I get accused generally of the former.

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