Date: 24th June 2011 at 1:16pm
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The Women`s World Cup starts later this month with Arsenal Ladies players forming the spine of the side. If Arsene Wenger is searching for the missing killer instinct that will push his side from potential greats into trophy winners, he could do worse than talk to the Ladies` team. Since Viera held the FA cup aloft, Arsenal Ladies have racked up 16 trophies, including the Women`s Champion`s League.

Last year Hope Powell was linked with the Grimsby job, in a move that, considering the denials of both Grimsby and Powell, seemed to have been thought up by a journalist with a cute sense of irony.

Mike Newell`s career has slipped into a slow decline since his attack on a female official. As if the last ounces of sense and knowledge escaped him with his words.

Joe Royle weighed into the issue in the past. He stated a female will never understand football because they won`t have been tackled by a 14 stone centre half, as if a Police Officer can only be efficient if they`ve been the victim of GBH.

Steve Claridge gave his views on the BBC site soon after with the standard ‘I`m not a sexist but` rhetoric. Powell wouldn`t be taken seriously was his message. He then went onto to state how Dean Windass, a man with no management experience, could make it.

Should Hope Powell need inspiration, debatable considering the fact she`s lifted England from also rans to 10th in the world and a major final, she could well find it from Arsene Wenger.

Both came from a less than traditional route before management. She`s grown a nation, much as Wenger has grown a club. People may argue it`s just women`s football, just like many argued Wenger`s achievements were only in Japan. No matter, they did the best in their surroundings. Both are innovative, trend setters in their field, and most importantly of all, both know football. Powell has proven time and time again to be tactically adept, able to make key decisions at key moments, and making them right.

Make no mistake Hope Powell is ready for man`s football. She`s the most successful England manager since Ramsey; the only question is if men`s football is ready for her.

Article written by Lewis Wright

Ed’s notes: sorry Lewis for forgetting to put your name to the piece, I most certainly wasn’t trying to claim it as my own.