Date: 3rd January 2007 at 5:39pm
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Over the past few days the argument over the lack of English players has reared it’s ugly head on Vital Arsenal.

Of course none of the comments claiming Arsenal perform poorly away from home is because we lack an English contingent, or that Arsene Wenger has something against English players, come from any of the Arsenal supporting members of VA, but visiting fans of Chelsea, Spurs, Man Utd, Chalrton & Sheffield United have all made these ridiculous claims.

Well we here at Vital Arsenal have campaigned tirelessly to ensure the full facts are known, and that people are able to form their own opinions, however we are fighting a losing battle as rivals fans would rather use the ramblings of the red tops as their inspiration rather than have the gonads to dare to think for themselves.

Last night saw Justin Hoyte become the first Englishman to score for Arsenal in the league since Sol Campbell netted a brace against Everton many moons ago. However the young full back, and remember folks, he is English, has backed Arsene Wenger and the way he runs his team saying ‘If you’re good enough, you will play’.

‘When you put an Arsenal shirt on, we are all playing for Arsenal,’ said Hoyte.

‘Arsene Wenger does give English players a chance. Theo and I are here, and we are playing well. That is great for Arsenal.’

‘There are also other English players here and if you are good enough and the boss has faith in you, then you will play.’

‘The boss has shown that already and so it is just up to me and Theo to keep working hard so that we can keep our places in the team.’

‘It is just fantastic for me to score, full stop. It is all good for the team and it is a great result.’

‘When we all play everyone is playing for Arsenal. It does not matter what nationality you are, it does not matter where you are from.’

So that’s it, straight from the Englishman’s mouth….If you’re good enough you will play.

Is that so difficult for everyone to comprehend?


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  • seems to be very difficult for some simple minds, if im not mistaken chelsea havent been too fond in starting englishmen this season, and tottenham, ….. meh, i hope this ridiculous subject gets dropped soon, but for some reason people just cant let it go ??

  • dunno why this debate pops up again and again.. nothing is gonna change at arsenal or anywhere.. arsenal will continue to produce the best talent of the world.. whether its foreign or english.. it doesnt matter..

  • Justin is one of the few Englishmen we have had who acts in a proffesional manner and is willing to fight for his place in the team. He is by no means my favourite player and needs to improve an awful lot if he is to have a long Gooner career but Just as Cygan before him his attitude is spot on.

  • After the goal he looked so relieved. Maybe it will be a boost for him, because I feel he has lots of potential and is just not enjoying himself out there.

  • not difficult to comprehend, but it’s an easy stick to beat the club with. Full credit to JH – he’s come in for a bit of stick, he’s just kept his head down and HAS improved since th start of the season. I just want to point everyone to Arsene’s view of him being a quiet lad who just needs to believe in himself more. He’s still at the club, so Arsene must have faith in him.

    »»Arsene Knows««

  • AW doesnt care what your passport says, as long as you are good enough he will give you a chance…well done justin on a great performance rounded of with a well taken goal

  • I agree Wingston – what I ment to say is that he seems to be holding back and not believing in himself enough. He is a hard worker and this will do him lots of good, especially the way TH and co. celebrated with him.

  • you had to feel happy for the kid, he looked happy and relieved when he scored. he obviously doesnt bring as much at right back as eboue or lauren, but he’s not a bad filler till they come back. plus like wingston said, AW sees something in him, and i’d like to time to show us what that is.

  • People slate the kid, to be fair I don’t much rate him, but he is a third choice and I’m happy with that. The question is, is he?

  • wenger has always said if they are good enough they play, and also worht noting on this, wenger gives his team talks and training sessions in , yes you guessed it, ENGLISH ! so why on earth he has anything against the english is beyond me !

  • a lot of people slate him,they dont seem to realise he is 3rd choice,young inexperienced and still learning,if he was better,or so called world class do you think he would still be at arsenal as 3rd choice or off playing first team football somewhere else

  • well as far as Gilbert, I have no clue. Is he on a year’s loan and when does his contract with AFC expire? He looked good for the little time he played last year, this year I have not seen him for Cardiff, and the few things I heard are that he was sent off a few times, injured for some time and he made this statement that he would like to join them on a permanent basis. If he rejoins the squad the next year, he has the same chance as Hoyte and/or Eboue. Lauren is more valued for his experience, but we are yet to see him after the long injury lay-off.

  • Ask youself this. would it benefit Hoyte to A) Get a free pass straight into the 1st team because of his nationality and stay their regardless of form as we only have 2 foreigners to replace him or B) have to earn that right through putting in consistently good performances. I think B would not only benefit him as a footballer but would also benefit the England team. Who says were destroying the national team 🙂

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