Date: 20th September 2011 at 10:16am
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Having a forced week away from Vital Arsenal left me hoping that upon my return I`ve be back to find a whole host of happy Gooners after our beloved Arsenal strung a nice run of results together after our humiliating 8-2 defeat at Old Trafford.

To be fair we threatened to do it too. A grinding result against Swansea, whilst not being exactly what we expected, 3 points won and we were away. A massive result in Dortmund, marred only slightly by a late spectacular equaliser that robbed us of what would have been an amazing win.

Unfortunately it wasn`t to last.

Conceding 4 goals away to Blackburn, in my opinion is at least as bad as, if not worse than, conceding 8 at Old Trafford. Against the Mancs we had massive injuries and key players missing against the Champions of England, at Blackburn, we weren`t far off full strength, against the bottom of the league side that offered very little in the way of an attack.

The players looked lost.

Let`s be fair, these are good players, maybe not as many world class players as we would like, but good players nonetheless. Players good enough to beat 80% of the teams in our league, at a guess. So why are we struggling so much?

A time has to come when we look at the manager.

Make no mistake, this is not an opinion I`m taking lightly, nor do I take any pleasure in my feelings unlike other sites and bloggers who seem to take some kind of “credit” for being proved right. I don`t like it, I don`t want to think it, in fact I feel dirty everytime the thought crosses my mind.

Arsene Wenger is the single greatest thing to happen to Arsenal Football Club, what he`s done and achieved will never be repeated and his legacy will last forever, however has the time come for us to try something new?

After the 8-2 loss against United, a few Arsenal players confirmed that nothing was said after the game, indeed it seems as though of late Wenger doesn`t offer any sage council during matches at all. I can`t even remember the last time I saw Wenger barking instructions from the touchlines. Of course the TV companies take great pleasure in broadcasting Wenger cutting a frustrated figure in the dugout, wanging bottles around whilst Pat Rice ducks and weaves to avoid the debris.

Since the devastating loss in the Carling Cup final, we`ve won a grand total of four out of our last 15 league games. There is only three teams with a worse record. Make no mistake, this is relegation form.

Can Wenger turn this around? I`m not so sure anymore.

Taboo subjects are often left untouched for a long time, with people feeling too uncomfortable to bring them up, but surely a time has to come when “that” talk needs to be had.

Is that time now? Can we afford to wait till the end of the season?

I don`t have any answers to my questions, just a very uneasy feeling in my stomach that no matter what we do, it`s going to feel like the wrong thing.